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AeraMax 90 Air Purifier Review

This air purifier, with its complete 4-stage hospital filtration system, can clean the air of a small room of one hundred to two hundred square feet. The ’90’ signifies the number of square meters of air-space the purifier can clean and maintain.

The size of this machine is perfect for a small office or cubical. It is perfect on the floor or any desk. The shiny black and silver or white and grey colors blend with any decor, and the small 4’2 (9 cm2) footprint will barely consume any room at all. Its tall and sleek design not only ensures a large surface area of air movement, but it also compliments any decor.

AeraMax 90 Air Purifier Review

Do you work in an office? We do; every time the season changes, someone brings a cold bug or a flu virus to the office. You always end up sick! The bug seems to go around and around the office, so what should be a short bout of the flu, ends up being a recurring bug for weeks at a time.

With the AeraMax 90 air purifier, your cubical could be cold and flu-free, due to the AeraMax’ TrueHEPA filtering system.

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With its LED lighting system on the classy front panel, it is easy to know what the AeraMax 90 is doing. The panel has an ‘action’ light which will switch from red to amber to blue or blue to amber to red – depending on the odor or allergen; the AeraMax 90 is sensing and cleaning in the area.

In its regular mode, the light should be blue. If the ‘action’ light turns amber or red, the AeraMax has sensed a new odor or allergen in the air and is working to clean the surrounding air.

When the light is amber or red, you might notice the fan speed has increased to move the air quicker and eliminate the allergen or odor. Once the air has been treated, the ‘action’ button will again turn blue, and the fan speed will return to its previous setting.

This air purifier with its TrueHEPA filter and antimicrobial treatment elements, senses the quality of the surrounding air. The unit automatically switches the speed of the fan to safely remove up to 99.97% of tiny air allergens, germs, viruses or air pollutants as small as 0.3 microns, to ensure your interior air is purified and fresh.

The true HEPA filter with its antimicrobial treatment filters the air to remove air pollutants including allergens, germs, cold and flu viruses and cigarette smoke, dust, and many other tiny air particles.

The AeraMax 90 has been tested and proven to remove any open-air flu viruses and germs. The onboard carbon filter helps remove odors and large dust particles in the air.
For people with asthma and/or allergies, the AeraMax could be your ‘new best friend,’ because it is certified, by the ‘Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’, to remove allergens and odors from the air.

Aera+ Mode

This setting on the front panel is designed to work extra hard during cold and flu seasons.

AeraSmart Sensor

This Smart Sensor consistently monitors the air quality and instinctively adjusts the speed of the fan to keep the air around you purified. A blue LED light changes to amber, and red lights indicate the purity of your air.

Fan Speed Indicator

You are able to manually move the fan speed setting to low, to medium, or too high so the purifier will move more air around you.

Filter Change Indicator

This smart filtering system monitors the condition of the filters, and a monitoring light turns to red when it is time to change either the Carbon filter or true HEPA filter.

PlasmaTRUETM Technology

This onboard technology establishes an ionized surround to help remove airborne pollutants, safely.

Built-In Handle

For ease of travel and movability, the AeraMax 90 has a built-in handle at the back and top.

The manufacturer, Fellows, recommends that the Carbon filter change should be every three months and the TrueHEPA filter should be changed every 12 months.

To ensure the ease of every filter change, the filters have been installed in the back panel of the AeraMax 90.

Leaving the AeraMax in the ‘on’ position, press and click to open the back panel, you will notice the AeraMax automatically shuts itself off. Remove the Carbon filter and dispose of it. Place a new Carbon filter in its’ place.

If you are changing both filters at once, after removing the Carbon filter, remove the TrueHEPA filter and dispose of them. After removing both filters, open the new TrueHEPA filter and place it with the arrows pointing toward the back of the AeraMax.

Place a new Carbon filter in behind the true HEPA filter, and you are ready to replace the back panel. To replace the panel, align and insert the bottom forks into the respective holes and gently close the back panel until you hear it click into place.

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The AeraMax 90 air purifier will then start itself back up and resume the regular programming. Be sure to reset the filter replacement settings by pressing and holding each filter title separately, for a few moments, until a beep sounds and the filters are then reset. You are sure to enjoy the benefits of all the AeraMax 90 Air Purifier has to offer.

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