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What is Gyroscopic Technology? Robotic Pool Cleaner Tech Explained

As any owner will know, robotic pool cleaners make pool maintenance a lot less strenuous. You don’t have to manually get on your hands and knees to clean waterlines or scrub the floors clean. Instead, employing a robot to do your bidding and keep your pool swim-ready throughout the season means you can enjoy using your pool a lot more.

But today, thanks to advancements in robotic pool cleaner technology, robotic pool cleaner manufacturers have boosted cleaning coverage by a wide margin. The recent and most impressive addition to modern-day robotic pool cleaners is the gyroscope.


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What Is Gyroscopic Technology?

Gyroscopes are nothing new. If you think of airplanes, helicopters, and even space shuttles, gyroscopes are essential in monitoring and controlling the orientation of these flying objects.

But how does gyroscopic technology play out in robotic pool cleaners?

Its main objective is to remain on top of the robot’s movement at all times, ensuring that it doesn’t clean the same area twice. As a result, a robotic pool cleaner with gyroscopic technology improves power and cleaning efficiency.

Benefits of Gyroscopic Technology

Some of the most high-tech, top-tier robotic pool cleaners come with advanced 3-axis gyroscopes that combine power with underwater maneuverability. The gyroscope monitors the robot’s current position, orientation, travel direction, and rotation.

For robotic pool cleaners that are tasked with cleaning every square inch of your pool liners, including steep walls, this is a real game-changer.


Gyroscopic technology is a lot more advanced than basic navigation software because it is always attuned to the robot’s movement. This form of navigation technology assists robotic pool cleaners to navigate into the least accessible parts of your pool—i.e., the waterline, in sharp corners, steps, and ladders.

As we stated earlier, gyroscopic technology improves power and cleaning efficiency. What this means is that your robot won’t spend time or energy scrubbing the same area of your pool twice since it keeps track of where it has and has yet to clean. So, if your robot is running on express mode, 2-hour cleaning schedule, you can rest assured that your robot will make the best use out of those 120 minutes.

How Does It Compare to Non-Gyroscopic Robots?

Past robotic pool cleaners have been known to wander aimlessly throughout your pool. It’s only through divine works that your robot would have somehow managed to touch every square inch of your pool’s liners. In most cases, however, old-school robots would miss entire sections of your pool, making users question whether their robot was worth the cost.

This was what made them comparable to pressure- and suction-side cleaners. Because of their unreliable underwater movement, they didn’t guarantee a better clean than other types of automatic pool cleaners. In fact, users would have to constantly monitor the robot’s cleaning progress and manually correct any mistakes the robot may have made.


Are Gyroscopic Robot Pool Cleaners Worth It?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes.

The main purpose of owning a robotic pool cleaner is convenience; you don’t want to spend the majority of the spring and summer maintaining your pool and manually monitoring your robotic pool cleaner. After all, they’re supposed to be self-sufficient and reduce the hands-on pool-cleaning experience.

With gyroscopic technology, convenience is no longer wishful thinking. Gyroscopic technology combined with remote controllability via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth lets users know what their robotic pool cleaner is doing and how more cleaning it has left to do before achieving near-100% cleaning efficiency.


Now, the cost of such a high-tech robotic pool cleaner may be staggeringly steep, but in the end, you’re not just saving time—you’re saving money by operating your robotic pool cleaner for fewer hours while getting a much thorough clean for every second it spends underwater.

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