AmazonBasics Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 2 Charging Station Review

The Amazon-branded level 2 EV charging station is perfect for people who commute long distances to work and do most of their vehicle charging at home. This hardwired electric vehicle charger is built to withstand an array of weather conditions, allowing for versatility in terms of where you can install it.

AmazonBasics Electric Vehicle (EV) Level 2 Charging Station

You’ll appreciate the housing’s simple, slender style and the connector’s secure-grip handle. A lengthy cable allows you to charge your car without parking immediately next to the station, and indicator lights keep you informed of the station’s status. Every component you need to mount the station to the wall comes with the level 2 charger, including a cord-wrap hook.

Indoor or Outdoor Installation

The AmazonBasics level 2 residential EV station can be installed in your garage or on the exterior of your home. Since the 32-amp station must be hardwired, you can rest easy knowing that it’s secure from thieves. If you ever sell your house, potential buyers may find a permanent EV station to be an attractive feature.

NEMA 6-50 Plug

Amazon equipped this EV charger with a NEMA 6-50 plug, which is engineered to run on a dedicated 50A circuit. The benefits of the 6-50 plug are realized during installation. The 6-50 plug requires fewer wires than others, and its cable width is smaller. These two qualities make the charging station easier to hardwire to your home.

AmazonBasics Level 2 Charging Station Review

Fast Charging Rate

The higher the level, the faster the charging speed. In comparison to a level 1 EV charger, this 240-volt level 2 station charges at a more rapid rate. On average, the AmazonBasics model boasts a 25 range-per-hour (RPH) charging speed. In comparison to level 1 stations, this level 2 station is six times faster. There is even a small indicator light bar on the station, so you can monitor its power and charging statuses.

Sturdy Housing

Durable doesn’t even begin to describe this electric vehicle charging station’s housing. Made from polycarbonate plastic, the EV station’s housing is built to resist impacts, heat and various weather elements.

The National Electrical Manufacturer Association gives this charger a NEMA-4 rating, which means dust, ice formation, snow and water sprays won’t cause any damage. It also has the highest impact protection rating an EV charger can receive – IK10. An IK10 rating indicates the charger can withstand an impact force of 20 joules.

Space-Saving Design

No matter where you decide to install the EV station, you won’t have to conceal an ugly, bulky box that detracts from your home’s aesthetics. The charger is thin at 3.2 inches in depth, and its dimensions measure to a mere 7.6 by 11.2 inches. Amazon’s white color choice gives the electric vehicle charger a neutral, modern look that any homeowner will find pleasing.

AmazonBasics Electric Vehicle (EV)

An Ergonomic Connector

Some EV stations fall short when it comes to the cable and the connector. However, the AmazonBasics level 2 EV charger doesn’t force you to maneuver your car in order to reach the cable. Spanning a length of 25 feet, the cable won’t rigidly dictate where you park and charge.

The connector is user-friendly too. Its angled shape eases the strain on your wrist when you plug it into your car, and the texturized finish prevents your palm from sliding out of your grasp. The connector also has a cap to keep dust from reaching its internal components. Since the cap is tied to the connector, it won’t get lost.

Wall Mounts Included

No rifling around in your toolbox or making a run to the hardware store. Amazon provides all the parts you need to mount the EV station and the connector’s holster to the wall. As an added bonus, the level 2 station comes with a hook that lets you neatly wrap the cable like you would a garden hose.

AmazonBasics Charging Station Review

Simple, Reliable and Efficient

There is something satisfying about using a simplistically designed appliance that’s delightfully efficient. The station’s 240-volt output cuts down the charging time by a significant number of hours, and the indicator bar provides an at-a-glance status check. The cable is more than long enough to accommodate any parking setup, and you don’t have to wrangle with an awkward handle.

Hardwire installation offers security and value, and the plug style helps streamline the installation process. A handy hook keeps the cable tidily stored. If you’re on the fence about this charging station, the aesthetic appeal of the entire unit will tip the balance in the station’s favor. With products like this award-winning level 2 EV charger, it’s no wonder that AmazonBasics is building a reputation as a high-quality budget brand.

AmazonBasics Electric Vehicle Charging Station Review

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