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Whynter vs. Dometic Portable Freezer/Fridges

When it comes to portable refrigeration, Whynter and Dometic are two keep-your-eye-on brands. With Dometic’s focused on bringing flexibility and convenience to on-the-go lifestyles and Whynter’s mission of combining form and function and packing it into reliable products, you can’t go wrong with either brand’s portable refrigerator/freezer combos.

Whynter vs. Dometic Portable Freezer/Fridges

The Whynter FM-45G is perfect for outdoor excursions with your whole family. It has a decent capacity and an easy-to-use control panel. You get the option of using AC or DC power, and the fridge/freezer will run like a champ even when the unit isn’t on the steady ground.

Going fishing for the day? Dometic’s CFX28 portable refrigerator freezer can hold enough food and drinks to satisfy one or two people all day and night. It’s lightweight and made of heavy-duty materials. The interior is lit for clear visibility, and the fridge/freezer even comes with a USB port for small-device charging.

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Capacity and Construction

Whynter FM-45G
Able to hold 45 quarts of items, you can easily throw in a few 12-packs of soda and all the steaks and burgers your family wants. The Whynter FM-45G comes with one small and one large wire basket, which you can pull out if you need more storage space.

Weighing 45 pounds and having a set of block legs for stability, you don’t need to handle this fridge/freezer with kid gloves. The metal latch on the door keeps items secure, and the swinging handles help you carry the fully insulated fridge/freezer from one spot to the next.

Dometic CFX28
Inside of this 27-quart electric fridge/freezer, there is one wire basket that you can remove when necessary. Its low weight of 29 pounds means you can tote it with little trouble. The recessed click-lock mechanism means that reduces the risk of food spoilage.

On the exterior of the CFX28, all eight corners are reinforced, and the hinges are constructed from stainless steel. Plus, there is a bar handle on either side of the fridge/freezer that allows for a secure grip. Since the handles are attached to stainless steel hinges, you don’t have to worry about a handle coming loose.

Conclusion: The Whynter FM-45G made to hold more food, but the Dometic CFX28’s capacity is plenty for a solo or short trip. Since the CFX28 is smaller, it weighs less, and the manufacturer didn’t skimp on construction materials. With the FM-45G, you get an extra basket and a lot of stability.

Power Supply and Usage

Whynter FM-45G
More choices for power supplies means more places you can take the Whynter FM-45G portable fridge/freezer. You can use the 8-foot AC power cord with an electrical outlet or the 5-foot DC power cord with your car’s adapter.

Drawing 65 watts when cooling, it only takes 12.5 hours to reach a temperature of 39.2 Fahrenheit when you plug in the refrigerator/freezer after a period of non-use. Regardless, it’s inexpensive to run, consuming just 0.325 to 0.75 kilowatts per hour.

Dometic CFX28
Like the Whynter FM-45G, the Dometic CFX28 comes with an AC and a DC cord, giving you the option of using the power supply that’s available to you. It even has a USB port on the side. With this USB port, you can charge your Fitbit or smartphone.

To make life easier, the CFX28 has a drain plug for fuss-free maintenance. There is also an interior LED light, so you can quickly find and grab the drink you want. It’s also an energy-saver. This portable electric freezer/fridge uses a mere 0.175 kilowatts per hour.

Conclusion: Both portable fridge/freezers are compatible with AC and DC power sources. They don’t cost a lot of money to run either. If you want a few extras, you’ll appreciate the Dometic CFX28’s USB port, interior light and drain plug. However, the Whynter FM-45G is the champ in terms of startup to refrigeration temperature.

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Temperatures and Controls

Whynter FM-45G
Make sure those frozen items stay frozen with the Whynter FM-45G’s fast-freeze mode. When you set the freezer/fridge to fast-freeze, it will quickly reach to -8 degrees Fahrenheit. With a max temperature of 50 degrees, your refrigerated foods will stay cool.

On the side of the FM-45G, there is a small LED display that shows the interior temperature of the freezer/fridge in Fahrenheit. The arrow buttons next to the display let you raise or lower the temperature with ease, and you can instantly engage fast-freeze mode with the FF button next to the arrows.

Dometic CFX28
This portable freezer/refrigerator gets quite frosty at its lowest temperature of -7 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t want to see the temperature in Fahrenheit, a quick button press changes the readout to Celsius.

Since the control panel is slanted, you don’t have to crane your neck to see it, and the flat touch buttons appeal to tech lovers. From the control panel, you can adjust the display’s brightness and change the temperatures. The CFX28 also boasts a temperature memory that recalls the last set temperature every time it’s plugged in.

Conclusion: Each portable freezer/fridge lets you set the temperature. The FM-45G’s control panel is simple and easy to navigate while the CFX28’s control panel is modern and sleek. With the Dometic model, you also get the convenience of a temperature memory and display brightness adjustment.

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Whynter vs Dometic: Real Refrigeration Anywhere

These portable electric freezer/fridges are all about convenience. Whynter and Dometic provide an AC cord and a DC cord to owners of the FM-45G and the CFX28, respectively. Both models are energy-friendly, consuming little electricity. Each one features an LED display and temperature control.

Out of the two fridge/freezers, the Whynter FM-45G is the larger one. Its capacity is almost twice that of the Dometic CFX28. However, the Whynter weighs about 20 pounds less. The FM-45G and the CFX28 offer basket organization with the larger FM-45G coming with two baskets.

Size isn’t the only difference between these portable fridge/freezers. The Whynter FM-45G has a fast-freeze mode while the Dometic CFX28 has a USB port. Also, the CFX28 is equipped with an interior light. If capacity matters the most, the Whynter FM-45G is a great choice. If you want extra features, go with the Dometic CFX28.

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