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What is Multimedia Filtration? Robotic Pool Cleaner Feature Explained

If you have a dirty pool and only a limited amount of time to clean it, a robotic pool cleaner is probably what you need. These fantastic machines take the stress out of preserving crystal-clear water in your pool and help to make your pool look like the ones you see in movies.

The only problem past customers experienced was that a single robotic pool cleaner couldn’t solve all problems. Some pool owners have to deal with large debris like dead leaves and twigs, whereas other pool owners have a frequent problem with dirty waterlines due to a buildup of algae. Sadly, a single robotic pool cleaner was unable to tackle both problems since they came with a single media filtration bag—either spring cleaning or ultrafine.

But thanks to multimedia filtration, your robotic pool cleaner can remove all kinds of contaminants, leaving your pool liner’s squeaky-clean and the water crystal-clear.

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What Is Multimedia Filtration?

In a nutshell, multimedia filtration refers to the ability of a robotic pool cleaner to remove all kinds of pool contaminants, ranging from silt particles to dead leaves. Most robotic pool cleaners come with one type of filter cartridge but allow users to swap them out with one or two media filtration types.

There are four key types of media filtration systems to bear in mind, namely:

Oversized Debris Bag

At the start of the season, pool owners with pools situated beneath large oak trees will have to get rid of dead leaves, twigs, and other large remnants from the previous seasons. Using an oversized bag is the perfect way to get rid of the large contaminants that would otherwise puncture the fine-mesh grids of ultrafine and fine cartridges.

Ultrafine Cartridge

An ultrafine cartridge is a filter cartridge that’s designed to capture the tiniest pool contaminants imaginable. If you notice large amounts of silt, sand, dirt, and even pollen settled at the bottom of your pool, simply swap out the oversized debris bag with an ultrafine cartridge, and your robot will handle the rest. You will want to install an ultrafine cartridge in your robot to have the cleanest, crystal-clearest pool water possible.

Fine Cartridge

The fine cartridge is your everyday filter cartridge. After pre-cleaning your pool with an oversized debris bag and capturing the tiniest particles with an ultrafine cartridge, you can use a fine cartridge for general-purpose maintenance. It does well at capturing bits of dead leaves, as well as most dirt and sand particles.

Disposal Debris Bag

For the most hands-off cleaning, you can use a disposal debris bag. It performs the same task as a fine-media cartridge, but you don’t have to spray-clean it with a hose when it’s full. Simply detach it from your robotic pool cleaner and toss it out—it’s that simple.

Why Do I Need Multimedia Filtration?

The main reason you should opt for a robotic pool cleaner with multimedia filtration is to achieve the best clean possible. As time goes on, you will want to swap out between different filter cartridges, depending on what sort of debris you’re working with.

However, users will most likely swap out the oversized and ultrafine filters for the fine filter cartridge. This type can collect most types of debris, including algae, so keep your pool water looking as crystal-clear as ever. It’s only during emergencies that you will want to swap the fine filter out for a large debris bag or an ultrafine filter.

Also, something worth noting is that replacement filters will add up over time. To preserve the ultrafine cartridge’s mesh grids for longer, you’ll want to use them as infrequently as possible while attaching either a disposal debris bag or a fine filter cartridge for everyday cleaning.

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