Designed with user-friendliness in mind. The S5 Max by Roborock features a sizeable side-insert reservoir with a large opening and drip-style water distribution. Accurate and quick laser mapping allows you to clean and schedule by room via the app, and you can control the robot’s basic functions with your voice.

Roborock S5 Max Vacuuming and Mopping Robot

A high-capacity lithium-ion battery lasts long enough to clean large homes. Strong suction leaves your carpets just as clean as your hard floors, and the bin loads from the top, allowing you to easily grab the bin and empty it. Virtual no-mop zones keep your carpets dry, and a quad-core processor makes the interactive map highly accurate.

Roller-Pump Tank and Top-Loading Bin

It’s a simple feature, but it’s a great one. The see-through reservoir slips into the side of the S5 Max, which is much easier than the tanks that fit onto the underside of robots. Plus, the reservoir is large with a capacity of 280 milliliters, and it fully opens for mess-free filling.

Roborock S5 Max Review

Using a peristaltic, or roller, pump, the reservoir disperses water in even and perfectly metered amounts. The microfiber pad, which is reusable, stays put thanks to the Velcro strip. Since the spring-loaded reservoir applies 300 grams of pressure to the floor, the Roborock S5 Max can handle sticky messes with no problem.

The dirt bin is even easier to access. Open the top of the S5 Max, and you’ll see the bin sitting in a recessed compartment. This bin can hold 460 milliliters’ worth of debris, and it holds a rinsable E11 cartridge with a 95-percent filtration rate.

Voice Commands and Smartphone Controls

Teach your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device the Roborock skill, and you can give the S5 Max audible commands such as “start cleaning,” “stop cleaning” and “go home.” These functions are also accessible via the onboard control panel. However, the Roborock app has more functions, including water-level adjustment and cleaning-mode selection.

Roborock S5 Max

By tapping the on-screen map, you can clean one or multiple rooms at a time and track the robot’s location. The interactive map also lets you set virtual no-mop zones around your carpets and no-enter zones where the S5 Max can’t travel. When you schedule cleaning sessions, you can select the day, time and room.

Infrared Sensors and Laser-Distance Navigation

Roborock loaded down the S5 Max with 14 types of sensors like the anti-cliff infrared sensors that detect stairs. For navigation assistance, there is a compass and an accelerometer. The robotic vac/mop also has an odometer that tracks the distance cleaned.

The laser-distance sensor conducts full-circle scans at a rapid speed of 300 rpm, creating a 98-percent accurate map of your house. All the information collected by the laser sensor is computed by a 32-bit quad-core processor so that the S5 Max can remember the shape of each room and the location of the furniture in it.

2,000-Pascal Suction and Full-Coverage Cleaning

With the motor that Roborock chose, the S5 Max’s suction reaches 2,000 pascals of pressure. When vacuuming carpets, Max suction automatically engages to lift ground-in dirt. In addition to the powerful motor, the robot has a 1,500 rpm fan that ensures the suction remains strong even when the bin is full.

Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Mop

Other components enhance the S5 Max’s cleaning capabilities. Roborock added a quick-release brushroll and edge-sweeping side brush. The robot is even programmed to go over every square foot twice when vacuuming an individual room to make sure the floor is spotless.

Long Runtime and Top-Up Charging

Thanks to a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 5,200 milliampere-hours, the Roborock S5 Max can vacuum for as long as 2.5 hours and mop up to 3 hours without slacking. When you put the runtime in the context of coverage area, the S5 Max can clean 2,600 square feet on a completely charged battery.

With the robotic vacuum/mop, you get an ultra-slim dock. This dock has a recessed tuck that keeps the cord out of sight. Although the battery takes 4 to 5 hours to recharge, the S5 Max tops up the battery in the middle of a long cycle, so it can clean your floors as fast as possible.

An Example for Other Robotic Vacuum/Mops

A mopping function on a robotic vacuum is a selling point in itself. However, not all robo vac/mops are made alike. Roborock put better features on the S5 Max than what you’ll find on most robotic vacuum/mops, such as a roller pump and top-up charging. The reservoir is quite large, easy to access and has a wide opening.

Roborock S5 Max

While we’d like to see Roborock expand on the voice command selections, the smartphone app offers plenty to keep you happy, including an interactive map, no-go zone setting and by-room scheduling. The laser-distance sensor and quad-core processor make the on-app map is exceptionally accurate. From hard floors to medium-pile carpets, the S5 Max can clean them all.

Roborock S5 Max Review

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