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Polaris 9650IQ Sport Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner Review

Polaris’ new 9650IQ Sport isn’t much different from its predecessors, but it comes with smarter features that make it an absolute wonder to work with. This robotic pool vacuum cleaner is a bit on the pricey side, but for those who want to enjoy more of the swim season actually swimming, it’s worth the investment. Read our review of the Polaris 9650IQ and see if it’s the right match for your inground pool.

Polaris 9650IQ Sport Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner
Polaris 9650IQ

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Dual Blade Brushes + Vortex Vacuum Technology

When it comes to pool cleaning performance, there’s little doubt that the 9650IQ can handle the toughest jobs in irregular-shaped pools. The robot features dual blade brushes that loosen debris from the base and walls of sloped pools, combined with Vortex Vacuum Technology that picks up large debris without clogging the vacuum inlet. All of the suctioned debris is stored inside of an oversized, standard filter basket (100 microns).

Made for 60-foot Pools

The 9650IQ comes with a 70-foot anti-tangle power cord that provides enough movement to clean pools up to 60 feet long. The swiveling system prevents the power cord’s inner wires from fraying, much like what you’d find in top-of-the-line Dolphin-made pool cleaner robots. With a 60-foot reach, most homeowners will find the 9650IQ to be the perfect match for their inground pools.

Polaris 9650IQ Sport
Polaris 9650IQ

AquaLink App

What sets this robotic pool cleaner apart from many others is its Wi-Fi connectivity. Users are free to download the AquaLink app on their smartphones, which gives them program cleaning schedules, set up timers, and receive full-canister reports from anywhere in the world. There’s also a neat manual-steering mode, which lets you control the robot with your smartphone and clean any spots it may have missed. Sadly, the current version of the app doesn’t have push notifications.


The 9650IQ is a 4-wheel-drive robot that accelerates with all four wheels spinning at the same time. The main benefit of 4WD is that the robot can climb up gradual slopes more easily with less toppling over. The rubber wheels provide enough grip to stay attached to the bottom and sloped walls of your pool for maximum cleaning efficiency. Thanks to its 22-pound build, there’s very little risk that your pool’s water will knock the 9650IQ off course.

Polaris 9650IQ Sport Review
Polaris 9650IQ

Please note that wheeled robots travel better in pools in sloped pools, not pools with 90-degree walls. If you have a blocky pool, this and other wheeled robots will not be able to scale the walls and clean the waterline.

Easy Lift System

The Easy Lift System makes fishing the robot out of your pool much easier than with previous Polaris robots. By tapping the Lift button, the 9650IQ will come right to the edge of the pool, so you shouldn’t have much trouble fishing the robot out.

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Transport Caddy Included

We’re happy to report that Polaris includes a transport caddy with the 9650IQ. They should, seeing as how this is a premium product in terms of price and performance. The controller module is attached to the caddy, which gives you full control over cleaning schedules, cleaning modes, and filter basket notifications.

Polaris 9650IQ Sport Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner
Polaris 9650IQ
Polaris 9650iQ Sport Robotic Cleaner,...
  • INTELLIGENT POOL CLEANER: Wherever you are, whenever you want -- clean your pool easily...
  • IN GROUND: Compatible with in ground swimming pools up to 60 ft.

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