Top 8 Best Robot Vacuum Mops of 2019: Buying Guide

Vacuuming and mopping. Collectively, these two necessary but oh so cumbersome chores rob precious hours from your already over-scheduled week. Just ask the experts at Good Housekeeping. They recommend that everyone vacuum and mop on a weekly basis; however, some people prefer to run their vacuum and mop every day.

Best Robot Vacuum Mops

Whether you do it daily or weekly, floor cleaning is a time-consuming task. Most of us don’t have time to clean our floors every day. If you wait until the end of the week to pull out that upright vacuum, mop and bucket, it takes a long time to remove the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the last 7 days.

Roborock E25 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

tl;dr Top 5 Best Robot Vacuum and Mops

1 2 3 4 5
Roborock S5 Xiaomi

Ecovacs Deebot M80 Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum

Proscenic-790T-Robot-Vacuum bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
Roborock Ecovacs Roborock Proscenic bObsweep
S5 M80 E25 790T PetHair Plus
Running Time: 150min Running Time: 110min Running Time: 100min Running Time: 100min Running Time: 90min
13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.3 in 13.8 x 13.9 x 3.6 in 14.1 x 4.5 x 14.1 in 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.9 in
7 pounds 9.7 pounds 7 pounds 8.5 pounds 7.7 pounds

A Solution

How can you make time for both on top of all of life’s other demands? A robot vacuum that mops can make life easier. This little gem of an appliance takes care of all your light vacuuming and mopping duties, leaving you more time to tackle other areas of your house, spend time with loved ones or just kick back and relax.

Best Robot Vacuum Mops

Whey Else Should I Buy a Robot Vacuum-Mop Combo?

Less effort on your part is always a great reason to buy an appliance. However, there are other benefits that come with owning a robot vacuum-mop combo. By running the robot cleaner every day, you can significantly cut down on the level of dirt buildup on your hard floors. This means when you get ready to put a shine your floors, you won’t need to use a lot of elbow grease to get them polish ready.

Plus, you can toss some of your cleaning equipment. That stick vacuum and light mop you have tucked inside your hallway closet, taking up space? You won’t need either anymore because you can get what you need from both with one robot vac-mop.

What Do Robot Vac-Mop Combos Have in Common With Robot Vacuums?

Robotic floor cleaners that mop and vacuum have most, if not all, of the same features you’ll find on a robotic vacuum. These combo robots usually have one or more brushes, and they all suction dirt and debris in the same manner as straight vacuuming robots. You can also control them with on-board buttons or a remote. Some even offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

Which robot mop is best?

How Do Robot Vacuum Mops Work?

Robot vacuum-mops come with a few extra tools and functions that robot vacuums. These mopping appliances have two containers. One is the same dust bin that you can find on any robot vacuums, but the other one is designed to hold water for wet mopping. They also come with an absorbent mop pad.

To switch between vacuuming and mopping, there is usually a dedicated button on the robot vac-mop or its remote. However, a few can automatically detect the type of floor they are on and clean it accordingly. Either way, you do have to switch out the dust bin for the water tank, and you must attach the pad when it’s time to mop.

Don’t let the need for minimal human intervention turn you off from getting one of these handy cleaning appliances. It only takes a minute to go from vacuum to mop mode and back again.

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Do They Leak?

Some of the lower end models tend to leak as the robot moves across the floor, leaving unsightly water spots on hard surfaces. However, many of the high-quality robo vac-mops are fitted with an internal pump that stops drips before they start while those that don’t are typically designed to tightly control the amount and flow of the spray they release.

Despite these two features, it’s still possible for a vac-mop to leak due to human error. Sure, it’s tempting to fill it above the max line, so you don’t have to refill it as often. However, you can prevent this issue from happening by not overfilling the water tank.

Is there a robot that vacuums and mops?

Questions to Ask Yourself When You Shop

In comparison to other floor-cleaning appliances, the robot vacuum-mop is a relative newcomer. At first, the technologies used to make a robot vacuum that also mops where cost prohibitive to the average consumer. However, as their popularity has grown, the cost of these appliances has dropped, making robot vacuums affordable to the masses. Now, the technologies implemented by manufacturers are more refined and varied.

What Type of Flooring Do You Have in Your House?

Some people have hardwoods throughout their house while others live in a house with wall-to-wall carpeting in every room, but the most common trend is a mix of both. If you only have hardwood or tile floors, concentrate on finding a robot vacuum-mop with strong suction, side spinning brushes, and user-friendly controls.

What is the best robot vacuum for tile floors?

What If I Have Carpet?

