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Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater Review

When you have children, cats or dogs, any heat-generating appliance must, above all else, be safe. This electric space heater by Comfort Zone is loaded with safety features and offers energy-efficient temperature control. Three fan speeds and optional oscillation provide even warmth, and you can set a timer or change the temperature with the included remote.

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater Review

Floor or Table Placement

Its black housing is contemporary yet unassuming, blending into any room’s decor. However, the elongated air outlet on the front panel is lined with chrome, which gives it a hint of modernized sophistication.

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The Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater may be a tower-style model, but it’s not meant just for floor placement. Standing 23 inches tall, the electric space heater is short enough to set up on a tabletop if you want to keep it away from foot traffic or enhance its airflow. You’re only limited by the 6-foot-long power cord.

A Stabilizing Base

As far as portable tower-style heaters go, the Comfort Zone electric space heater is featherlight. The heater only weighs 7.35 pounds, so it’s easy to take it with you from one room to the next as you go about your day. It even has a recessed handle on the back panel to help you tote it.

Normally, the downside to a lightweight space heater is its tendency to fall over each time a person or a pet lightly grazes it. With this space heater, accidental tip-overs are unlikely to occur because Comfort Zone added an 8-inch-wide base to the bottom of the tower.

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

Instant-Heat Technology

There’s no waiting for the space heater’s airflow to get warm. The inclusion of a ceramic element generates hot air as soon as you turn on the heater. Ceramic heating elements like the one in this Comfort Zone space heater create a lot of heat while consuming little energy and remaining at a safe internal temperature.

You have a wide range of control over the heater’s output temperature. The digital thermostat lets you set the temperature from 41 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can stay warm without overpowering the room with heat. The heater’s LED screen displays the temperature in large, red numbers in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

A Variable-Speed Fan

Inside the electric space heater, a variable-speed fan forces air over the hot ceramic element to produce warm air at your preferred temperature. You have your choice of three fan speeds that range from a low of 800 watts to a high of 1,500 watts, so you can meet your personal comfort level.

Since the heater is rated at 5,120 BTUs, don’t expect it to fully heat an open-concept family room or a basement den. However, it’s perfectly sized for rooms between 150 to 300 square feet, including bedrooms, a small living room or a well-insulated one-car garage.

Remote Control Included

On top of the electric space heater, there’s a push-button panel that gives you localized control over all the heater’s functions. Additionally, you get an icon-labeled remote, so you can change the temperature and fan speed from the comfort of your sofa or bed. There’s even a storage slot for the remote on the heater.

Comfort Zone

Oscillation and Eco Mode

The remote and panel offer more than just temperature and fan control. Both also have a button that prompts the space heater to oscillate. When pushed, the heater will move from side to side at a 70-degree pan, providing even heat throughout the room.

A timer helps you cut down on electricity usage, and you can set it at 1-hour increments up to 8 hours. Eco mode offers another way to save energy. When activated, Eco mode keeps the heat at a pre-set temperature by auto-adjusting the fan speed.

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Multiple Safety Features

Comfort Zone made this space heater safe inside and out. It contains a fail-safe tip-over switch that instantly cuts the power to the space heater if it falls on its side, and a thermal sensor prevents the unit from overheating.

No matter the temperature you set it to, the heater’s housing always stays cool to the touch, so you never have to worry about accidental burns. Plus, the space heater is Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) Listed, which means it has passed stringent safety tests.

Comfort Zone Space Heaterw

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Dependable, Powerful and Safe

This Comfort Zone electric space heater is compact yet powerful. It has an adjustable fan, a thermostat and an oscillation mode, so you can customize the heat output from the remote or localized control panel. If you set the temperature low enough, you can even use the space heater as a fan.

An 8-hour timer and eco mode help you save money on your electricity bill, and there are tons of safety features to safeguard your children and pets. Other than a power cord that we wish was longer, this space heater lacks nothing.

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