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The reality is that not many people put much thought into indoor air quality. And why should you? Indoor air will always be there. Perhaps a plant in every corner can make the air more breathable, right?

Sadly, no.

While plants can spruce up your living room, it won’t do much to improve indoor air quality. For the best results, we need to rely on technology to handle the cumbersome task of keeping indoor air within healthy levels.

Air Purifier
Blueair Air Purifier

If the concentration of airborne particles surpasses tolerable thresholds, there’s no knowing what sort of contaminants we’re putting into our lungs.

In general, there are three home appliances you can get to keep indoor air quality in check—namely, air purifiers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers.

Air Purifiers

If you dust and vacuum frequently, or if someone in your household suffers from seasonal or pet allergies, your home absolutely needs an air purifier. An air purifier is a device that sucks in air, passes it through one or more filters, and expels the newly-purified air back into a room.

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Dry air can lead to an assortment of skin and health problems, and certain seasons can reduce relative humidity levels even further. If you live in a part of the globe with low humidity levels, then you should get a humidifier.

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Some dehumidifiers rely on a built-in boiler to create harmless steam while others vaporize cold or room-temperature water to produce a refreshing mist.

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While dryness of the air can damage your health, too much airborne moisture can wreak havoc on drywall and furniture.

Humidity promotes the growth of mold and becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If it rains and snows more often than it’s hot out, then your home will need a dehumidifier to counteract spikes in relative humidity.

Is a Dehumidifier Good or Bad for You

Below, we have a number of guides you can refer to when shopping for the best air purifier, humidifier, and dehumidifier.

Please read each thoroughly to determine what features and specs to look for, as well as find which model is perfect for your home.

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Air Quality Info Guides

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