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Winix AM90 Wi-Fi Air Purifier Review

Winix’s AM90 may be one of its most standard air purifiers on the market, but it still has quite a bit going for it. For those on a tight budget but still want an Alexa-supported air purifier at home, the AM90 is arguably your best option. Join us as we take a closer look at the Winix AM90 and see what sort of goodies this low-cost air purifier has for us.

Winix AM90 Wi-Fi Air Purifier Review

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360-Square-Foot Purifying Range

As you would with any air purifier, it’s important that you know how far-reaching the Winix AM90 is before deciding whether it’s worthy of placement in your home or not. The air purifier has a maximum purifying range of 360 square feet, which is perfect for spacious living rooms and kitchens and even entire apartments.

4-Stage Filtration

Of course, an air purifier’s cleaning efficiency is only as good as its filtration setup. And we’re glad to report that the AM90’s 4-stage filter system should more than surpass your air-purifying needs.

The AM90 comes with a basic washable pre-filter that traps larger contaminants. Air then passes through an activated carbon filter that’s designed to eliminate household odors and VOCs.

The real magic sauce behind the AM90’s extraordinary cleaning efficiency is the True HEPA Filter—a filter that captures up to 99.97% of dirt, mold, and allergens as small as 0.3 microns in size. And finally, you have an optional PlasmaWave ionizer that enhances the AM90’s cleaning prowess by electrically charging airborne particles so they adhere to the multiple filters. Only use the PlasmaWave function when no people or pets are present.

230+ CADR Ratings

We can go on and on about how great the AM90 is, but this time, we’ll let the numbers do all the talking. When it comes to ridding the air of dust, smoke, and pollen, the AM90’s outstanding CADR ratings—240 CFM, 233 CFM, and 230 CFM for the three categories, respectively—says it all.

A higher CADR rating denotes more efficient cleaning, and seeing how the AM90 scores 230+ in all three metrics, it’s fair to say that it’ll work beautifully in rooms of between 200 and 360 square feet.

Dual Sensors with Auto Cleaning Mode

When we said that the budget-friendly AM90 had “a lot going for it,” this is what we meant. The AM90 is built with dual sensors that constantly and consistently measure indoor pollution levels. When it becomes too polluted for tolerance, the AM90’s motor will automatically kick into the most appropriate gear/fan speed to eliminate particles optimally and thoroughly.

Voice and App Control

Want to control your AM90 without reaching for the control board? Easy—just download the Winix Smart app on your smartphone, which enables you to control the air purifier from anywhere in the world, provided you have a stable internet connection. Alternatively, you can holler basic commands at your Assistant or Alexa smart speaker and allow your virtual assistant to relay instructions to the AM90.


Low-Cost? Check! Packed with Features? Check! High-Quality Cleaning? Double-Check!
To say that the Winix AM90 is an excellent low-cost air purifier is an understatement. It offers more efficient ratings than most similarly sized air purifiers while also coming with a surprising number of features. Want an inexpensive yet intelligent air purifier that does all the cleaning for you? Well, here it is!

Winix 1022-0214-00 Wi-Fi Air Purifier, 360sq...
  • True HEPA filter captures 99. 97% of airborne pollutants; dust mites, pet dander, pollen...
  • Plasma wave technology safely breaks apart odors, allergens, chemical vapors, and other...

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