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DEWALT 6 vs 9 vs 12 vs 16 Gallon: Poly Wet/Dry Vac Comparison

Poly wet/dry vacuums are one of those multipurpose appliances that every homeowner should have in their garage. With a blower port and the ability to suction debris and liquid, you can use them to clean your car, driveway and more. They are also handy to have during emergencies like when a pipe bursts under the sink.

DEWALT Poly Wet/Dry Vac Comparison

DeWALT’s poly wet/dry vacuums are built to last, and they come with all the tools you need to make your home picture-perfect inside and out. Each one offers an array of accessories from crevice tools to extension wands. Although they are weighty, the addition of caster wheels makes them easy to roll. No matter if you’re using one to suction or blow debris, you’ll always find the airflow to be strong and steady.


Wet/dry vacs are still vacuums. As such, they need proper filtration in order to work at maximum efficiency. DeWALT includes a fine-dust cartridge with each model. This filter is washable, and it can handle both wet and dry messes.

These four poly wet/dry vacuums are also equipped with an integrated blower port that will replace your outdoor or workshop broom. They also have a water-safe power rocker switch and a large drain, both of which up the usability factor.

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To support their respective sizes, each model has a different motor strength. The 6-Gallon has a 4-horsepower motor while the 9-Gallon has a 5-horsepower motor. With its capacity, the 12-Gallon model has a 5.5-horsepower motor to fit, and the mega 16-Gallon wet/dry vacuum contains a 6.5-horsepower motor.

In addition to a filter cartridge, the 9-Gallon and 12-Gallon models come with a disposable dust bag; the 16-Gallon DeWALT provides three bags. As the names suggest, these poly wet/dry vacs range in capacity from 6 gallons to 16 gallons. Due to the varying horsepower of their motors, these appliances achieve an airflow of 80 to 116 cubic feet per minute, depending on the model. The wet/dry vacuum also has a muffler to dampen its noise output.

Conclusion: Each model offers a different capacity, airflow and motor size that span from 6 gallons and 5 horsepower to 16 gallons and 6.5 horsepower. All come with a reusable filer while the bigger three models also have a dust bag. If you go for the 16-Gallon model, the muffler will keep the noise tolerable.


Rubber wheels are superior to plastic ones because they grip the ground better. The DEWALT 6-Gallon, 9-Gallon, 12-Gallon and 16-Gallon poly wet/dry vacuums all have at least two rubberized casters to help you navigate uneven ground. Along with the finger grooves on the steering handle, these DeWALT wet/dry vacs are ideal for outdoor use.

Although the three smallest models come with four swiveling casters, DeWALT replaces the 16-Gallon wet/dry vac’s pair of rear casters with oversized rubber wheels to accommodate the larger size of the appliance. And larger it is. Weighing 37 pounds, the 16-Gallon model outweighs the 6-Gallon model by 22 pounds and the two mid-size wet-dry vacs by about 15 pounds.

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While each poly wet/dry vacuum’s power cord is lengthy, some models have a longer cord than others. The 6-Gallon and the 9-Gallon versions are equipped with a 10-foot-long power cord, and the cord on the 12-Gallon and the 16-Gallon cord is double the length. Additionally, the 16-Gallon has a dolly-style handle for improved maneuverability.

Conclusion: In terms of how they move, DeWALT makes transport easy with the inclusion of rubber casters and guiding handles. The DEWALT 16-Gallon wet/dry vacuum even has a pair of heavy-duty wheels and an extended handle, making the 37-pound appliances seem almost weightless. Plus, the long power cords won’t have you repeatedly searching for an electrical outlet.


Anyone who has ever owned a DeWALT appliance or tool knows that the company doesn’t skimp when it comes to extras, and you get plenty when you buy any of these four poly wet/dry vacuums. Each wet/dry vac comes with a flexible hose. This hose stretches to a maximum length of 7 feet, ensuring you can remove debris in every nook and cranny of your garage or automobile.

To really get into hard-to-reach areas, DeWALT also throws in a few essential tools. The crevice tool is designed to fit in extremely narrow spaces, and the utility nozzle is great for suctioning sawdust off your work area. If you need to clean above your head, simply connect the two-piece extension wand to the hose.

If you opt for the 9-Gallon, 12-Gallon or 16-Gallon model, you’ll also get a floor nozzle, which works great on smooth surfaces like carports. The two largest wet/dry vacs also come with an adapter that connects to the drain port, so you can hook up a garden hose to empty the vacuum of water.

Although a mesh storage bag is provided with all four poly wet/dry vacs, only the bags that come with the 9-Gallon, 12-Gallon and 16-Gallon versions are made to snap to the vacuums themselves. There is also a difference in the flexible hose’s diameter. The hose on the two smaller wet/dry vacs is 1 7/8-inches in diameter while the diameter of hose on the two bigger models measures 2.5 inches.

Conclusion: The larger the poly wet dry/vacuum, the more tools you get for cleanup jobs. However, each one comes with at least two, and the hose is the same length on every model. The inclusion of a storage bag is a nice touch. If you want a big wet/dry vacuum and plan to suction a lot of liquid, you’ll appreciate the hose adapter that comes with the 12-Gallon and 16-Gallon vacuums.

Sturdy, Dependable and Loaded

What don’t these poly wet/dry vacuums offer? Each one comes with a washable cartridge filter and at least two tools. Casters fine-tune their maneuverability, and you get plenty of reach thanks to each model’s 7-foot-long hose and extension wand. Then, there are the motors, which boast a 4-horsepower strength or higher.

DeWALT makes a poly wet/dry vac in any size you need. If you’ll only use your wet/dry vac occasionally or for light messes, the DeWALT 6-Gallon or the 9-Gallon are two excellent options. If you want a wider range of features, the DeWALT 12-Gallon may be a better fit. Then, there is the DeWALT 16-Gallon wet/dry vacuum. With its mega-size wheels, dolly handle. massive capacity and powerful airflow, this is the model made for the serious DIYer. Water spills, sawdust and dirt don’t stand a chance with this series of DeWALT poly wet/dry vacuums.

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