Tenergy Renair Ionizer Air Purifier Review

Odors, dust, pollen – There are many allergens and pollutants that contaminate indoor air. Although these irritants are common, you don’t have to live with them in high quantities. The Tenergy Renair Ionizer Air Purifier can cleanse the air via multiple germ-killing technologies, so you can enjoy fresh, clean air at the touch of a button.

Tenergy Renair Ionizer Air Purifier Review

This sleek machine utilizes a dual-layer HEPA filter and a natural ionizer without harmful ozone as its main contaminant-destroying tools, but it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to its small size and low weight, it’s small enough to put on a desk or table, making it great for homes, offices and dorms. The filters are easy to reach, and it never gets louder than a quiet conversation in the background.

Lightweight and Ultra-Modern

Designed for those who love the look of modern appliances, this air purifier has a glossy white finish with a lustrous circular base and outlet. Its diameter of 10.6 inches and height of 19.7 inches means you can easily fit it on a slim table or crowded desk. Plus, it’s lightweight at just 8.2 pounds, so you can carry it effortlessly.

On top of the purifier, there is a responsive touchscreen with illustrated buttons for quick mode changes. With a maximum noise output of 45 decibels, you can run it while you work, sleep or watch television without it disturbing you. The lowest noise output is even 28 db!

Tenergy Renair Review

A Double Filter

Thanks to its layered HEPA filter, this air purifier can trap 99.97% percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns, which includes mold spores, pet dander, plant pollen and dust mites. The filter lasts as long as 6 months, so you won’t need to replace it frequently. When it’s time to change it out for a new one, you can quickly access it by pulling out the drawer on the side of the purifier.

Tenergy Renair Ionizer

Amazing Sterilization

Inside of this air purifier, there is an ionizer that utilizes negative ion to give it an extra punch of bacteria-killing power. Negative ion generators help purify air by producing negatively charged particles. Tests have shown that using negative ion generator to purify air can reduce stress and increase focus. Although similar in function to Ozone generators, negative ion generators have the distinct advantage of not having any toxic side effects even with extended use.

Tenergy Air Purifier

Summary of the Tenergy Renair Features
– True HEPA Air Filter
– 3 Fan Speeds
– CFM: 82 Cubic feet/minute
– Best for a room size up to 210 sq ft
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Tenergy Renair Ionizer Air Purifier: Hits Germs Hard

The average household contains over 2,000 varieties of fungus and a whopping 7,000 or more types of bacteria. With numbers this high, an air purifier like this one is an essential health-and-wellness tool. This Tenergy air purifier utilizes several technologies to make sure that almost every germ, allergen and contaminant is captured and destroyed. The touchscreen is easy to operate, and the air purifier itself is relatively small.

Plus, the slide-out tray makes changing the filters a breeze. Safeguard your health with the Tenergy Renair Ionizer Air Purifier.

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Tenergy Air Purifier Review

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