There’s a whole lot to love about the Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum. This robot vacuum is just as powerful as it looks, and it has a digital display with touch buttons to boot. The POWERbot is equipped with a durable set of wheels that adjust to the specific surface it’s on, and its long working time allows it to cover a lot of area on one battery cycle.

Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum Review

You never have to worry about this robot vacuum running into your furniture or falling down the stairs because it not only contains multiple sensors but also a digital camera. Therefore, it’s capable of quickly learning how each room is configured.

Due to its inventive brush system, the vacuum is less likely to tangle and leave behind dirt and debris. It also utilizes cyclonic suction to ensure that the suction power doesn’t waver. From a smartphone or the included remote, you can control a variety of functions, such as setting a cleaning schedule, changing the suction strength, choosing a vacuuming mode and docking the robo vac.

Since it’s Wi-Fi enabled, you can even use your Alexa or Assistant to engage with the robot vacuum via voice commands.

Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum

Sturdy Yet Quick

It may look rugged, but this robotic vacuum moves like a dream at a fast rate of 12.6 inches per second. With a black finish and gunmetal gray accents, the R7065 has a masculine, strong appearance. Its gripped EasyPass wheels are oversized, lending to its air of robustness.

These wheels are specifically designed to help the 9.5-pound, 3.8-inch-tall robot vacuum over thresholds as high as 0.6 inches and move it from one type of floor to another by raising and lowering the wheels when necessary. On the vacuum, there are touch buttons and a digital display that give the robo vac a modern appeal.

Cyclonic Suction

Robo vacs work great if you only have hard floors in your house. However, when it comes to cleaning plush carpet, that’s where many of these vacuums fall short. This isn’t the case with the POWERbot R7065 because Samsung integrated 20 watts’ worth of CycloneForce suction technology into the vacuum, which reduces clogging incidents to give you unwavering suction strength.

As dirt, dust and debris enter the robo vac’s inlet, larger particles are directed into a separate chamber, so the airflow remains unimpeded. You can allow the robot vacuum to automatically change the suction strength to suit the type of floor it’s cleaning, or you can choose from one of three levels – quiet, normal or turbo.

Samsung POWERbot R7065

Extra-Wide Brushroll

Even if a robo vacuum has a wide body width, that doesn’t mean its cleaning path measures up. In fact, most robot vacuum cleaners have a brushroll that’s about 8 inches long. This robo vac’s rolling brush goes beyond the ordinary with a length of 11.4 inches, meaning it removes more debris in one pass than other robot vacuums. Plus, there are two different types of bristles affixed to the roller to dig deep and lift stubborn dirt without getting tangled by strands of hair. Instead of a flimsy side brush to sweep along edges, this robo vac has a concealed shutter.

When the vacuum detects a wall, the shutter brush extends to grab every last piece of dirt and pull it to the inlet, earning the name Edge Clean Master. To keep all dirt removal components working as they should, the vacuum contains a reusable filter.

Intelligent Maneuverability

All robo vacs have sensors; otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to move around a room without bumping into anything and everything in its path. The R7065 is no exception with an array of nine sensors that identify potential dangers such as stairs, furniture and people. A lot of vacuum manufacturers stop with the addition of a few sensors, but not Samsung.

The sensors on this robot vacuum are part of a larger system that includes a digital camera. In conjunction with the sensors, this camera helps the vacuum figure out how the room is organized, so it can clean it as efficiently as possible and show you what areas it has covered on a map you can view with the Samsung Connect or Smart Home app on your iPhone or Android. For more control over where it goes, the robo vac comes with magnetic boundary markers you can use to restrict access to fireplaces and other areas you don’t want the vacuum to travel.

Samsung POWERbot R7065

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Voice Control

There are more ways to control and guide this vacuum cleaner besides a smartphone app. If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can put it to work to tell the robot vacuum to start, stop or dock. Although you can’t monitor its cleaning path and get alerts like you can when you use your smartphone, you do have the option of operating the robo vac with a remote, which gives you access to almost all the vacuum’s functions.

With a smartphone or remote, you can program the robo vac to clean at a specific time just once or the same time each day. You can also spot clean a small area, make turn-by-turn maneuvers in manual mode or set it to auto mode to let the robot vacuum clean in a logical, efficient path.

Long-Lasting Battery Power

No matter how large of a house you have, you can count on the R7065 to vacuum every floor in one day. Depending on what cleaning mode you choose, the vacuum can go from 60 minutes to 90 minutes per battery charge. If the robot vacuum is set to auto mode, it will dock itself when the battery gets low, and you can watch the battery’s charging status on the vacuum cleaner’s display screen.

You can speed up the recharge time by shutting down every function except charging by putting the robo vac in energy-saving mode.

Samsung POWERbot R7065

An All-Inclusive Robot Vacuum

Options are great, and this robo vac has plenty. Whether it’s by the buttons on the vacuum itself, the remote, a smartphone or virtual assistant, there are four means through which you can control this robo vac. You can operate the vacuum manually or let it run itself, and you can spot clean, dock the robo vac and set a schedule. The cleaning path is wide, and the working time is long.

Plus, it uses cyclonic suction, which is usually a feature reserved for powerful upright vacuum cleaners. Really, almost every feature you want in a robo vac is included in this model, and it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Get it all with the Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum.

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