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Shark Navigator Zero-M Upright Vacuum Review (ZU62)

Introducing the Shark Navigator Zero-M ZU62, a super-powerful upright vacuum cleaner with a self-cleaning brushroll to make floor-cleaning infinity times easier than ever before. In this review, we’re going to check out the ZU62 to see just what makes it such a beloved Shark upright vacuum cleaner—hopefully, by the end, you’ll be able to decide whether you would benefit from having your very own ZU62 at home!

Shark Navigator Zero-M ZU62

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24-kPa Suction Performance

What may not stand out as prominently as its other features is the ZU62’s amazing motor. The 9.5-amp motor produces an astounding 24-kPa of suction pressure, giving it the ability to not only to pick up hidden dust particles in between floorboards but also extract debris out of carpet fibers, both shaggy and short, in very few passes.

Shark Navigator Zero-M ZU62 Review
Shark ZU62

In fact, the only issue we had with the ZU62 was that its suction can, at times, be much too powerful. It attempts to suction up shaggy area rugs which is why we would advise using the motorized upholstery brush or dusting brush frequently.

All-Surface Floorhead

When we say that the ZU62 is made to clean all types of floors and surfaces, we mean it. The floorhead and brushroll can handle the most delicate surfaces like carpets and floorboards without pulling out fibers or leaving scratches. When moving onto tiles or even concrete, the bristles dig deep to in order to dislodge any embedded material hidden deep within any unseen cracks. The fact that the height of the Zero-M brushroll is non-adjustable should not be a source of worry. Now that’s versatility to the max!

Self-Cleaning Zero-M Brushroll

To make matters easy on the user, the ZU62 comes with Shark’s own Zero-M Brushroll, a self-cleaning brushroll that prevents hair from getting tangled in the bristles which can lead to a drop in performance. The Zero-M brushroll is constantly removing hair, allowing you to pass the ZU62 over large piles of pet or human hair without choking the inlet.

Shark Navigator Zero-M ZU62 Upright Vacuum
Shark ZU62

Anti-Allergen Seal + HEPA Filter

And that’s not all the ZU62 does for pet owners across the globe. The entire unit is protected by an anti-allergen seal that stops the tiniest dust specks from seeping out of the dust cup and littering your floors. It’s also equipped with a HEPA filter that traps microscopic particles like dander, pollen, and dust mites. Pet owners and those whose sinuses are tickled by dander and pet fur, the ZU62 is undoubtedly an excellent upright vacuum cleaner for your home.

12-foot Extension Hose Reach

When it comes time to vacuum clean above-ground surfaces, the ZU62 doesn’t miss a beat. It comes with the standard three-piece cleaning tool set (crevice tool, motorized upholstery brush, dusting brush). These tools connect to the end of an extendable 12-foot suction hose that makes reaching high-up surfaces such as ceilings and vents a cinch.

Something that customers may not pay much attention to is an upright’s balance. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue with the ZU62 since it can stand completely upright on its own, letting you roam freely with the suction hose and cleaning attachments to get at pesky debris hidden in hard-to-reach areas.

3XL Dust Cup Capacity

Everything about this upright is upsized for enhanced versatility and performance, starting from its long 25-foot power cord to its massive dust cup. The 3XL dust cup can hold onto up to 2.8 liters of debris at any given moment, reducing the frequency of being forced to empty it out in between or during vacuum cycles.

Shark Navigator Zero-M ZU62 Vacuum Cleaner
Shark ZU62

Lightweight Design + Swiveling Neck

Despite being a larger-than-life upright vacuum cleaner, the ZU62 is extremely easy to transport, carry, and maneuver. Its overall weight is only 16 pounds, the industry average, and its rear wheels allow it to move effortless across all types floors without getting trapped. Best of all, it features a swiveling neck that makes it easier to poke the floorhead in between and beneath furniture so less pre-vacuum prep is required.

If you’re looking for the convenience of a convertible upright-handheld canister combo unit, the ZU62 isn’t for you. For that, might we suggest taking a look at the Shark Rotator Lift-Away NV501?

Verdict: Should I Get the Shark Navigator Zero-M ZU62?

After seeing what the ZU62 has to offer, it’s clear that it’s one of Shark’s best upright vacuums on available today. Its amazingly powerful motor combined with the super-fine filtration of True HEPA Filters make this a top contender for the best upright vacuums for pets. Even though it’s not a Lift-Away model, there’s still plenty about the ZU62 to adore.

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  1. I bought this vaccum 2 1/2 years ago.
    all of a sudden, the beater bar and brushes are working, but there is no power.

    This is the 3rd shark that I purchased, all of the others lasted at least 5 years each.

    Is there any warranty?


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