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Severin Germany Vacuum Review (BC7055)

The Severin Germany BC7055 Vacuum Cleaner has a large canister and massive hose you may use in your home or office. It has been fitted with many special features that make it easy to use in any setting. It will cover a large area, and it will help you when you have to get ready for an office visit or family reunion.

Severin Germany Vacuum BC7055

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The Large Canister

The canister that comes with the Severin vacuum is quite large, and you will be quite happy with the four liters of dust that you can collect. The canister itself does not weigh you down, and it will stretch across the room because of the long cord and long hose.

Cleaning All Floors

The device will clean every floor in your house regardless of height. The carpets and hardwoods are covered by the special nozzles and accessories that come with the vacuum, and the massive amount of suction provided by the device helps you take grit off even a flat hardwood or laminate floor.

Severin Germany Vacuum
Severin BC7055

Cleaning All Surfaces

The attachments on the device will ensure that you may clean corners, curtains, and upholstery. There is a pet brush that will help you collect hair, and the standard vacuum box will work on all fabrics that may be sitting around your home.

The Roller Nozzle

The roller nozzle has a special Premium-Eco feature that will help you clean up the allergens and spores in your carpets or rugs. This device ensures that you have collected everything unhealthy in one stroke, and it will work on even your bedsheets.

The Telescoping Tube

The telescoping tube will turn around any corner, and it will ensure that you have the most cleaning power possible. You may reach under beds or around corners with the device, and you have over 900 feet of range between the hose and the cord.

Quiet Operation

This vacuum only creates 76db of sound when you are running it, and it will not scare or surprise anyone in the space. They hear the vacuum running, but they are not terrified by it. The light hum is much more soothing than other appliances on the market.

Severin BC7055
Severin BC7055

The Special Microfiber Dustbag

There are special microfiber dust bags that you use inside the Severin, and they will catch all the impurities in the canister. You will not release these things back into the air, and the bag only takes a second to replace.

Not Too Tall

This device is not so tall that it will take up too much room in your home, and you may hide it in the corner when it is not in use. It will be ready for you to plug in, but it will not be a behemoth that stops the house or office from running because of its immense size.

Severin Germany Vacuum: Conclusion

The Severin Germany Vacuum Cleaner is an easy device to use on all surfaces in your home. It has many attachments and a HEPA dust bag to keep your home clean. It reaches to any space you need, and it does not deafen you while running.

Severin Germany Vacuum Review (BC7055)

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