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Best Kenmore Front Load Washers in 2023

While top load washing machines used to be a household staple, modern consumers are now more attracted to front-loading washers than ever before. Front load washing machines have quickly become a must-have household item due to their increased convenience and capabilities.

Best Kenmore Front Load Washers

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If you are looking to upgrade your laundry room with one of these top-of-the-line machines, Kenmore’s newest models have the functionality and cleaning technology that will perfectly match your household cleaning needs.

From basic designs with impressive cleaning features to models that are at the forefront of technology, these Kenmore Front Load Washers provide you with a variety of incredible options.

Kenmore 41302 4.5 cu ft. Front Load Washer

The Kenmore 41302 Front Load Washer is an impressive machine that boasts 4.5 cubic feet of capacity, meaning it can handle up to 27 large towels in one load.

Impressive features also make this one of the more sophisticated washing machines on the market. A Cold Clean Cycle uses cold water to extend the life of even your most delicate items, while a Steam Treat option removes the need to pre-treat set in stains.

Multiple cleaning cycles mean that you can customize your settings to conveniently tackle everything from large, bulky bedding to delicate items of clothing. Access Wash technology means that this washing machine can effectively clean even large loads of laundry in just 29 minutes.

For added convenience, there is also an “Add Garment” option, so you can add articles of clothing even after the cycle has started. This washing machine finishes each cycle with a spin speed of 1,300 RPM, so that clothes will spend less time in the dryer.

Users of the Kenmore 41302 Front Load Washer had largely excellent things to say about it, including that it was a great upgrade from their outdated, top load washer. One user mentioned that it can get unbalanced when washing very large, heavy loads of laundry, however was still impressed with its cleaning capabilities.

While more expensive that most top load washing machines, this model is sold at a relatively lower price point than other front loaders on the market. For an affordable upgrade, the Kenmore 41302 Front Load Washer is a great choice.

Kenmore 41302 4.5 cu ft. Front Load Washer...
  • Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up (including required parts)...
  • 4.5 cubic foot capacity washes up to 27 large towels. Cold Clean Cycle uses cold water to...

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Kenmore Elite 41072 5.2 cu. ft. Front Load Washer

A machine featuring highly impressive technology, the Kenmore Smart 41072 Front Load Washer has a capacity of 5.2 cubic feet and can wash an entire king size bedding set in one load.

While this machine features a Cold Clean cycle, Steam Treat option, and Accela Wash Technology like similar Kenmore front load models, what sets this machine apart from all others is its state-of-the-art Smart Technology.

This model gives you the ability to start, control, and monitor your wash cycles wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet through the Kenmore Smart app.

The app also lets you set precise start and finish times and receive notifications when the filter needs to be replaced or when maintenance is required, making this one of the most intuitive washing machines on the market.

The app also gives you the option to download 14 additional wash cycles including Denim, Kid’s Clothes, Gym Clothes, Ultra Delicate, and a variety of other settings that provide you the ability to effectively customize your laundry settings.

If the ability to control this from your wireless device wasn’t advanced enough, the Kenmore Smart 41982 Front Load Washer also synchs with Alexa for even more advanced cleaning control. While this washer features impressive technological features, it also has advanced wash actions to ensure your laundry is also incredibly clean.

Users of this product stated that the Smart Technology features and large capacity made this one of the best washing machines that they have ever owned.

While some had minor problems with its connectivity, for the most part, users reacted positively to how seamlessly this machine combined with their wireless devices, allowing them to monitor their laundry in an advanced way.

With a sleek, beautiful design, this washing machine is at the forefront of household technology. However, this also means that it comes with a high price point, making it potentially too pricey for the average consumer.

Kenmore 41072 White Cubic Feet Steam Treat,...
  • FRONT-LOADING WASHER: 5.2 cubic feet front-load washer is designed to handle loads of...
  • CUSTOMIZED CLEANING: Smart Motion Technology blends 6 wash motions for customized care....

Kenmore Front Load Washing Machines: Conclusion

Kenmore’s Front Load Washing Machines have a range of features and price points that will fit your household needs. The Kenmore 41302 Front Load Washer is a lower priced model that gives your clothing and other items an advanced clean.

The Kenmore Elite 41072 Front Load Washer has a larger capacity and also increased advancements in cleaning technology, however it is slightly more costly than more basic models. For users who have an unlimited budget, the Kenmore Smart 41982 Front Load Washer is a state-of-the-art machine with impressive cleaning functions and wireless connectivity.

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