Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

As we have continued to add more and more tech to our homes, we’ve sort of come to the conclusion that we’ll also need to do some of the boring stuff that comes with having your own place, like cleaning and vacuuming. But that thought sounds awful. We don’t want to do that. So let’s just get a robot vacuum instead, and we won’t have to worry about cleaning anymore.

Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Fortunately, the folks over at Tenergy were kind enough to send over Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum, their fairly inexpensive robot vacuum that we’ve been using for the last couple of weeks and we can promise you that we will likely never have a normal vacuum again after having this device roaming around.

For under $200, Otis does fall into that budget robot vacuum category, especially compared to the likes of Roomba, which sells some of their models for hundreds of dollars. Now, Otis doesn’t have all the features and capabilities of a $700 Roomba, but that’s okay because Otis does a damn good job at keeping the floors clean, and most importantly, we don’t have to do it ourselves.

Look & Feel

Inside the box, the Tenergy comes with all the necessary accessories and supplies you need and setup is super simple. You’ll see you get a bunch of extra rotating brushes, a spare HEPA air filter, the charging dock and cable, and the remote to control the robot. On the underside, you just have to install two of the included rotating brushes, and they just pop on and off easily so you can change them out as they get used up and wash them.

Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You’ll also see the main large vacuum opening where the dust and debris gets sucked up with another rotating bristle brush and one of the three wheels that the robot has to travel on. The other two wheels are what powers the robot vacuum. They’re the larger rubber ones with tread in the back, and they have a decent amount of suspension for traversing over trimming, and bumps in the floor and moving past obstacles.

Under the hood, this baby packs the dustbin, which is where all the crumbs and whatnot are stored after they’re vacuumed up. It pops out easily, and it’s of a pretty good size. You’ll most likely have to dump it out and clean it after every couple vacuum cycles, but that’s not too bad at all. And this is also where you’ll find the HEPA filter we mentioned earlier. This filter can also be changed out and replaced over time.

Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum

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The remote is how you control the robot vacuum, of course. There’s no fancy app or anything like that. But it’s very easy just to set the cleaning mode or direct the robot to vacuum up whatever you need. There’s auto-vacuuming, which let the Tenegy Otis travel in an S-pattern. Then there edge-cleaning, where the vacuum goes along the walls. Spot cleaning, to focus on one particular area, and turbo mode, for larger/heavier debris.

There’s a start and stop button directly on the robot as well. There is also an analog display that’s used for setting a cleaning schedule. Like most other robot vacuums, the charging base is Otis’ home when it’s not vacuuming the space. You can either place the robot directly on the charging base or simply press the home button on the remote, and the vacuum will go back to its base on its own. In our 1,100 square foot apartment, the unit can vacuum the whole place in a single charge, and it takes between four and five hours to get back to a full charge from zero.

Review of the Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum


Now on to the important part, how does the Tenergy robot vacuum perform? In our opinion, the vacuum does a great job, navigating the apartment and dodging obstacles while also doing an excellent job cleaning. The robot has some sensors that allow it to detect walls and furniture and generally just avoid colliding with them and it also detects stairs. But it can still stay tight up against edges and around furniture without getting confused, caught up, or missing anything important.

Cleaning Modes

Generally, we’ll have the robot on the standard cleaning mode, which means it’ll travel up and down the whole apartment in a tight S pattern. The Tenergy Otis will also travel in and out of different rooms, which is important, and it generally does a good job traveling in a consistent pattern. For dedicated messes, the spot cleaning mode allows the robot to vacuum in a circular motion, gradually going wider and wider until the spot is cleaned. And the spot the vacuum hits is about three to four feet wide.

The robot vacuum also does a nice job at edge cleaning, traveling along the wall and up against furniture. Getting the entire perimeter of the apartment. This mode does trip up the robot from time to time as it tries a little too hard to get under and around furniture, but all in all, it isn’t that often that we have to come and save “Otis”.

Tenergy Otis Review

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Floor Types

We only have hardwood and tile floors, no carpet, but there are a few different bumps around the place that the robot does a nice job navigating over. And as far as the kinds of debris the unit can pick up, anything from fine powder to medium-sized crumbs to something as large as whole pieces of cereal. None of that is a problem at all.

We don’t have any pets so we can’t comment on its ability to suck up mountains of pet hair, but the apartment does get very dusty, and the robot vacuum is able to suck up a majority of the fine dust and larger dust bunnies that collect in the corners of the rooms, under the bed and couch, and anywhere else in between.

Tenergy Robot Vacuum

In all honesty, we do have a lot of tricky places in the apartment with different furniture, tight corners, unique room layouts, and slanted walls, but 90% of the time, we don’t even have to worry about the robot missing much or getting stuck. Like we mentioned, the Otis doesn’t have an app or Wi-Fi capabilities that allow it to learn the space or set up a floor plan, but it doesn’t need all that. We can set it to auto clean, leave the house for a couple of hours, and confidently know that the robot vacuum got the job done when we come back.

If you don’t ever want to think about it, you can also set up the robotic vacuum to automatically run during a certain time and certain days of the week. This is handy, and we set the Tenergy Otis up to run late at night while we’re sleeping. With my bedroom door closed, we don’t hear anything really, and when we wake up, the vacuum is there greeting us with a clean space. Most importantly, the collection bin is easy to dump out and rinse, and the robot will even tell you when the bin is full if you happen to forget.

Tenergy Robot Vacuum Review

Summary of the Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum Features
– 4 Unique Cleaning Modes
– Scheduled Cleaning
– Remote Controller
– Up to 90 Min Runtime
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Finals words

Tenergy has a really solid product with the Otis. We’ve seen reviews of other cheaper robot vacuums that don’t do a great job of adequately cleaning or that can’t follow a certain pattern, ending up going back and forth over the same spot for no reason. The Tenergy Otis Robot Vacuum is a great option if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a Roomba but still want to experience the ease of use of a robot vacuum and we recommend checking this one out if you’re in the market.

Tenergy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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