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Best Tile Floor Steam Cleaners in 2023: Buying Guide

Steam cleaning is the new craze in floor washing. It is faster than other cleaning methods and also takes away the need for the mop and bucket. The fact that steam cleaners do not use soaps and detergents makes them environmentally friendly and very economical in the long-run.

Some are multipurpose, which means that they can be used both on floors and other surfaces. It is due to these reasons that steam cleaners are quickly gaining ground in popularity. Here is a buying guide to get you the best tile floor steam cleaner.

Best Tile Floor Steam Cleaner

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Our Recommended Tile Floor Steam Cleaners in 2023

5) Bissell PowerEdge Lift Off 20781

The Bissell PowerEdge Lift Off 20781 is a very inexpensive steam cleaner. It offers two excellent steam cleaning modes, which make steam cleaning any surface very easy.

Bissell PowerEdge Lift Off 20781
Bissell PowerEdge 20781

For cleaning your tile floors, you’ll be using the standard steam mop mode on the Bissell 20781. By using this mode, you can simply move the mop across your tile floors and clean up the gunk and grime that is in your path.

If you need to clean in tight and narrow spaces, you will be using the handheld steam cleaner feature. By using this feature, you can reach and steam clean nearly any space in an effortless manner.

Bissell PowerEdge Lift Off Hard Wood Floor...
  • 2 in 1 steam mop with detachable handheld steamer to clean with the power of steam both on...
  • Control the amount of steam you put on your floors with on demand steam trigger

4) Bissell Steam Mop 1806

The Bissell Steam Mop 1806 is an inexpensive steam cleaner that offers an excellent design and plenty of steam cleaning power. To begin using this steam cleaner, all you must do is fill up the water tank and turn it on.

Bissell Steam Mop 1806

Right after that, you can attach one of two different mopping pads. Bissell has included a washable soft mop pad and a washable scrubby mop pad. Each mopping pad works for different kinds of stains and messes.

In the box of the Bissell 1806, you’ll find scent waters and freshening discs. By using these two materials, you can give your tile floors a lovely scent.

Bissell Steam Mop, Steamer, Tile, Hard Wood...
  • Every Bissell purchase helps save pets. Bissell proudly supports Bissell pet foundation...
  • Sanitize your hard floors to eliminate 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria without the use...

3) Shark Genius (S5003D)

The Shark Genius is a simple and effective steam cleaner that works very well for cleaning tile floors. It consists of a 220ML water tank, which allows for a long steam cleaning time. Plus, the design is simple and ergonomic, allowing for ease-of-use.

Shark Genius S5003D
Shark Genius S5003D

While using the Shark Genius, there are three steam settings that you can choose from. Each steam setting is a little different, allowing you to tailor the steam cleaning process to your need.

To properly clean your tile floors, you’ll be using the mopping pad that Shark has included. What’s great about this mopping pad is that it effortlessly absorbs stains and messes.

Shark S5003D Genius Hard Floor Cleaning...
  • Water tank capacity: 220 milliliter 3 setting intelligent steam control.Watts: 1200....
  • Double sided dirt grip washable pads

2) McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner

The MC1385 is a heavy-duty, multipurpose steam cleaner that comes with more cleaning attachments than you’d ever need. The 1500W heating element boils up to 64 ounces of water to 212 degrees in just 15 minutes, producing two hours of high-pressure steam (58 PSI) to clean cracks and crevices in nearly any object.

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam Cleaner
McCulloch MC1385

The main attachment is a floorhead that delivers a wide spray for effortless, efficient cleaning. There are 22 other accessories you can use to spot-clean various surfaces, including toys and the inside of ovens. It also comes with variable steam control that lets users decide how much steam to use per pull of the lockable trigger.

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam...
  • CHEMICAL-FREE CLEANING — Naturally deep clean without the use of harsh chemicals using...
  • 23 VERSATILE ACCESSORIES — Equipped for steam cleaning jobs in and around your home...

1) Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop 1940

The 1940 Steam Mop by Bissell features a 1,500W heating element that brings 16 ounces of water to 212 degrees. This upright mop weighs a mere 6 pounds and has a swiveling head for better control around and underneath furniture. While there is no on/off button, the 1940 has three steam modes—low, medium, and high—that give you better control over how much water is spent when cleaning.

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop 1940

As a steam mope, the 1940 doesn’t come with cleaning accessories other than the two microfiber pads (soft and scrubber) and a floorhead. The pad is washable and reusable for up to six months, depending on the frequency of use.

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop with Natural...
  • Clean and sanitize sealed hard floors without the use of harsh chemicals; Eliminates 99.9...
  • Power through tough, sticky messes with the flip down easy scrubber


How Do Steam Cleaners Work?

A steam cleaner has an internal boiler that heats water into steam and then transfers it to the mop head. At the mop head, the steam cleaner applies steam at high pressure on the floor to produce dry steam, which dissolves dirt and grease.

Once the grime is dissolved on the floor, it is picked up or wiped away by the mop head. Some manufacturers claim that the steam sterilizes the floor by killing germs and bacteria. This is only true for models that can produce steam hotter than 120˚F, which is the typical temperature of water produced by a home heating system. The best steam cleaners produce steam hotter than 200˚F.

Which Are The Different Types of Steam Cleaners?

Steam cleaners are categorized into three types: steam mop, handheld and cylinder steam cleaners. A steam mop is an upgraded version of the normal mop.

