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Indoor Electric vs. Natural Gas Space Heaters

Looking for a space heater to keep the chill at bay throughout the upcoming autumn and winter months? There’s a lot to take into consideration, especially when you think about every type of space heater there is.

The most common types of indoor space heaters are electric and gas powered ones, but which is the best choice and what are the differences? We’re here to tell you everything.

Indoor Electric vs. Natural Gas Space Heaters
Electric Space Heater

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Electric vs gas – which is the better choice?

When it comes down to it, you want a powerful heater that’ll do its job without costing the earth. We can understand that.

Electric space heaters

Electric space heaters convert electrical energy into heat and are perfect for use indoors. You can either get your hands on a convection or radiant electric heater – each one will usually use around 1,500W of power whilst it’s in use.

A convection heater is designed to heat up specific areas by drawing in the cooler air from the room, blowing it across a heating element, and then expelling it out of the front of the heater. This heat then circulates the room, being drawn in again when needed.

Electric Space Heater
Electric Space Heater

A radiant heater on the other hand, is built to directly heat objects or people – not rooms. They use infrared heaters to expel warmth and are typically a little less powerful than a convection heater. Because of this, they’re perfect for short bursts of use, and can easily heat up fewer people, rather than a room full.

Between the two: we’d suggest a convection heater. They’re more energy efficient, and they warm up spaces more quickly than a radiant heater. What’s more, you could potentially burn yourself if you touch a radiant heater when it’s switched on, so do be careful!

Electric space heaters | Recommended

Natural gas space heaters

Natural gas space heaters use gas instead of electricity for their power. They’re not the same as a gas fueled outdoor heater, and you should never mix the two up. Use a gas heater that’s meant for outdoor use and you could potentially be in danger – so always check you’ve bought the correct heater.

One main difference between an indoor and outdoor gas heater is the use of vents. Indoor space heaters do have vents, and can dispel any excess gas from the room to stop you from inhaling anything you shouldn’t!

Indoor Natural Gas vs Electric Space Heaters
Natural Gas Space Heaters

Best used in medium sized areas that can be well ventilated, indoor gas heaters work quicker than electric heaters and you’ll feel the warmth immediately. What’s more, they’re perfect for those nights that the power goes down and you can’t use electricity – you won’t have to suffer in the cold.

Natural gas space heaters | Recommended

A few more similarities and differences

Whilst you’ll pay more over time for an electric heater, you’ll pay more up front for a gas powered heater. Because electric heaters are much safer than gas powered heaters, you could say that you’re paying for the extra safety, but of course, gas powered heaters do also come with a few tricks to keep them safe.

One of these includes a safety trip switch, which will automatically turn the unit off should it fall or be tipped. Of course, you’ll pay extra for this peace of mind too – it’s really a choice of personal preference.

Indoor Natural Gas Space Heaters
Natural Gas Space Heaters

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Which is the more environmentally friendly heater?

Of course, you’re probably wondering whether electric or gas wins in terms of how environmentally friendly they are. Well, electric heaters will win time and time again. They’re certainly cleaner because they don’t expel gases into the atmosphere like the gas powered heater does.

Both methane and carbon monoxide can be by-products of burning gas, which can not only be deadly to you if there’s an undetected leak in a non-ventilated area, but of course, they’re bad for the atmosphere too.

best indoor Electric Space Heater
Electric Space Heater

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Of course, the choice is yours, and whilst both electric and gas powered space heaters have pros and cons, you’ll know which one is going to work better for you and your family.

Take everything into consideration, and don’t forget to buy the right sized heater for the space you want to keep warm – this will help keep a little extra cash in your pocket, and keep you warm throughout those colder months without the worry that you’re wasting energy.

Best Indoor Natural Gas Space Heaters
Natural Gas Space Heaters

If you have any questions or comments, please add them below in the comment section. Similarly, please let us know if you spot any mistakes or omissions. Thanks!

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