If you have any carpet in your house, you will need a bit more from a robo vac-mop than strong suction and wispy spinning brushes. You also need a robot vacuum-mop with a brushroll. This brush should have tough bristles that can dig deep into carpet fibers to lift embedded dirt and debris. Alternatively, some models have a brushroll with several types of bristles; these are great for hard floors and carpets.

How Big Is Your House?

The size of your house also comes into play when choosing a robot vacuum with mopping function. If you live in a small, cozy home or apartment, you can get away with a compact bin and tank and a short battery life. However, if your quarters are more spacious, you’ll need a robotic vacuum-mop with a sizeable tank, a long run time and a wide cleaning path.

Are robot vacuum mops worth it?

Do You Have Children?

Behind the suction power of a robot vac-mop is a battery-driven motor. While each robot differs, none of them are completely silent. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live with disruptive background noise every time your robot vac-mop cleans. The sound output becomes more important if you have young children who nap during the day. In this case, look for a robot vacuum-mop with a quiet mode or low decibel range.

Do You Have Pets or Allergies?

Reducing the allergens in a house isn’t easy. Even if you run your robot vacuum with mopping functionality every day, you can end up spreading dust and dander through the air if you don’t have one with the right kind of filtration system. If allergies or pet hair are a concern for you, a robot vacuum-mop with a HEPA filter can help. This type of filter traps 99.97 percent allergens as small as .03 microns.

What is the best floor mopping robot?

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Top 8 Robot Vacuum Cleaners and Mops

8) Deenkee i7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Review

Sleek and slim. The Deenkee i7 is a stunner with its glossy black finish. Measuring 3.15 inches tall, the robo vac-mop can scoot under couches and other pieces of furniture. A pair of high-grip wheels allow the robot to climb 15-millimeter inclines and roll steadily along on hard and carpeted floors. Deenkee even includes a roll of magnetic tape, so you can designate no-go zones.

Although the i7 produces 1,000 pascals of unwavering suction, it remains relatively quiet at about 55 decibels. The 6.3-inch-wide brushroll lifts both heavy and lightweight debris with ease, and the HEPA dust box holds 0.55 liters worth of dirt. To mop your floors, a quick switch of the dust box for the 150-milliliter tank and absorbent pad is all you need to do.

With this robot vacuum mop, you also get a remote control. The remote’s digital display makes it simple to schedule automatic cleaning sessions. Whether you choose auto, single-room, or edge mode, the 2,600 mAh lithium-ion battery keeps the robot going for up to 100 minutes. Its self-docking ability and 4-hour charge time only add to the i7’s list of convenient features.

DEENKEE i7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

7) Alfawise Robot Vacuum and Mop Review

For this robot vacuum and mop, Alfawise chose a fresh, modern white cover that reflects the robots impressive cleaning power. When opened, the hinged top reveals a 500-milliliter dust box with a carrying handle for hassle-free emptying. Thanks to a V-shaped brushroll and 1,000 pascals of suction, you’ll be amazed at the amount of dirt the Alfawise robo vac-mop can lift. For mopping, there is a 60-milliliter water tank and two reusable pads.

The inclusion of gyroscope navigation technology and 12 infrared contact sensors mean this robot makes precision movements. On the robo vac-mop, an intuitive drop sensor detects heights of just 1 centimeter. A shock-absorbing bumper prevents accidental damage, and the auto-lifting feature helps the robot adjust itself to floors of any height.

Use the digital remote to create a reoccurring cleaning schedule. The remote’s screen is wide for no-squinting visibility as you select one of the four cleaning-mode options like spot or zigzag. While there is a home button, you don’t have to use it. The Alfawise robot is programmed to self-dock when the lithium-ion battery reaches 20 percent. However, you’ll be waiting a while because the vac-mop can run for 2 hours at a time.

Alfawise Robot Vacuum and Mop

6) ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner Review

This gold robot vacuum-mop combo is fitted with a white bumper for protection against bumps, but the likelihood of a collision is low due to its array of object and drop sensors. The ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum is only 3 inches tall and 11.8 inches wide, allowing it to zoom between chairs and roll under furniture. It also has a large pair of wheels that can traverse 15-degree slopes and 0.39-inch thresholds.

ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner

With the included remote control, you can select from auto mode, spot mode, and edge mode. The remote also has a daily schedule function and a max mode for times when you need extra suction power. When not in max mode, the robot vacuum adjusts to the floor it’s cleaning. After it vacuums or mops for 140 minutes, the vacuum docks itself for a recharge.

