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Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum Review

What the Shark NV352 Navigator lacks in aesthetics, it more than makes up for in performance. This 2-in-1 convertible from Shark is packed with features that make it stand out from the vast sea of uprights. To see whether the NV352 Navigator belongs in your home, check out our review below.

Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright Vacuum
Shark NV352

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1200W Motor

Packed into the NV352 is a beefy 1200W motor that delivers astounding suction power to remove debris hidden in your carpet’s fibers. Combined with a beater brush, this convertible upright vacuum is more than capable of cleaning the shaggiest are rugs.

In fact, the biggest complaint people have about the NV352 is that it’s too powerful—with this much power, users found that it actually suctions up area rugs, causing them to move around.

Lift Away the pod and clean anywhere above the floor

Converts into a Lift Away Handheld Canister

Shark is known for producing some of the most creative uprights on the market. The NV352 is a Lift Away model—the canister detaches from the long handle, allowing you to carry around like a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away
Shark NV352

This system makes above-floor cleaning a breeze since you don’t have to fumble around with long suction hoses.

The best thing is that in Lift Away mode, the NV352 maintains its amazing cleaning performance, despite not having a motorized brush tool.

For effortless portability

HEPA Filter + Cyclonic Technology

Inside of the canister module, you’ll find a HEPA filter that’s designed to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns in size with 99.97% efficiency. To ensure that the super-fine mesh filter doesn’t get clogged, the NV352 uses Cyclonic Technology, which sends the collected debris flying around inside of the dust cup.

This prevents dust and other particles from clogging the filter and vacuum inlet, maximizing cleaning efficiency throughout the entire cleaning session.

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Shark NV352 Navigator Review
Shark NV352

3-Quart Dust Cup

In exchange for a good-looking upright, you’ll get a massive 3-quart dust cup, which can store more than a week’s worth of dust before reaching max capacity.

It’s advised that you detach the canister module from the handle (Lift Away mode) before attempting to empty the dust cup in order to minimize spillage.

Brushroll Shutoff
To switch from deep carpet cleaning to gentle bare floor cleaning

Shark NV352 vs NV360

Weight12.5 lbs13 lbs
Swivel SteeringYesYes
Cord Length (ft)2525
LED Lightsn/an/a
Dust Cup Capacity
(Dry Quarts)
Noise73 db80 db
Pet Hair CleaningYesYes
Floor TypeBare Floor, CarpetBare Floor, Carpet
IncludedPremium pet tools, including a pet power brush, dusting brush, and a short and extra long 24" crevice tool 2Crevice Tool, Dirt Cup, Dusting Brush, Hose, Filter, Nozzle, PetTurboBrush Tool
PriceCheck priceCheck price

On/Off Brush Roll

Don’t worry about the NV352 scratching your beautiful hardwood floors. You can turn the brush roll on and off when transitioning from carpeted floors to smooth floors and vice versa.

Due to its amazing suction power, this convertible upright vacuum cleaner works beautifully on marble, ceramic, and hardwood floors while cleaning the grout and crevices in between.

Shark NV352 Review
Shark NV352

Extended Reach
Use the wand to easily clean overhead

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25-Foot Power Cord

Something that passes under most people’s radar is the length of a vacuum cleaner’s power cord. A longer power cord ensures maximum cleaning efficiency by reducing how frequently you need to move between outlets. The NV352 features a 25-foot power cord, which is great for large rooms and apartments.

Shark NV352 Navigator
Shark NV352

The Shark NV352 Navigator tackles allergens across your whole home

Upright Comparison Chart

ModelShark NV352Hoover HushtoneProteam ProforceSanitaire EONWindsor SensorXPOreck XL
Hose Suction89"69”79"68"70"No Hose
Head Airflow61 cfm52/65 cfm66 cfm49 cfm51 cfm52 cfm
Carpet Deep Clean100%98%97%91%94%87%
Source: VacuumWars

3-Item Cleaning Accessory Kit

Along with your purchase, you’ll get three cleaning tools—two crevice tools of different lengths and an upholstery brush. The cleaning tools do not come with motorized brushes (you’d have to find a Powered Lift Away by Shark for that), but the 1200W delivers all the power you need to remove dust from all above-ground surfaces.

Shark NV352
Shark NV352
Shark NV352 Navigator Lift Away Upright...
  • LIFT-AWAY FUNCTIONALITY: lift away the detachable pod and easily clean above-floor areas...
  • ANTI-ALLERGEN COMPLETE SEAL TECHNOLOGY: Works with a HEPA filter to trap dust and...

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