My family needed an automatic pool cleaner because we don’t have time to do all that cleaning ourselves and did not want to hire someone. After reading all of the great reviews, we decided to try the Vingli Automatic Pool Cleaner, and it’s like having a personal pool cleaning crew, it works so well.

VINGLI Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

The Vingli is a high quality, low noise, easy to install, quick cleaning, automatic pool cleaner. There is no supervision needed; it will clean your pool efficiently and leave you time to do other things. It cleans in-ground pools up to 16’ by 34’ and requires no electricity, just your existing filtration system. It also comes with 10 (free!) hose sets so you can be sure it can reach where it needs to go.

Let me get into more detail about why this automatic pool cleaner is so great and definitely worth the purchase.

VINGLI Automatic Pool Cleaner

Easy to Set Up & Use

When you hear “automatic pool cleaner” you probably are thinking of something that is complicated and hard to set up. This is not the case with this one; not only is it extremely easy to set up, but it is also easy to use.

I am not very technically savvy, but I installed this pool cleaner in minutes right out of the box with no tools. I just connected as many hoses as I thought I would need (I decided to use all of them for my 16’ by 32’ in-ground pool), hooked it up to my skimmer (must have at least a 3/4hp pool pump). It also does not hike your electricity bill because it does not require any extra electricity, just the pump that you may already have running anyway.

After I had it set up (in minutes!), I just set it and forgot it. The cleaner requires no supervision or adjustments as it goes. And it’s under 15 pounds, so it’s easy to get in and out of the pool.

VINGLI Pool Cleaner Review

Powerful Suction & No Getting Stuck

This pool cleaner removes all of the bugs, dirt, little twigs, etc. that may find its way into the pool and does not get clogged. It gets around corners and up walls with no problem and will not leave scuff marks or get stuck.

Of course, it won’t suck up a giant branch, but it gets everything that you can’t easily just pick up with your hand. I have gravel around my yard, and I don’t have a problem with the vacuum sucking up any that gets into the pool. The same goes for leaves because I have trees as well.

VINGLI Pool Cleaner

I thought I would have to put it onto the wall manually, but this cleaner climbs up the walls of the pool on its own while I’m off working or doing other chores. The wheel deflector on the head also makes it so it can easily navigate tight corners without getting jammed or stuck.

The free hoses are made of high-quality materials (ABS, PVC, EVA), are sturdy, durable, and won’t scuff up your pool surfaces. I have never had a problem with scuffing, clogging, or breaking with the Vingli. Although the hoses are slimmer than previous pool cleaners I have had, they work even better.

Super Quiet & Saves Time

With older pool cleaners, there was often a loud hammer noise which I found very annoying. With this, there is no hammering noise, and I don’t have to keep my windows closed while it is running. I can even sit outside to do work while it’s running with no noise problems. You would think that such powerful suction would make a lot of noise, but not this pool cleaner.

VINGLI Automatic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning the pool myself would take up a lot of time that I could be doing other things. This device saves me a lot of time and cleans quickly. Because it climbs walls and doesn’t get stuck, it cleans faster than a lot of other cleaners.

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Final Thoughts

This VINGLI automatic pool cleaner is quiet, quick, and quality made. Using this, I have a very clean, scuff-free pool and a quiet backyard. It is a worry-free and a great purchase. I didn’t have to have any extra things like tools or hoses to install it, and the ten free hoses made it, so I did not have to worry about it reaching all corners of the pool. I highly recommend this product if you have an in-ground pool.

VINGLI Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

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