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Best Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools in 2023

Pools are great, and if you’re lucky enough to have a pool as part of your home, you know just how great they can be. That being said. However, they are also a lot of work, especially when the season changes to fall and winter.

No one is going to be using the pool during those seasons as it’s simply too cold out and you’ll want to cover the pool to keep leaves from falling in the water and making it dirty. You also want to keep the water from freezing and damaging its container.

Best Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools

There are a variety of types of pool covers out there, and in this article, we’ll explore the different considerations you should make before buying one, and at the end, we will also provide some selected reviews to help you select the best pool cover for above ground pools.

Best Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools in 2023

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3) Intex Round Metal Frame Pool Cover

If you have a small, round pool and need an affordable pool cover, the Intex Round Metal Frame Pool Cover will work very well for you. It is very affordable, and easily covers pools that are no more than 15-FT in diameter.

Intex Round Metal Frame Pool Cover
Intex Round Metal Frame Pool Cover

Setting the cover up is quite easy. It isn’t very large, and due to its design, you can simply drag it across the pool and attach it to the outer surface of the pool.

Right after the pool cover has been attached, it will protect your pool from rain, the hot sun, snow; and many other elements. And, when you take the cover off, your pool will still be nice and warm.

INTEX Round Metal Frame Pool Cover, Blue, 15...
  • COMPABILITY: Pool size compatibility: 15 foot round
  • DURABLE: Constructed of high quality, durable 7-gauge, UV resistant PVC vinyl

2) In The Swim 24 Foot Round Pool Value Winter Cover

If you have a swimming pool that is 24-FT in diameter, the In The Swim 24 Foot Round Pool Value Winter Cover is a great choice. It effortlessly attaches to pools that are 24-FT, and stays on.

To attach the pool cover, you will be using the included turnbuckle and cable. Both components work very well and make it easy to attach the cover to your pool.

Through the use of laminated polyethylene sheeting and high-density polyethylene stitching, this cover effortlessly protects against the elements. If there’s a snow storm going on, for example, your pool is safe with this pool cover.

In The Swim 24 Foot Round Pool Value Winter...
  • Solid round pool cover features 8 x 8 scrim
  • Cover dimensions: 27' in diameter, to fit round pools measuring: 24' in diameter

1) Blue Wave 24-FT Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

The Blue Wave 24-FT Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover is designed for above-ground pools that are no more than 24-FT in diameter. It easily attaches to the top of your pool, due to its high-quality design.

Blue Wave 24-FT Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover
Blue Wave Bronze

When the pool cover is attached to your pool, you can use the included cable and winch tightener. Both of these mechanisms make it easy to attach and detach the pool cover.

While this pool cover is covering the inside of your pool, it protects against all of the strong elements. Elements such as snow, ice, the hot sun, and rain; among various others.

Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 24-ft Round Above...
  • PROTECTS YOUR POOL - Blue Wave Winter Covers are perfect for regions that have winter...
  • EASY TO SECURE - A vinyl-coated cable and a metal winch keep your pool cover secured...

Pool Cover Buying Guide

Surface Area

The most important part of buying a pool cover is, of course, the amount of area that it can cover. There’s no point in buying a cover that is too small to fit your pool or one that is too big.

Make sure you know the dimensions of your pool prior to shopping around for pool covers. That being said let’s move on to the less obvious aspects of pool covers for above ground pools.

Types of Pool Covers

There are different types of pool covers that you can buy for above ground pools. Generally, there are Solid Covers, Mesh Covers, and Solar Covers.

Solid covers are made of a solid material like a tarp and are not able to have any material passing through it. This means that all leaves, rain, or other material that drops on it will stay on top of it and can make removing it a difficult task as it will become heavier with what is on top of it.

If you live in an area where it doesn’t rain frequently, and there aren’t as many trees dropping leaves on your pool a solid cover may be the best choice.

Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools

Mesh covers are made out of a mesh and will allow rainwater to pass through it, but will keep the leaves and sticks out. Mesh covers are much easier to remove as they won’t have the additional weight from the rainwater but will make your pool harder to maintain as you will need to account for the pH balance of the added rainwater.

If you live somewhere with frequent rainfall, a mesh cover may be the best choice as it will be much easier to remove than a heavy, waterlogged solid cover.

Finally, solar covers are solid covers that prevent the heat from the water from escaping. They don’t add much heat if any from the sun, they insulate the existing temperature making it more resistant to change.

If you make use of a water heater to keep your water at the desired temperature, solar covers are a necessity as they will keep the heat trapped in the pool rather than letting it escape.

Price Range

Cheaper is not often better regarding quality, and the same is true of pool covers. Unfortunately, most above ground pools come prepackaged with a pool cover that tends to be of a lesser quality than what is on the market.

That’s because manufacturer’s know customers are looking for an above ground pool and the quality of the cover isn’t likely to be a deal breaker.

Lower quality pool covers will degrade over time and may rip with constant use of pulling them on and off, especially if they are solid covers and there is a lot of debris on top.

It’s recommended to buy at least a mid-range pool cover as they will be more durable and longer lasting than one made out of cheap material.

Best Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools Guide

Hopefully, now you will have a better idea of what you’re looking for in a pool cover. Whether you want a solid pool cover to protect, a mesh one to make removal easy, or a solar pool cover to insulate.

Most importantly, remember to get the exact dimensions of your above ground pool, so you know which models of pool covers are an option.

If your above ground pool came with a pool cover, check to see if it is suitable and if not take a look at our reviews to assist you in finding the best pool covers for above ground pools.

You could even end up buying multiple pool covers if you like the idea of a mesh cover but still need a solid one for a more complete protection during the off-season.

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