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Best Kenmore Top Load Washers in 2023

Having a functional washing machine that meets all of your household cleaning needs is key. Whether you are looking for a smaller capacity washer with excellent cleaning abilities or a large capacity machine with the latest advancements in cleaning technology, it is important to find a washing machine that fits your requirements and also fits your budget.

Best Top Load Washers
Best Kenmore Top Load Washers

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Kenmore has long been a staple in the home appliance industry and provides its users with a variety of high-quality options.

Its top load washing machines are available in a range of sizes at varying price points, meaning that it is easy to find a washing machine that fits your lifestyle and household needs.

Kenmore Washers
Kenmore Washers

Kenmore 22352

The Kenmore 22352 Top Load Washer has a 4.2 cubic feet capacity and a variety of features that make it an attractive washing machine for any household.

Kenmore 22352
Kenmore 22352

The machine features 12 wash cycles so that you can most effectively clean any load of laundry. The Express Wash setting allows the user to wash small loads in a fraction of the time of a regular wash cycle, making it perfect for families on the go.

The Jeans / Towels setting and Bulky / Bedding setting ensure that even your large or bulky items will successfully come out clean after only one wash cycle. This is especially true when combined with its “Deep Fill” setting, which adapts water levels for larger loads of laundry, meaning that you will no longer need to waste water with re-washing.

Multiple rinse settings also allow for maximum customization of your cleaning. This Top Load Washer also contains a durable stainless steel wash basket that resists dents and corrosion, meaning that you never have to worry about your delicate clothing items getting snagged.

Kenmore 22352 Review

While some users noted that this washing machine had long load cycles and is susceptible to excessive movement and vibration when in use. Others, however, claimed that it was perfectly functional and easy to use.

Available at a relatively low price point, this Kenmore 22352 Top Load Washer is a contact and efficient choice for those who are looking for an affordable and functional washing machine.

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Kenmore Elite 31632

The Kenmore Elite 31632 Top Load Washer is one of the more advanced top load washing machines on the market. It features an impressive capacity of 6.2 cubic feet, allowing a maximum load size of up to 32 large towels.

Kenmore 20362
Kenmore 20362

The Quad Action impeller has 4 wash actions including 9 spraying actions and flex fins that provides ideal movement for getting tough and deep-set stains out of clothing. The impressive Accela Wash technology combines Active Spray with Active Rinse, meaning that concentrated detergent is directly applied to the load and is then rinsed out with fine water particles during a high-speed spin.

This advanced cleaning system allows the Kenmore Elite 31632 Top Load Washer to effectively clean even large loads of laundry in just 29 minutes. Customizable Wash Temperature, Soil Level, and Spin Speed allow you to customize your cleaning experience, while this machine’s fast and powerful wash motions leave you with exceptionally clean clothing every time.

A sleek design with an intuitive touch screen means that this machine increases the level of sophistication in any laundry or utility room.

Users of the Kenmore Elite 31632 Top Load Washer commented that they were impressed with its impressively large size and ability to clean even large and bulky loads of laundry with ease. The only complaint by users was that the drum was so large that it was hard for shorter users to reach the bottom when removing laundry.

While an impressive washing machine, this model is also one of the most expensive on the market, meaning that it is ideal for those who are looking to make an investment in a washing machine with impressive capacity and cleaning power.

Kenmore 31632 02631632 Elite 6.2 cu. ft. Top...
  • Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up (including required parts)...
  • Quad Action Impeller comes with 4 wash actions delivering optimal cleaning. Accela Wash...

Kenmore 20362 vs 25132 vs 26132 vs 28132

Model No.20362251322613228132
Capacity in cubic feet3.
Capacity in towels per load17192426
Wash SystemTriple Action AgitatorTriple Action ImpellerTriple Action ImpellerTriple Action Impeller
Direct Drive Motor / RPMNo / 770No / 660Yes / 850Yes / 950
DispensersBleach, Fabric SoftenerBleachBleach, Fabric Softener, DetergentBleach, Fabric Softener, Detergent, Oxi
Why choose me?Powerful wash action delivers solid and dependable cleaning, suitable for most households.With StainBoost you’re always ready for gameday, plus the low-profile powerful impeller handles bulky items easily.King-sized cleaning and stainboosting action make this a perfect match for bulky loads and busy families.Laundry day is a pleasure, not a chore, with the super-sized capacity and cleaning power of OXI for the whitest whites.

Best Kenmore Top Load Washer: Conclusion

Finding the ideal washing machine for your household depends on comparing a variety of factors, including wash size, customization options, and price point. For those who are looking for an inexpensive and functional machine that handles smaller loads, the Kenmore 22352 Top Load Washer is a great option.

Top Load Washers
Kenmore Top Load Washers

Those who are wanting more power and more impressive load capabilities, the Kenmore 28132 Top Load Washer provides increased capacity and functionality.

The Kenmore Elite 31632 Top Load Washer is a state-of-the-art washing machine that is able to clean large loads and tough stains quickly but is a costly option that requires a larger monetary investment. Depending on your criteria, Kenmore has a top load washing machine that will surely satisfy your cleaning needs.

Best Kenmore Top Load Washers
Best Kenmore Top Load Washers

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