Read our full in-depth ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner review

Emptying the water tank and dust bin is easy because each container has a hinged handle. For allergen control, there is a HEPA filter in the dust bin, and the two spinning brushes make sure no messes go untouched. When you get ready to mop, the absorbent pad quickly snaps on and off the underside of the ILIFE V5s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Summary of the ILIFE V5s Pro Features
– Vacuuming and mopping all-in-one
– Small slim light build
– Automatically recharges to docking station
– i-Dropping technology
See full feature details of the ILIFE V5s Pro on Amazon 🔗

5) bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Review

Like the robo vac-mop at number five, this bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop also has a sleek finish, but in grey. It can handle thresholds as high as 0.39 inches, and its height of 3.9 inches allows the vacuum mop to fit under most couches and bed frames. With room-mapping sensors that keep it from falling down stairs or running into objects, you get flawless performance using multiple cleaning modes.

bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Charcoal

You’ll love the large capacities of the dust bin and water tank. The bin can hold a whopping 1 liter of dirt and debris while the tank can contain 4.5 ounces of water. The mop pad is easy to attach, and the robot even has an ultraviolet light to sterilize your floors. When the bObsweep PetHair’s battery gets low, it docks itself.

4) Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Within this brushed black robot vacuum-mop with classic gold trim, there are 1,200 pascals of suction and a multi-bristle brushroll that vacuums all floors. The Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with two reusable microfiber pads and a water tank for wet mopping. The vacuum also boasts a pair of heavy-duty wheels that can go over 0.4-inch thresholds and move at a slope of up to 25 degrees.

Proscenic 790T Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Water Tank

From the remote or Proscenic smartphone app, you can switch between auto, edge and area mode, and you can set a cleaning schedule. The app also displays a map that’s generated via ultrasonic radar detection. Along with the ultrasonic radar, the robot vacuum mop utilizes infrared sensors to detect obstacles and drops. While the remote and app are convenient, you can access many of their functions via the LED touch panel on the vacuum.

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As the Proscenic 790T robot vacuum cleaner runs during its 100-minute working time, the pre-filter and anti-allergen filters inside of the bin capture large and small particles like hair, dust and other irritants. When the 14.4-volt battery gets low, the 60-decibel robo vac-mop drives itself to the dock where it takes 4 to 6 hours to recharge.

3) Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Review

The gray-and-black Roborock E25 is an impressive compilation of robotic floor-cleaning technology. Leading the way for the E25’s logical route planning is a dual-gyro navigation system coupled with a set of motion-tracking sensors. If by chance the robot gets too close to an object, it will reduce its speed to minimize contact-related damage.

Roborock’s advanced technology usage extends to the vacuuming side of things. One of the 13 onboard sensors is designed to detect carpet. When it does, the suction automatically increases to 1,800 pascals, meaning the robot can handle thick carpeting. As the cyclonic-type suction separates fine and coarse debris, the reusable E11 filter inside the 39-cubic-inch dust box captures ultra-small allergens. You’ll also find the robot to be an efficient mop with its clip-on reservoir and motion-prompted water release.

Whether as a vacuum or a mop, you can control the Roborock E25 with your smartphone. Install the Mi Home app to customize a schedule, view an onscreen map, and start a variety of cleaning modes. Due to its 100 minute runtime, the E25 can handle the demands of larger-than-average homes. The robo mop-vac even self-docks and auto-resumes after the battery charges to keep your floors clean around-the-clock.

Roborock e25 robot vacuum mop

2) ECOVACS Deebot M80 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Inside and out, the Ecovacs Deebot M80 is impressive. Its two-toned silver finish is a show stopper. The robot vacuum-mop even has a cushioned bumper and a scratch-resistant cover. With a height 3.11 inches, there aren’t many places the robot can’t go. Thanks to ECOVACS’ inclusion of two spinning brushes, a mop pad, and a rolling bar, the vacuum can wet and dry clean hard floors and carpets.

ECOVACS Deebot M80 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Mop

You get several choices when it comes to controlling the robot. You can use the remote, or you can install an app on your smartphone to set a schedule and monitor the vacuum’s progress. If you have an Amazon Echo, you can use Alexa to give the robot voice commands.

Read our full in-depth ECOVACS Deebot M80 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner review

Like any great robot vacuum, the Ecovacs Deebot M80 contains anti-collision and anti-drop sensors, and it offers multiple cleaning modes. The vacuum’s ability to self-dock is a convenient feature, and it only takes 4 to 5 hours for the battery to replenish, which isn’t bad when you consider it has a run time of almost 2 hours. You’ll also appreciate the robot vac’s low 56-decibel sound output, and there is an anti-allergen filter inside of the 500-milliliter wet-dry bin.

