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Vornado 560 Whole Room Air Circulator Review

The Vornado 560 Air Circulator integrates the unique Vornado grill and deeply pitched propeller to circulate air up to 75 feet, while aerodynamically moving all the air in your room. The 4-speed regulation enables you to meet any circulation requirement.

You can have total control over the airflow in your room, with the completely flexible chrome glide bar. Use this device all year-round for extra relaxation and energy savings in any season.

The Vornado 560 Medium Whole Room Air Circulator produces a distinctive airflow pattern known as the Vortex Action to disperse all the air in a room. The air moves fast, cool and frequent to generate an efficient cooling experience. There are two colors available for this whole room Air Circulator. A black one and a white version.

Vornado 560 Whole Room Air Circulator Review

Whole Room Air Circulator | Recommended

Vornado 560 Medium Whole Room Air Circulator Review Features

– Makes use of Vornado’s unique Vortex technology for whole room airflow.
– Excellent efficiency by using deep-pitched blades that push air up to 75 feet.
– Chrome glide bar offers regulation of the airflow movement.
– 4-speed options with push-button settings are comfortably located on top of the Vornado model 560.
– Easily to clean and supported by a 5-year warranty.

In contrast to whole-room circulation, oscillation only feels cooler when you are on a straight track of the airflow. The Vornado 560 offers relaxed, whole-room airflow for the entire room by moving the air, making sure that every person is always comfy no matter where they are located.

The Vornado 560 changes between horizontal and vertical airflow positions using the chrome glide bar. This device is super user-friendly with its push-button controls. Situated at the top of the device, you can effectively select one of the 4-speed options varying from silent operation to turbo mode.

The unique construction of the AirTensity grill produces a spiral effect that enables the air to move through the room entirely. By attaching the deep pitch blades in a round duct, air is pushed into a high-velocity line that forces through hot and cold zones.

The Vornado 560 Medium Whole Room Air Circulator blades improve the amount of air moved with each turn of the Vornado’s high-powered engine. The uniquely sized intake guides air to the most effective parts of the blades to maximize the airflow.

5-years Warranty

Vornado believes in its 560 whole room circulator. They guarantee each device a full 5 years of operation.

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Vornado 560 Medium Whole Room Air Circulator Specs

Warranty: 5-year
Item Weight: 6.2 pounds
Item Height: 13.47 inches
Item Depth: 10.28 inches
Item Width: 12.07 inches
Hertz: 60 Hertz
Volts: 120 Volts
Power cord Plug Type: 2-Pin Polarized

Customer Reviews

I am using fans in my bedroom since primary school. This Vornado 560 is, by far, one of the best I have purchased. The airflow coming from this fan is incredible.

I am able to place the device across the room and I really like the great breeze as I sleep. The sound levels are just ideal, something that I have not been able to say with some other fans. Even with a super powerful engine, the Vornado 560 isn’t excessively heavy and the base offers great balance. I am looking forward to buying a second fan to keep on the porch for those sweaty summer days!

Vornado 560 Review
Vornado 560 Whole Room Air Circulator

Another review
There are so many fans out there and I used to believe, a fan is just a fan.

I tried the Vornado and I noticed that there is a huge difference in quality. I like the flexibility, durability, and tranquillity of this Vornado 560. I like that it does push the air in the entire room.

Compared with other fans, the Vornado also moves the air up and down. Hot air goes up so it’s moving the air around, instead of just where you aim the fan. Compared to other fans, when it’s directed at you, you feel cool, but as soon as you relocate, you are sweating again. The Vornado 560, in fact, brings the temperature down


The Vornado 560 Medium Whole Room Air Circulator brings together the trademarked Vornado grill and deep-pitched propeller to push air up to 75 feet in your room.

The four-speed controls enable you to meet any circulation need you have. you will have total control of the airflow, with the flexible chrome glide bar. Use the Vornado 560 throughout the year.

Whole Room Air Circulator | Recommended

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