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Shop-Vac 5989300 vs 5989400 vs 5989500: Wet Dry Vacuums

Shop-Vac has long been the leader of wet-dry vacuums that people turn to first in residential and commercial settings alike. If you’re looking for a wet-dry vacuum to have on hand in your garage for automobile cleaning or around-the-house projects, any of these three models are an excellent choice.

Shop-Vac Wet Dry Vacuums

The Shop-Vac 5989300 is the smallest of the brand’s wet-dry vacuum cleaners we’ve reviewed. Don’t let its size fool you; this model boasts the highest airflow. It’s lightweight and sits on a sturdy base. For your convenience, Shop-Vac includes a bevy of accessories, including an extension wand.

At 19 pounds, the 5989400 is the midsize model of these three Shop-Vacs. Its motor produces the most horsepower, and it comes with every tool you need. Unlike the smaller 5989300, this wet-dry vacuum has a drain port for easy water emptying.

Finally, there is the Shop-Vac 5989500, which has a debris capacity of over 10 pounds. This wet-dry vacuum showcases the durable SVX2 motor, which is Shop-Vac’s pride and joy. You’ll appreciate the wide width of the hose connection and the floor nozzle.

Size and Capacity

Shop-Vac 5989300
With a debris capacity of 5 gallons, the 300 wet-dry vacuum is ideal for the light, weekend user. To keep the contents secured within the bucket, there is a secure latch on either side of the vacuum unit. You’ll love how its low weight of 15 pounds allows you to move the wet-dry vacuum without breaking your back.

Shop-Vac 5989400
Got a big home project ahead of you? The Shop-Vac 400 is what you need. This wet-dry vacuum has a capacity of 8 gallons, and a pair of locking latches create a tight seal around the debris bucket. Similar to the 300 model, the 400 wet-dry vacuum weighs right under 20 pounds – 19 to be exact.

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Shop-Vac 5989500
A large wet-dry vacuum for heavy-duty use. The Shop-Vac 500 is the heaviest of all three wet-dry vacuums, weighing 21 pounds. It can hold 12 gallons worth of liquid or dry debris, and there are two latches that ensure the bucket remains closed during transport.

Conclusion: Each wet-dry vacuum differs in terms of size and capacity. The 300 Shop-Vac is the lightest and the smallest with the 500 being at the opposite end of the spectrum. Regardless, every wet-dry vacuum’s contents are sealed until you’re ready to dump them thanks to the two latches on the bucket.

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Motor and Stability

Shop-Vac 5989300
The 9.9-amp motor within the 300 model peaks at 4.5 horsepower, providing a powerful airflow of 175 cubic feet per minute. The motor is backed by a 3-year warranty.

With a body constructed from stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about the wet-dry vacuum sustaining dents and dings. The vacuum itself sits on a wide dolly that rests on four casters. If you need to lift the vacuum, a top handle and two side handles make doing so a breeze.

Shop-Vac 5989400
Shop-Vac’s 400 wet-dry vacuum also contains a powerful motor that generates an airflow of 75 CFM, which peaks at six horsepower. Like the 300’s motor, the 11.8-amp motor in this vacuum is warrantied for three years.

Made of stainless steel, the 400’s body is ultra-durable. You can steer it any direction by grabbing the top handle and rolling it on its four wide-set casters. There is also a pair of side handles to help you lift the unit.

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Shop-Vac 5989500
For this wet-dry vacuum, Shop-Vac chose its proprietary 11.6-amp SVX2 motor, which is super quiet, peaks at 5.5 horsepower and moves the air at a rate of 140 CFM. Shop-Vac is so confident in the motor’s longevity that it offers a 5-year warranty on it.

Like the other two wet-dry vacuums, the 500 has a dolly-secured stainless-steel body and four casters. Additionally, there is a handle on the top and two on the side that allow for hassle-free movement.

Conclusion: All three have a motor with a different peak horsepower. The 400’s motor generates the most horsepower, but the 300 has the highest airflow, and the 500 contains a specially designed motor. Each wet-dry vac boasts a stainless-steel body, a set of caster wheels and three handles.

Accessories and Extras

Shop-Vac 5989300
There is no shortage of accessories on the Shop-Vac 300, including a three-piece extension wand, a gulper nozzle, a crevice tool and a 10-inch-wide floor nozzle. When not in use, you can keep all the accessories on the vacuum.

At 6 feet, the power cord is a decent length, and the flexible 1.25-inch-wide hose stretches to 7 feet. You can take advantage of the wet-dry vacuum’s rear blower port for tasks like leaf blowing, and the cartridge filter, filter bag, and foam sleeve reduce messes.

Shop-Vac 5989400
The same great accessories and filters that come with the 300 are also available on the Shop-Vac 400. Just like the 300 model, the 400 version has a 7-foot-long hose with a 1.25-inch diameter, and there is onboard accessory storage.

If you need it, you can use the blower port in the rear of the unit. The 12-foot cord gives you plenty of leeway, and the drain lets you release water straight onto the ground or through a hose.

Shop-Vac 5989500
With the Shop-Vac 500, you get a filter bag, a foam sleeve and a cartridge filter along with three attachments – a two-piece extension wand, a crevice tool and a 14-inch-wide floor nozzle, all three of which can be stored on the unit.

The power cord is extra-long at 18 feet, and the 2.5-inch-wide hose spans 8 feet. Conveniences like a rear blower port and a tank drain outlet round on the Shop-Vac 500’s useful features.

Conclusion: In terms of accessories, the same four tools come with the 300 and the 400. While the 500 only comes with three tools, its floor nozzle is 4 inches wider, and its hose is 1 inch longer. Shop-Vac throws in three models with each wet-dry vacuum. All three have a different power cord length, and only the 400 and 500 have a drain outlet.

High-Quality Wet-Dry Vacuums

There is nothing cheap or low-end about the 300, 400 or 500 wet-dry vacuum. Each one sits on a caster-affixed dolly, and they all have a housing made of stainless steel. There are three handles on these wet-dry vacuum cleaners that allow you to steer, lift and carry them, and each one is equipped with a blower port and comes with a filter for wet and dry cleanup.

All three vary in size and capacity. The 400 Shop-Vac boasts the highest horsepower, but the 300 produces the highest airflow, and the 500 has the desirable SVX2 motor. The 300 and 400 wet-dry vacs come with four tools while the 500 only has three.

However, the 500 has the widest floor nozzle and the longest power cord. Plus, Shop-Vac put a drain outlet on the 400 and 500 for easy maintenance. Powerful and well-built – The Shop-Vac 5989300, 5989400 and 5989500 wet-dry vacuums.

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