Top 10 Best Upright Vacuum for Carpets in 2019: Buying Guide

Upright vacuums are the most popular vacuums on the market. You can find countless upright vacuums at any home appliance store or online. There are so many different models to choose from, and so many different features to take note of and consider, that finding the right upright vacuum is a little challenging.

Best Upright Vacuum for Carpets

This is made even more challenging when you have a specific need that you want the upright vacuum to fulfill. In this case, you want the best upright vacuum for carpets.

Just like there are many upright vacuums designed for pet hair, there are many upright vacuums designed for carpets.

With so many features and so many options, finding the “right vacuum” is a little tricky.

That’s why, in this quick buying guide, we’re going to look at the main features and elements that you must consider. Each one of these features and elements is crucial to the upright vacuum and your experience with it.

Before we get into the article itself, though, there are two questions you must ask yourself.

How Thick Is My Carpet?

Some carpets are thin and light. Others are thick and heavy. As you might imagine, some vacuums work very well with thin and light carpets, but not so well with thick and heavy carpets. It works the other way around, too.

Remember to keep your answer in mind, when searching. Usually, the manufacturers won’t say whether or not it works best for what – although, sometimes they do – so your best bet is reading the user reviews online.

Upright Vacuum for Carpets

What Kind Of Dirt And Debris?

As silly as this may sound, it is an important question. If you have pets that shed a lot, and there is a lot of pet hair that has built up into your carpet, then you can find many upright vacuums that specialize in removing pet hair.

Perhaps, you’re not cleaning up pet hair, but there are lots of little crumbs and tiny pieces of debris. There are also vacuums that work very well for that, too.

Remember to keep your answers to those questions in mind.

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The Suction Power

Let’s just start with the most important aspect of them all. With bad suction, you’re going to have a bad time getting all of the nasty dirt and debris out of the carpet. With good suction, it’s a lot easier.

Your biggest priority, when searching for this type of upright vacuum, is finding one that has excellent suction.

Without getting into specific measurements and numbers – which vary quite often, and may not be entirely accurate or useful – there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

First off, any vacuum that advertises its ability to clean carpets should be noted. There are a lot of these, but if it is from a reputable brand, or it has good reviews, make a note of it.

Second of all, many vacuums also advertise their ability to vacuum up pet hair. While pet hair isn’t quite the same thing as carpeting, there are a few similarities. So, take note of that, too especially if your carpet has a lot of pet hair on it.

Third, make sure that the vacuum you purchase gives you some control over the suction power. Many upright vacuums are now coming equipped with settings that enable you to change the speed and force, at any given time. These are really useful features that give you a lot of flexibility.

Which vacuum cleaner is best for carpets?

How Much The Vacuum Weighs

It’s true; upright vacuums aren’t known for being light. Most of them are heavy and kind of bulky/clunky. Not all of them, but most of them are.

You can find lightweight models, but they generally aren’t as powerful. Still, you do want to keep the weight in mind. Carrying around a heavy vacuum isn’t that much fun, especially if it’s too heavy and it strains your back.

This isn’t specific to cleaning carpets, but when buying an upright vacuum, it is something that must be considered.

Best Upright Vacuums

The Capacity Of The Dirt Bin

For some, the capacity isn’t that important. This is fine, but at the same time, you do want to keep in mind the overall capacity of the dirt bin.

Having a low-capacity dirt bin may seem fine, at first, but it can easily become very inconvenient. Vacuuming for ten minutes and then having to empty the dirt bin out is not a very enjoyable, or convenient, experience.

For this reason, make sure that it is at least one-liter. Ideally, three-liters, because then you can clean for a much longer period of time.

Which upright vacuum cleaner is the best?

A Good Brush-Roll

Tangle-free brush rolls are very popular today, and for a good reason. Many upright vacuums that specialize in pet hair have these brush rolls because they enable you to vacuum as much pet hair as you want, without having to worry about things getting tangled up. Untangling large chunks of pet hair is definitely not a fun experience.

If you are going to be vacuuming up pet hair – or even just fuzz, which all carpets have – spend the extra money, and invest in a tangle-free brush roll. It will save you a lot of time down the road.

Good Accessories And Additions

Accessories can be a life-saver. You never know when you’ll need to use a “Crevice Tool” or “Extension Hose”.

Now, these things aren’t exactly exclusive to cleaning carpets. But for an upright vacuum, accessories are a necessity.

Whatever upright vacuum you buy, make sure that it has, at the very least, a crevice tool and an extension hose.

Simple accessories, such as those, enable you to reach spaces that the main unit can’t reach. There’s nothing more aggravating than not being able to fit your vacuum into a tight space that is covered in dirt. With a good accessory, it’s no problem at all.

Best Carpet Upright Vacuums