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Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop Review

We all know that steam is the best all-natural cleaning agent, but which steam mop is the best? Could it possibly be the Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop? Read our review to find out whether this cordless two-scrubber upright mop is the tool for you.

Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop Review
Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop

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Dual-Scrubber Action

One of the first things you’ll notice on the Shark S7000AMZ is that it doesn’t sport the typical steam mop floorhead. Instead, it comes with two wide scrubbers that rotate in opposite directions in order to break down the grimiest, most set-in stains imaginable.

Users found that scrubbing a spot for just a few seconds with this bad boy is all it takes to get rid of nasty old sticky stains.

150 Scrubs per Minute

The real magic behind the S7000AMZ amazing steam-cleaning power is the high-speed scrubbing pads. Both pads spin in opposite directions at a rate of 150 scrubs per minute, giving you the ability to break down muddy tracks and leaving your floors nearly 100% sanitized.

Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop
Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop

Washable Scrub Pads

The best part about the S7000AMZ is that the scrub pads are washable and reusable for up to two months, depending on how frequently you use them. Just detach the pads from the floorhead and toss them in the washing machine. The box comes with three pairs of these soft microfiber pads for half a year’s worth of deep cleaning.

2 Steam modes

The S7000AMZ delivers steam at two levels: standard and high. Standard speed is meant for general-purpose cleaning, whereas high speed is used to destroy stuck-in stains in an instant.

It takes the steam mop around 2 to 3 minutes to build up enough steam inside of the 12-oz tank to produce around 10 minutes of steam per tankful (standard mode).

Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop, Steam & Scrub All-in-One Scrubbing and Sanitizing, Designed for Hard Floors, with 6 Dirt Grip Soft Scrub Washable Pads & 2 Steam Modes, Pure Water Blue
Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop

Easy Controls

There are two features worth noting on the S7000AMZ: the swiveling neck and the height-adjustable handle. The swiveling neck makes the S7000AMZ easy to steer around obstacles as the slightest touch will glide the floorhead left or right.

As for the telescoping neck, make sure you gently step on the floorhead to raise or lower the handle. It can be tricky at times to adjust the handle to your desired height, but the great news is that you can save storage space by pushing the handle all the way in.

Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop, Steam & Scrub All-in-One Scrubbing and Sanitizing
Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop

Safe for All Types of Sealed Floors

So, what type of flooring does the S7000AMZ work on? According to Shark, you can get away with cleaning any kind of sealed floor with this bad boy, including hardwood floorboards, marble, tile, and even stone.

The keyword is “sealed” since steam can push water into any exposed pores, which can cause long-term damage over time. This, however, is a risk with any kind of floor steam cleaner.

Shark S7000AMZ
Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop

Verdict: A Heavy-Duty Steam Mop That Delivers

As you can see, we love almost everything there is about the Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop. Our only nitpicky minor complaints with this handy tool are that the tank could be larger (only 12 oz) and the handle could telescope a lot smoother.

In every other regard, this is a beast of a steam mop that anyone would be happy to use.

Shark S7000AMZ Steam Mop, Steam & Scrub...
  • SCRUBBING AND SANITIZING: Tough on stains and gentle on floors. Sanitization studies were...
  • 2 STEAM MODES Light, for quick cleanups, and Normal, for everyday use. Light, for quick...

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