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Winix AM80 True HEPA Air Purifier Review

Winix is back with a budget-friendly, long-range air purifier—the AM80. Built with a top-notch filtration system and smart features to boot, there’s very little reason why homeowners wouldn’t want this compact air purifier sitting in the corner of their living rooms. Below, we’ll go over what the AM80 has to offer and why it’s such a magnificent air purifier.

Winix AM80 True HEPA Air Purifier Review

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360-Square-Foot Cleaning Range

For having such a tiny footprint, the AM80 sure does offer a ton of coverage. On its highest setting, the AM80 is made to clean the air in rooms of up to 360 square feet, which is more than enough to cover a single bedroom, most living rooms and kitchens, office units, and hobby rooms.

230+ CADR Ratings

But here is where things get interesting. Not only does it provide 4 air changes every hour, but its clean air delivery rate is rated at least 230 CFM. Its CADR ratings are 240 CFM for dust, 233 CFM for smoke, and 230 CFM for pollen.

These figures tell us that the AM80 can eliminate most common types of airborne particles with surprising efficiency. Generally speaking, any air purifier with over 200 CFM in all three categories is a winner in our books.

4-Stage Filtration

How does the AM80 score so high? Simple: its fan setup and the four-stage filtration system. It starts with a washable pre-filter that captures larger debris, including pet hair and skin flakes. Suctioned-in air then passes through an activated carbon filter that adsorbs kitchen and cigarette odors, as well as reduces VOC smells.

Finally, air passes through a True HEPA Filter that’s designed to latch onto 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger. Mold spores, fungi, and pollen have very little chance of escaping a True HEPA Filter’s clutches.

The fourth and final stage is an optional one—Winix’s very own PlasmaWave ionizer. It works by delivering a negative charge to nearby particles, allowing them to adhere to the filters more effectively.

Smart Air Quality Sensors

The AM80 wouldn’t be a top-notch Winix air purifier if it didn’t come with smart air quality sensors and an auto mode. The smart sensors constantly gauge the level of airborne pollutants in a room before automatically turning the fan on at the most appropriate speed.

When pollution concentration levels are within a tolerable range, the smart sensors will command the motor to turn off, thereby saving power and extending the life of the filters.

Auto-Activated Sleep Mode

What’s pretty fascinating about the AM80 is that it comes with light sensors that measure the brightness of a room. When all lights are off, the AM80 can be set to activate sleep mode—the lowest fan speed setting that generates the least amount of noise. This is a nice addition for those who don’t want to get out of bed and press buttons on the air purifier’s control board.

Winix AM80 Intro Video

Verdict: Affordable, Feature-Packed, Intelligent—Everything You’d Want in an Air Purifier!

As you can see, the budget-friendly Winix AM80 isn’t missing out on convenience- and performance-adding features. It hardly takes up any space while also removing large quantities of microscopic particles quietly and efficiently from the corner of a room. If you’re looking for a self-reliant air purifier with all the bells and whistles (minus app and voice control), this is it!

Winix AM80 True HEPA Air Purifier with...
  • Room Size 360 Sq. Ft.: AHAM Verified for 5 clean air changes per hour in 360 sq. ft. room....
  • Washable Fine Mesh Pre-Filter: Designed to catch larger airborne particles found indoors

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