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How do You Take Care of an Above Ground Pool?

Now that you have your above-ground swimming pool up and filled, it’s time to dive in and take a refreshing dip. To enjoy your pool day after day, year after year, you have to keep the pool and the water clean. From opening to closing and everything in between, here’s what you need to know about taking care of an above-ground pool.

How do You Take Care of an Above Ground Pool?

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Opening Your Swimming Pool

After sitting all fall and winter, your above-ground pool is bound to be dirty. To open your pool for the season, brush off leaves, insects, twigs and other debris from the cover. Then, remove the cover without dragging it, and lay the cover flat to scrub it clean.

Unplug the skimmer jets and take off the skimmer plate. If necessary, add water to your pool, so the water level covers the opening of the skimmer. Next, replace the skimmer basket and check the ladder for signs of wear before you reattach it.

Haul out the pump and reconnect the hoses and cord. After you start up the pump, keep an eye out for leaks. Your pump may need to be primed first – Refer to the owner’s manual for specific instructions.

Finally, hook up your automatic above-ground pool cleaner to get rid of sediment and debris. Then, test the water and add the necessary chemicals. After you achieve a healthy pH level, put in shock to sanitize it. After you shock it and let the pump run for a full day and night, run the auto pool cleaner again and retest the water.

Take Care of an Above Ground Pool

In-Season Care

Regular in-season pool care is essential, but some tasks need to be done more frequently than others. Daily maintenance includes running the above-ground pool’s pump at least 12 hours per day. You should also test the pH and chlorine levels, and inspect the skimmer and basket daily, emptying them when they’re full.

Some chores only need to be done weekly, such as using an automatic pool cleaner to vacuum your pool. Also, test the alkaline level each week and add algaecide and more chlorine. If the pump’s pressure spikes, you should backwash it. Don’t forget to sweep off your deck if there is one connected to the swimming pool.

A few tasks must be done once per month. Test the pool’s cyanuric acid and calcium hardness levels. Make sure you scrub the water line, paying close attention to the spot behind the ladder. Finally, add the appropriate amount of shock for the water capacity of your above-ground pool.

Closing Your Swimming Pool

When the weather becomes too cool for swimming, it’s time to close your above-ground pool until the next swim season. Start by running your pool vacuum or cleaner one more time to suck up any loose debris. Then, you can put away the cleaner along with the ladder, chlorine floater and any pool toys.

Above Ground Pool Maintenance

It’s best to make sure the water is clean and balanced before you close your pool, so check the alkaline, pH and calcium hardness levels. Then, add shock and run the pump for a few hours. After shocking the pool, you don’t need the pump out until next season. Always follow the pump manufacturer’s instructions for draining and storing the pump.

Once you’re certain the water has the proper chemical balance and no equipment remains in or next to the swimming pool, you can put on the cover. If you cleaned and properly stored the cover when you opened the pool, all you need to do is attach the cover. If you skipped that step, hose off and scrub the cover before you secure it to your above-ground swimming pool.

How do You Take Care of a Pool

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