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Speed Queen AWN432S Top Load Washer Review

If you’re looking for reliability, you’ve found it. Speed Queen has built itself quite the reputation for manufacturing dependable washing machines that stand the test of time, and this top-loading washer is one such model. The Speed Queen AWN432S Top Load Washer boasts a total-steel inner drum, cabinet and transmission, and it has a powerful motor that rotates the agitator at high speeds.

Speed Queen AWN432S Top Load Washer Review

Top Load Washer | Recommended

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This washing machine has a decent load capacity, and it’s able to balance itself to prevent vibrations and movements. In order to ensure that you can meet each garment and fabric’s specific care needs, the washer offers multiple water temperature selections and over 15 cycle choices that you can adjust via the user-friendly controls. Plus, there are almost 10 water levels, so you can wash loads of any size. When it comes to the warranty period, you’ll be blown away.

Self-Balancing and Durable

Clothes with zippers and embellishments won’t hurt this top-loading washing machine thanks to its stainless-steel drum with a porcelain enamel outer tub. Even the white cabinet is resistant to dings and scratches because it’s made of galvanized steel.

With a 3.3-cubic-foot capacity and self-balancing legs and drum, you can easily wash your queen-size comforter without the machine rocking back and forth. Plus, the washer measures 25.75 by 28 by 43 inches, allowing it to fit in most laundry areas.

Fast and Efficient

The dual-speed 0.5-horsepower motor can turn the 210-degree agitator at a maximum speed of 710 revolutions per minute, which equates to 68 strokes per minute. While the washing machine is spinning a load, it simultaneously rinses it.

This means you won’t see any lingering dirt and grime when your clothes come out of the wash. With its all-metal transmission, there are no flimsily plastic parts that will break a couple of years down the road. Even better, this Speed Queen’s average water consumption is 20 gallons, saving you money on your utility bills.

Simple and Varied

On this washer, there are three dials and one rocker switch, all of which are labeled for ease of use. One dial lets you choose among three water temperatures while the one next to it offers 9 load size selections from mini to extra-large.

The last dial gives you a choice of 17 cycles, and the vertical switch lets you turn on the extra rinse option for heavily soiled clothes. If you need to add an article of clothing in mid-cycle, you can, and there are separate dispensers for bleach and fabric softener. You also get a fantastic 15-year transmission warranty and a lifetime drum warranty.

A Commercial Washer for Home Use

Metal construction from the inside out means this is a washer that won’t quit on you 5 years after you buy it. The controls are dials with a simplicity that is refreshing, and there are more than enough cycles and other laundry options to help you keep your clothes and linens looking clean and sharp. While the Speed Queen AWN432S Top Load Washer does use agitation to wash your laundry, the agitator doesn’t hog a ton of space.

Plus, the water consumption is relatively low. When you buy this top-load washer, you’ll quickly find out why Speed Queen says their washing machines last 25 years.

Top Load Washer | Recommended

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