1) Roborock S5 Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Mop Cleaner Review

This white Robotic Vacuum Mop Cleaner by Roborock is a whiz at transitioning from hard floors to carpets with its ability to automatically adjust to varying floor heights. It can also climb at a 15-degree angle and cross 0.59-inch high thresholds. With the vacuum’s full suite of sensors, you don’t have to worry about collisions and drops.

Roborock S5 Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Mop Cleaner

With just a touch of the single on-board button, you can have this robot vacuum-mop up and run in an instant. If you use the app, you can choose between cleaning modes and program a daily schedule. Regardless of the mode, the brushless motor keeps the sound output under 67 decibels. Thanks to a 150-minute working time or 60 minutes for the mopping feature, this auto-docking robot vacuum can clean your whole house in one day.

The 140ml water tank contains a leak-stop pump. To thoroughly vacuum and sweep your floors, there are two spinning brushes on the underside of the Roborock S5 Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum Mop Cleaner. You also get a highly absorbent mop pad.

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Robot Vacuum and Mop Buying Guide

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed during your search for a combo robot vacuum and mop. From its run time to its tank configuration, there are a lot of features to consider when buying one of these automated appliances. Learn all you need to know about the features available on these ultra-efficient vacuums by reading the rundown of features in this guide.

Best Floor Mopping Robots

Run and Charge Time
The battery inside of the robot vacuum cleaner and mop determines how long it cleans and how much time it takes to recharge. As a general rule, the longer it runs per charge cycle, the better. Don’t settle for less than 1 hour. On a similar note, the shorter the recharge time, the less time you have to wait to use it. A recharge time that ranges from 4 to 6 hours is acceptable.

The Vacuum’s Size
Look around your house. The amount of furniture you have in each room will determine the importance of the vacuum’s size. If you have a lot of furniture, you want a robot vacuum and mop with a narrow diameter that can weave in between and around obstacles. One that also has a short height will be able to clean underneath your furniture, which is an invaluable feature.

Cleaning Modes
Different messes call for different cleaning modes. You want a robot vacuum that offers multiple ones. It should have an auto mode for everyday floor cleaning – That’s a given. The vacuum should also have an edge mode for corner and baseboard cleaning as well as a spot mode for small messes like dirty footprints and spilled cereal.

best robotic floor mop

Programmed Schedule
A commonly overlooked yet extremely convenient feature is programmed scheduling. Robo vac-mops with this function allow you to set a cleaning schedule, which means the robot will run whether you’re asleep or away from home. Most models only let you set the vacuum to clean at the same time every day; however, a few allow you to change the time for each day of the week.

Every robot vac-mop has some type of on-board control. There are many with just one button for auto mode while others have a full touch panel. If you want the ability to control the robot at a distance, you’ll need one that at least comes with a remote. You can further your ability to control the wet-dry vacuum if you get one with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Mop Pad
Ease of use is always important regardless of what kind of appliance you want. If part of the reason you’re purchasing a robotic vacuum is for its mopping capability, you don’t want to spend a lot of time switching between vacuuming and mopping. Pay attention to how the mop pad attaches to the robot vacuum. Manufacturers either use Velcro or snaps for this purpose. Velcro is faster to attach; however, snaps are more secure.

robot vacuum plus mopping combo

Dust Bin and Water Tank
When it comes to setting up a mopping system on a robot vacuum cleaner, manufacturers take one of two approaches. The most common configuration involves one container for collecting dirt and debris and a separate tank for filling with water. The other configuration is simply one container that does double-duty as a dustbin and a water tank.

For both types, make sure the containers have a large capacity, so you won’t have to make a ton of trips to the garbage can and kitchen sink. If you opt for a dual-container system, bins, and tanks with handles are easier to lift and carry.

Top 5 Best Robot Vacuum and Mops

1 2 3 4 5
Roborock S5 Xiaomi

Ecovacs Deebot M80 Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum

Proscenic-790T-Robot-Vacuum bObsweep PetHair Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
Roborock Ecovacs Roborock Proscenic bObsweep
S5 M80 E25 790T PetHair Plus
Running Time: 150min Running Time: 110min Running Time: 100min Running Time: 100min Running Time: 90min
13.8 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.3 in 13.8 x 13.9 x 3.6 in 14.1 x 4.5 x 14.1 in 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.9 in
7 pounds 9.7 pounds 7 pounds 8.5 pounds 7.7 pounds

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