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AmazonBasics DQ075 vs DQ078 Ceramic Space Heaters

It pays to be prepared. When a heater breakdown does occur, it usually happens on an exceptionally frigid day. Between the cost of repairs and the availability of your go-to technician, that repair may have to wait a few days.

AmazonBasics DQ075 vs DQ078 Ceramic Space Heaters

A ceramic space heater can keep you warm in the meantime. Since these space heaters use electricity to warm internal ceramic plates and a fan to distribute hot air through the room, the warmth remains steady, yet the unit never reaches hot-to-the-touch temperatures.

These two compact AmazonBasics ceramic space heaters are equipped with multiple safety features that prevent overheating, and they both offer an adjustable thermostat and a variable-speed fan. One heater even has an oscillating function. User-friendly controls equal no learning curve, and the inclusion of a cord wrap and tote handle let you transport them with ease.

Safety First

AmazonBasics DQ075
One reason people hesitate to buy a space heater is the inherent fire risk that many have. AmazonBasics’ DQ075 ceramic space heater eliminates this danger with two safety features. The first is a switch that immediately shuts down the heater if it falls over. The other automatically turns off the heater in the event it overheats.

Regardless of the temperature setting you choose, the housing stays cool to the touch, which means it’s safe to use around children and pets. Maintenance is practically nonexistent and merely involves an occasional wipe down of the exterior. You also get the reassurance that comes with AmazonBasics’ 1-year limited warranty.

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AmazonBasics DQ078
Stay warm all winter without worrying about the safety of your space heater. The DQ078 model is loaded with stay-safe features. It has a fail-safe mechanism that prevents the unit from overheating, powering down the ceramic space heater if the internal temperature reaches a dangerous point. The heater also contains a tip-over switch that turns off the heater if it topples.

If you pick up the space heater or brush up against it, you won’t burn yourself – The exterior doesn’t get hot even after hours of operation. To keep the DQ078 performing at its best, simply wipe it down with a cloth from time to time. In the event it malfunctions, AmazonBasics warranties the heater for 1 year.

Conclusion: Safety is paramount to AmazonBasics, and these two ceramic space heaters are proof. Both have a thermal fuse that stops them from getting too hot and a topple-over switch that prevents the risk of fire. A cool-touch housing rounds of their list of safety features, and the 1-year warranty provides peace of mind.

Heat the Way You Want It

AmazonBasics DQ075
A comfortable ambient temperature is subjective. AmazonBasics caters to everyone’s level of comfort by equipping the DQ075 with an adjustable thermostat and a dual-speed fan. On the top of the ceramic space heater, the dial to the right lets you choose among high, low and fan-only. The dial to the left offers 14 temperature settings.

When on high, the fan generates 1,500 watts of warmth; low comes out to 750 watts. In addition to these user-friendly controls, the space heater has a red indicator on the front. Whenever the unit receives power, the indicator illuminates to let you know it’s working properly.

AmazonBasics DQ078
Tailor the heat output to suit your preferences. The DQ078 has a variable-temperature thermostat with 14 settings from which to choose via a turn dial. The other dial on this ceramic space heater changes the fan to 1,500 watts at high speed, 750 watts of heat at low speed or just the fan without the heat.

Like the DQ075, the DQ078 has an indicator light that glows red when you turn on the space heater. If you need greater heat distribution, the heater has you covered. On top of the unit, there is a rocker switch that controls the space heater’s oscillating feature. Flip it to the on position, and the front of the unit swings back and forth, sending heat throughout a wider area.

Conclusion: Stay as warm as you wish with either ceramic space heaters’ easy-to-use thermostat and fan controls. Each model offers multiple temperatures and two fan speeds along with a non-heat fan setting. With AmazonBasics’ DQ078 model, there is also an oscillating feature.

One Size Fits All

AmazonBasics DQ075
Lightweight and compact. This space heater fits just about anywhere. It measures 10 inches in height, 7.5 inches in width and 6 inches in depth. With a weight of 2.9 pounds, anyone can pick it up. To help you tote it, there is a recessed carrying handle in the rear.

The heater also looks great in any office, bedroom or camper with its flat silver finish and black accents. If you choose to store the ceramic heater in the summer months, the cord wrap on the back of the unit keeps the cord nice and tidy.

AmazonBasics DQ078
Under your desk or next to your bed – The DQ078 is small enough to fit. It only stands 10 inches tall and measures 7.5 inches wide by 6 inches deep, making it well-suited for places where space is in short supply. Plus, its matte silver housing gives it a universal appeal.

The heater is anything but heavy. Coming in at right under 3 pounds, you can pick it up and carry it with just one hand. The integrated handle on the back part of the space heater makes this task even easier. It also has a holder so that the cord won’t drag or kink.

Conclusion: These are small ceramic space heaters; therefore, you’ll have no trouble finding a spot to put them. Each one is featherlight and equipped with a carrying handle. They also have a cord wrap for times when you need to transport or store them.

Small But Capable

With the DQ075 and the DQ078, you’ll never be without a reliable backup heat source. These two ceramic space heaters have all the safety features you expect from high-quality appliances and maintaining them only takes a minute.

Both models are small in stature and light in weight. Features like the tote handle and cord wrap only lend to their convenience factor. If you prefer simple yet comprehensive controls, you won’t be disappointed with either the DQ075 and the DQ078. Their dials offer plenty of thermostat and fan settings, and the DQ078 even oscillates for fuller room coverage. Do you want to get a lot without spending a lot? The AmazonBasics DQ075 and the DQ078 ceramic space heaters by AmazonBasics are your best bet.

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