Best Corded Leaf Blowers in 2021

Looking for the perfect corded leaf blower to help you keep on top of your yard? Look no further. We’ve got the best corded leaf blowers on the market right now to help you make a decision, and we’ll even give you the best tips and tricks to use to help you find the right one that’ll make a massive difference in your yard.

Let’s jump right in.

Best Corded Leaf Blowers
Corded Leaf Blower

Corded Leaf Blower | Recommended

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Buying Guide for the Best Corded Leaf Blowers

When leaves start to hit the ground as the end of summer rolls round, they can turn into a sloppy mush in the wrong weather conditions. That’s why it’s so important to have the right tool to tackle the job. A corded leaf blower not only helps you get those leaves into a neat and tidy pile to throw away later, but they can reach into tight corners of your yard to get the stragglers, leaving your entire yard spotless.

Having said that, leaf blowers aren’t just for the fall and winter. In fact, they’re a great addition to your garage that’ll keep your yard or garden neat and tidy the whole year through.

There are plenty of things you should keep in mind before making your purchase, and we’re about to give you the rundown of everything you need to take into consideration.

Did you know: in some areas of California, the use of any leaf blower is prohibited due to the sound pollution they create. Gas leaf blowers are the loudest of the lot, so a corded electric leaf blower is the best choice when it comes to keeping the noise down!

What is a Corded Leaf Blower & How is it Different from Other Types of Leaf Blower?

A corded leaf blower is a leaf blower that runs via its electrical power cord. Other types of leaf blowers on the market include the cordless leaf blower, which is battery operated, and the gas leaf blower, which runs off of fuel.

Corded Leaf Blower Guide
Corded Leaf Blowers

Naturally, each one has its own set of pros and cons, which can help you to narrow down your search pretty quickly.

For example, the cordless leaf blower gives you unlimited maneuverability, but needs to be charged after each use for multiple hours before it can be used again. On the other hand, the gas leaf blower is the most powerful of the bunch, but it’s much less environmentally friendly and it’s the noisiest of all 3 types.

That leaves us with the corded leaf blower. Whilst it doesn’t have the portability of the cordless blower and can be a bit of a pain when you’re trying to make your way around trees, for instance, you can always buy an extension cord to help you reach every corner of your yard with more stability and mobility. What’s more, you won’t have to put it on charge once you’ve finished, or deal with the consequences if you forget.

Plus, the corded leaf blower is a lot quieter than your gas powered version – which both your neighbors and your ears will thank you for.

Corded Leaf Blowers
Leaf Blower Guide

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A few more pro points about the corded leaf blower? Almost every one that you could buy weighs just 8lbs or less. These machines are perfect for one handed use, and won’t strain your muscles or give you a bad back. They’re perfect for just about anyone, even those of us without incredible upper body strength.

They’re also the cheapest type of leaf blower on the market, and you could get your hands on one for as little as $30, which saves you a lot considering a gas powered leaf blower could set you back a minimum of $90.

Don’t use your leaf blower around pets or other people if you can help it!

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Corded Leaf Blowers Features

Leaf blowers are always equipped with amazing extra features to give you that quick and easy clean up. Firstly, you’ll find that your corded leaf blower will come with an extra handgrip. Despite them being perfect for one handed use, developers know that sometimes, there’s nothing like the extra power of a two handed sweep, which will make your blowing more precise.

Best Corded Leaf Blowers

Caution: using a leaf blower can cause twigs and dirt to be thrown into the air. To stop anything from hitting you in the eye, make sure you wear suitable eye protection like goggles. Don’t have any goggles? Get your glasses or sunglasses out

Secondly, take a look at what nozzles your desired corded leaf blower comes with. Many will come with one as standard, and some models even give you the benefit of a second precision nozzle for the ultimate ease. These nozzles are great for focusing on single or small piles of leaves, and can even help you get right into the corner so you don’t miss any spots.

Another great extra you might be looking for is speed control, which you’ll get on most corded leaf blowers. This added choice of speed helps you choose whether to get your job done at full power or to gently push the leaves in the desired direction.

Corded Leaf Blower
Leaf Blower

Safety shut off switches also come as standard with most corded leaf blower models. These switches are always in arms reach, and can be really handy in emergencies to shut of the motor as soon as possible.

Finally, some models will come equipped with a bottom-mounted air intake. These are important because they help eliminate the chance of your clothes being pulled into the air intake valve of your leaf blower. While not necessarily dangerous, this can be annoying, and a bottom-mounted air intake leaf blower will certainly help reduce the chances of it happening.

For your safety: always wear ear protection when running your leaf blower. Prolonged hearing damage can occur if you don’t cover your ears!

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Corded Leaf Blower FAQs

Still not entirely sure which way you want to turn when it comes to making a decision about which corded leaf blower to buy? Our FAQs might answer any lingering questions you have.

What is CFM and MPH in regards to leaf blowers?

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, meaning how much space your leaf blower can clear in a minute based on its power. In comparison, MPH stands for miles per hour, meaning the speed at which the air comes out of the leaf blower.

Both are important when it comes to picking the right leaf blower. In fact, one cannot work without the other.

The simplest explanation is that the higher the CFM & MPH number, the more powerful the leaf blower.

What is a good CFM score for a powerful leaf blower?

For anyone with a small to medium sized yard, a leaf blower with a CFM rating of 120 is plenty of power to clear your yard quickly and easily.

How loud will my corded leaf blower be?

This is different depending on the make and model, and technically, leaf blowers are loud no matter which one you end up picking.

Leaf blower noise is measured in Db (decibels), and the lower the number of decibels, the quieter you’ll find the leaf blower to be.

You may be surprised that leaf blowers can range from 40db – a noise level that can be tolerated for a good amount of time – up to around 97db – which is around the same noise level as a motorcycle or hearing a jet take off from a few hundred meters away.

Whilst this may not seem like too much of a problem at first, it’s good to note that it takes just 8 hours of prolonged sound at 97db to cause serious ear damage.

Do I need protective equipment to use a leaf blower?

Yes. It’s strongly advised that you wear protective gear whenever you use your leaf blower. As you’ve just read, prolonged use of a loud leaf blower can cause serious damage, so hearing protection is a must.

Furthermore, it’s also appropriate to wear goggles and even a hat during use, just in case your leaf blower picks up any debris and shoots it at your face, and it can even be a good idea to wear gloves whilst you’re at work with the leaf blower too.

This is also why it’s suggested that you use your leaf blower when there are no other people or pets present. They cannot protect themselves from hearing or eye damage should they get too close to you during use, so keep yourself and everyone around you safe by wearing the correct protective equipment.

Corded Leaf Blowers

Corded Leaf Blower | Recommended

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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