Since Samsung now dominates the cell phone market, many people don’t think about Samsung when they’re shopping for robotic vacuums. However, as with their cell phones, their robot vacuums are loaded with fine-tuned technology.

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Plus Robot Vacuum Review

Take the POWERbot R7260 Plus for example. This robot vacuum can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network and display an in-app coverage map. It has a camera to supplement the infrared anti-collision sensors. To keep things humming along, the R7260 Plus uses clog-preventing cyclonic suction and continues vacuuming after it recharges.

A Self-Cleaning Brushroll and a Retractable Edge Cleaner

When you have long, thick hair or pets that shed, untangling your vacuum’s brushroll becomes a frequent task. The main brushroll on the POWERbot R7260 Plus cleans itself with a rotating grinder, preventing the accumulation of hair.

Even though the self-cleaning brushroll is covered in soft material designed to lift fine dust, and its double-V configuration helps it reach dirt on tile grout, Samsung includes an extra brushroll. This brushroll has stiff bristles for cleaning carpets. The release tabs on the robot make it easy to interchange the brushrolls.

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Plus Robot Vacuum

Out of all the robo vac’s features, the edge cleaner is the most innovative and unique. Instead of a spinning propeller brush, the edge cleaner is a rubber blade that extends when the R7260 Plus detects a wall and retracts when it’s done, cleaning straight edges once and wall corners twice.

Variable Cyclonic Suction

The POWERbot R7260 Plus boasts a 20-watt suction system that pulls in debris via CycloneForce, which separates fine particles from larger debris to prevent the robot from becoming clogged. Even better, a dedicated sensor increases and decreases the suction strength depending on the type of flooring that needs to be cleaned.

Additionally, automatic suction control activates in certain modes. When you direct the robot to clean a specific location or run it on spot-clean mode, the suction instantly increases. If you prefer to change the suction speed yourself, you can manually override this feature and choose from quiet, normal or turbo suction.

Easy-to-Access Dirt Bin With a Reusable Filter

The debris suctioned into the robot is held in a 0.3-liter dirt bin that’s incredibly easy to access. All you do is lift it from the top of the POWERbot – no pulling the bin from the side of the housing and hoping you don’t fumble and drop it.

To filter allergens, Samsung provides two reusable filters. These filters are washable, so you’ll rarely need to replace them. Since there are two, you can use the spare while waiting for the other one to dry, which means no maintenance downtime.

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Plus

Camera-Led Navigation

On the R7260 Plus, Samsung put infrared anti-collision and anti-cliff sensors in the straight-edge bumper and on the undercarriage. To boost the robot’s navigational abilities, Samsung also added a FullView 2.0 onboard camera, which helps with obstacle avoidance and maps your home, and you get magnetic boundary strips to boot.

Mechanical-wise, there are other great features. A pair of EasyPass wheels flex to meet the surface and make smooth transitions between types of floors. The tread-equipped wheels move the 3.8-inch robo vac at an astounding rate of 32 centimeters per second, making the most of every cleaning cycle.

A Full Package of Controls

Your phone, your voice, a remote, quick-access buttons – All the control options are available. Wi-Fi connectivity and the SmartThings app let you see a coverage map and the robot’s cleaning history. You can also set a schedule, override the schedule or make the robot clean repeatedly until the battery dies.

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Plus Review

The POWERbot R7260 Plus is compatible with Alexa and Assistant. With either one, you can tell the robot vacuum to start cleaning, pause, return to the dock and increase/decrease the suction. You can also use the robot vacuum with Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby, which comes on certain Samsung phones like the Note9, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S10.

With the remote, you can take care of all the basics. You can point-and-clean and start/stop a cleaning session as well as choose a suction mode, dock the robot and adjust the volume of the robot’s audible alerts. If you want to quickly check a status, the onboard multi-function control panel offers a wealth of information.

Automated Recharging System

For this robotic vacuum, Samsung chose a 3,600-milliampere battery with lithium-ion cells. The R7260 Plus is programmed to return to the charging dock when the battery is low, which happens after 60 to 90 minutes of vacuuming. Once the battery recharges, the robot continues vacuum if it didn’t finish on the first cycle.

Samsung POWERbot R7260

An Intelligent and Well-Equipped Robot Vacuum

Pet owners will appreciate the self-cleaning brushroll, which can be interchanged with a stiff-bristled version, and a washable allergen media means you won’t go through filters because of hair and dander. The 90-minute runtime and auto-resume mean large homes are well-covered, and every conceivable control is available on the R7260 Plus, including Bixby compatibility.

Of course, there are some features that aren’t quite appealing, such as the robot’s height. At 3.8 inches, this is no slim robot vacuum, so don’t count on it to scoot under beds and sofas. While the dirt bin is top-accessible, 0.3 liters isn’t a large capacity, and there is no handle to help you grab it.

However, other features redeem the height and bin disadvantages. The rubberized retractable edge cleaner won’t wear out like a propeller brush; audible status alerts keep you informed, and you’ll marvel at its surprisingly strong variable suction. With the inclusion of a camera, you get an in-app map and navigation that’s better than infrared sensors alone.

Best for: Pet Owners, Large Homes and People Who Like Options

Samsung POWERbot R7260 Plus Robotic Vacuum

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