It has a swivel head that comprises a steam blaster and a cleaning pad. The upper part is composed of the handle, water tank, and a boiler. Handheld cleaners are designed for the hand and are easy to carry. Due to their tiny design, they can only be used to clean small areas, such as kitchen surfaces and corners.

Cylinder steam cleaners resemble canister vacuum cleaners with a hose connecting the mop head to the motor body. However, the cylinder steam cleaners do not suction like vacuum cleaners. They produce the most steam of the three, due to their large water tanks.

Is a steam mop good for tile floors?

Add-Ons And Accessories I Should Look Out For?

This all depends on the type of steam cleaner you want to work with. If you are looking to purchase a steam mop, then expect no other attachments apart from cleaning pads. If you want to work with a handheld or cylinder steam cleaner, then there are various accessories you should look out for, such as squeegees, scrubbing brushes, scrubbing pads, upholstery tools, and carpet gliders.

This will allow you to clean various surfaces such as wooden floors, carpets, car upholstery, windows, kitchen counters, blinds, drapes, thick mattresses, furniture, and tiles. If you are still up for the idea of using detergents, then there are some few cleaners that work well with detergents.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying A Steam Cleaner?

Water Tank

The first factor to consider is the water tank. The capacity of the tank should be sufficient to run for at least 15 minutes to get most of the job done. The water tank should also be detachable for you to be able to empty and clean it easily. Furthermore, it should have a twin tank to allow you to refill it while in use to produce constant steam.

Cleaning pads

Consider the type, size, and capacity of the cleaning pads. Cleaning pads are made from microfiber, which allows them to trap and sip gunk. Ensure the pads are large enough to hold up as much grime as possible. Low capacity pads function as normal mops- instead of absorbing the slime and dirt, they push them around.

With such pads, you will be forced to clean and replace them severally, before you can even finish a single room which is frustrating and tiring. Make sure you have an extra pad always for emergency cases. If the model does not come with an extra pad, then you will just have to buy a different pad.

What is the best steamer for tile floors?

Pad rest

Seeing that they produce steam, leaving a cleaner in an immobile place for some time could damage the floor area. This is the reason why you need a padded rest, where you can leave it to rest for a while, as you deal with other emergency cases. After you are through with the other business, you can just pick up from where you left.

Adjustable wand

You need a wand that is adjustable to your height to keep you from bending and straining your back. If you cannot find an adjustable cleaner, at least go for the one with the right height that keeps you in an upright position.

Power cord

Go for a longer power cord, as it will allow you to cover as much cleaning space as possible without the need for another power source. If you go for the cylinder steam cleaner, then make sure the hose length is also longer. This will allow you to clean higher surfaces easily.


You will need a steam cleaner with an indicator to tell you when the water is heated up, and it is time to clean. This will remove any doubts and guesses, which will allow you to work efficiently.

What is the best cleaning solution for ceramic tile floors?

Auto steam flow

Do not go for the manual models that need you to press a button for the steam to flow. This will strain your hand and distract your mind from a proper cleaning. Choose a steam cleaner with an automatic steam flow that runs continuously once you press the start button. This will allow you to concentrate on the floor and not the device.

Heat-up time

This refers to the time it takes for the steam cleaner to boil water and to release it as steam. This factor depends on the size of the water tank. Therefore, a large water tank will take more time to heat up than a smaller one. Steam mops take less time than cylinder steam cleaners, with the fastest steam mop taking only 20 seconds to heat water up.

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Running time

This is the total time the steam cleaner runs up to the next refill. Cylinder cleaners have a longer running time due to their large water tanks, while handheld steam cleaners do not steam for long. If you have a large house, then look for a steam cleaner with a higher running time.

Limescale filter

Having a steam cleaner that only uses distilled water will make cleaning complicated for you. Look for one with a built-in limescale filter, which will allow you to use regular water from the taps. The filter should also be detachable for easier cleaning replacement.

Best Steam Mop for Tile Floors

Safety lock switch

This is a safety feature that prevents the steamer cleaner from being opened while under pressure. This will protect you from injury. This safety lock should always be in perfect condition. You should immediately replace it if you realize it is faulty or stuck.

Our Recommended Canister Steam Cleaners

Best of the Best!
Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Powerful...
McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner with...
Dupray Neat
McCulloch MC1375
7 min Heat Up
54 oz. Water Tank
50 min. of cleaning
7 ft. Steam Hose
16 x 15 x 14 in
9 pounds
10 min Heat Up
48 oz. Water Tank
90 min. of cleaning
10 ft. Steam Hose
15.6 x 12.1 x 10.5 in
11 pounds
The NEAT steam cleaner is an efficient, ultra-reliable do-it-all cleaning and sanitation solution.
The McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System is a multi-purpose steam cleaner, great for cleaning and mopping.
Best of the Best!
Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Powerful...
Dupray Neat
7 min Heat Up
54 oz. Water Tank
50 min. of cleaning
7 ft. Steam Hose
16 x 15 x 14 in
9 pounds
The NEAT steam cleaner is an efficient, ultra-reliable do-it-all cleaning and sanitation solution.
McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner with...
McCulloch MC1375
10 min Heat Up
48 oz. Water Tank
90 min. of cleaning
10 ft. Steam Hose
15.6 x 12.1 x 10.5 in
11 pounds
The McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System is a multi-purpose steam cleaner, great for cleaning and mopping.

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