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Tineco PURE ONE S12 vs. A11 Master vs A10 Master

From smart to basic, Tineco makes a cordless stick vacuum for every preference and budget. The Pure One S12 M is intelligent and entertaining. The A11 Master is accessory-laden, and the A10 Master is reliable and user-friendly.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 vs. Tineco A11 Master vs Tineco A10 Master


Despite their differences, all three of these Tineco stick vacs are a great buy. Can’t decide which one is right for you? Our side-by-side comparison guide makes it easier to choose by breaking down their features into five categories: suction, floor nozzles, batteries, filtration and accessories.

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Tineco Pure One S12 M
Suction gets smarter with the iLoop sensor, which toggles between the Regular and the 150-airwatt Max mode by detecting the volume of dirt on the floor. The 500-watt vacuum sends the information to your smartphone app where it’s displayed in real time. A trigger lock lets you create on-demand or continuous suction.

Tineco A11 Master
Inside the A11 Master, there is a 450-watt digital motor that generates dual-speed suction. Set the stick vac to Max mode, and the vacuum will push 150 airwatts of suction.

The trigger button lets you instantly start and stop the suction while its lock keeps the suction going without wearing out your hand.

Tineco A11 Master
Tineco A11 Master

Tineco A10 Master
The A10 Master produces strong suction thanks to its 350-watt motor. A button on top of the handle allows you to increase the airflow to 110 airwatts when you need a suction boost. The finger trigger provides on-demand suction, and the trigger lock switches the suction to a continuous flow.

Conclusion: All three models are equipped with a trigger lock to give your hand a break. Their motor is of the DC brushless variety, which means they can withstand heavy use over time. The Pure One S12 M has the strongest motor and subsequently produces the most suction, and the vacuum is compatible with Tineco smartphone app.

Floor Nozzles

Tineco Pure One S12 M
Sky blue, matte silver and white speak to the stick vacuum’s lightweight feel of 6.2 pounds. With the S12 M’s floor head, you can vacuum carpeting and hard flooring. The nozzle features LED running lights and a brushroll viewing window. It also has two wheels for maneuverability enhancement.

Tineco A11 Master
The rich teal color of the A11 Master dazzles the eye. This 5.5-pound stick vac comes with two floor nozzles, both of which have wheels, headlights and a window. One of the floor heads is designed for use on carpets while the other is meant for bare-floor vacuuming.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Stick Vacuum


Tineco A10 Master
A wow effect is achieved with the contrast between the white body and the sparkling copper pole. At 5 pounds, the Tineco A10 Master is featherlight. The carpet-cleaning nozzle and the bare-floor nozzle are easy to interchange. Each floor head has a wide viewing window, a pair of grooved wheels and a row of LED lights.

Conclusion: While each color scheme differs, all of them are striking. The A10 Master is the lightest of all three stick vacuums while the A11 comes in at a close second. Tineco includes a separate nozzle for carpets and hard floors with the A10 and A11, but the S12 M’s single nozzle can vacuum both types of flooring.


Tineco Pure One S12 M
Vacuum as long as you need to with the Pure One S12 M. The two 21.6-volt lithium-ion batteries provide a total working time of 18 minutes in Max mode and 80 minutes in Regular mode. A wall-mounted dock keeps the vacuum off the floor while the batteries are charging.

Tineco A10 Master vs Tineco PURE ONE S12 vs Tineco A11 Master

A10 Master

Tineco A11 Master
At 24 minutes in Max mode and 60 minutes in Regular mode, you shouldn’t have to stop vacuuming to recharge the A11 Master’s two lithium-ion batteries. When it’s time to charge them, you can connect them to the dual adapter or insert them in the pyramid-style charging stand.

Tineco A10 Master
Tineco provides two lithium-ion batteries with a 2,000-mAh capacity for the A10 Master. Together, these batteries generate suction for 20 minutes in Max mode and 50 minutes in Regular mode. The Powerhouse stand offers a convenient place to charge them. You can also use the two-connector wall adapter for direct charging.

Conclusion: Although the A10’s 50-minute and the A11’s 60-minute runtime are better than average for a stick vac, the S12 M’s 80-minute working time goes above and beyond. The S12 M’s wall-mounted dock doesn’t require you to remove the pole like the A10 and A11 Master edition’s charging stand. However, the A10 and A11 also offer a direct-charging alternative.

Tineco A11 Master Review
Tineco A11 Master


Tineco Pure One S12 M
The S12 M’s 20-ounce dust cup opens from the bottom to prevent allergens from becoming airborne. Inside the cup, there is a three-piece filtration unit that consists of a rinsable HEPA filter, a cleanable pre-filter and a mesh cover. A rotating cleaning tool allows you to prolong the pre-filter’s lifespan.

Tineco A11 Master
On the A11, there’s a sizable 20-ounce dust cup with a bottom-release door. The HEPA filter boasts a 99.97-percent filtration rate, and the pre-filter traps self-cleans when you put it in the rotating attachment. Both media are protected by a mesh cover, and the entire filtration unit is sealed to prevent air leaks.

Tineco A10 Master

A10 Master

Tineco A10 Master
With its capacity of 14 ounces, the A10 Master’s dust cup is decent in terms of dirt collection. The bottom-opening cup houses the stick vacuum’s high-efficiency particulate air filter within a sealed system. A pre-filter extends the life of the HEPA filter while the mesh screen prevents clogs.

Conclusion: Every model is equipped with components that reduce airborne allergens, including a bottom-door dust cup, a pre-filter, a mesh screen and a HEPA filter. However, only the A11 and S12 M come with a rotating pre-filter cleaner; they also have a bigger dirt capacity.

Tineco A10 Master Review


Tineco Pure One S12 M
The Pure One S12 M’s comes with five cleaning tools – a motorized upholstery brush, a crevice-brush combo, a crevice tool and an extended crevice wand. There is also a jointed adapter to help you reach awkward areas. Additionally, you can create an infotainment system with the phone stand, Wi-Fi camera and Bluetooth speaker.

Tineco A11 Master
Dirt can’t hide with the A11 Master. Tineco includes seven accessories to use in handheld mode. There is a long and short crevice tool, a manual and a powered brush and a dual crevice-brush attachment. For hard-to-reach spaces, the flexible extension hose and the multi-angle adapter come in handy.

Tineco A11 Master Stick vacuum
Tineco A11 Master

Tineco A10 Master
The A10Master comes with three accessories that can tackle baseboards, blinds, lampshades and more. The mini power brush works great on stairs and upholstery, and the crevice tool allows you to clean between couch cushions. You also get a 2-in-1 tool that has a dusting brush and a tapered end.

Conclusion: With the A10 Master, you get a standard set of accessories that let you clean in a variety of places. The A11 Master is heavy on the cleaning attachments, making it great for auto detailing. Although the S12 comes with two fewer tools than the A11, the addition of a Bluetooth speaker, phone stand and Wi-Fi camera keep you entertained while you vacuum.

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The Wrap-Up

The Pure On S12 M is one of Tineco’s newest stick-handheld hybrids. It boats a suction-adjustment feature based on dust sensing, and it comes with an infotainment system. The Pure One S12 M is also Tineco’s most powerful cordless stick vac to date and among its longest-lasting in terms of runtime.

Tineco’s A11 Master caters to those who go the extra mile with their housekeeping by offering a slew of attachments to use in handheld mode. For those who simply want a durable yet lightweight stick vacuum that cleans all types of flooring, the A10 Master is an excellent choice.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Review

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