PELONIS Tower Fan Oscillating with LED Display Review

Whether you’re defending yourself against sweltering summer heat or you enjoy a cool breeze as you drift off to sleep, the Pelonis Oscillating Tower Fan is a powerful, adaptable solution to your temperature-control needs. This model sports maximum customization with easy-to-use controls and a slim, lightweight design. Many fans provide a few settings for speed, but few deliver this level of adjustability with settings for Natural, Normal, and Sleep, along with the standard speed options.

PELONIS Tower Fan Oscillating with LED Display Review

Enjoy Optimal Comfort

When purchasing a fan, it’s important to know what types of features your product can provide for you. Starting with the specifications of the physical model itself, here are a few great reasons to bring this item home with you today.

Smart Design

If you’ve used a tower fan before, you know that its shape creates a full wind shape. This model’s Veritable Blower provides powerful airflow by maximizing air distribution across its column. The tower’s entire body contributes constant movement through a swift and compact rotation. You’ll love the natural feel of its breeze as it sweeps across the whole room.

PELONIS Tower Fan Oscillating

To focus the cool wind moving through your bedroom, living room, or office, this fan’s smart design provides powerful solutions for every situation. Depending on its placement, the tower’s 60° oscillation range can hit almost every area in a room with a direct breeze.

Coming in just under ten pounds, moving the fan from room to room or even from home to office is easy with an integrated handle. The handle also serves as a storage compartment for the remote control, so you never have to worry about losing components in the back seat of your car on the way to your summer lake house. If you’re still concerned about finding the perfect place for your tower fan, the slim body can fit easily into tight spots that would be challenging for a conventional oscillating model.

PELONIS Tower Fan Oscillating Review

Humanized LED Display

When you want to change your fan’s settings from across the room with the remote control, it’s helpful to be able to see what’s going on. The bright, user-friendly LED display lets you know what’s going on with your fan whenever you want. Don’t worry about the display keeping you up, though – after just 30 seconds, it will turn off until you need it again.

Three Wind Modes and Three Speed Settings

Customizable for any time of day or year, these settings provide a wide range of comfort options. Low, medium, and high-speed settings are available, but this model also offers three different wind modes. In normal mode, the tower will blow at whatever speed you choose like a conventional fan. In the natural mode, the airflow brings outdoor breeze indoors by simulating natural wind. Sleep mode not only oscillates in space but also in intensity by raising and lowering the speed over regular intervals.


Energy-Saving Timer

A programmable timer that can be set for up to seven hours allows you to save energy whether you’re falling asleep or drying a freshly-mopped kitchen while you run errands. Get your kids in the habit of paying attention to power usage by asking them to estimate how long they’ll need to keep the fan on and adjusting based on experience.

Remote Control

What’s not to love about remote controls? It’s hard to get a fan to hit you with the right power when you have to keep walking back and forth to check and adjust. No need to get out of bed and program the timer. No need to walk over to turn it down when the AC kicks in. The remote control paired with the LED display gives you complete control over your fan, wherever you are in the room.


One-Year Worry-Free Guarantee

A company’s confidence in its product means fewer headaches for you. Don’t worry about this fan breaking after one summer of heavy use. Pelonis takes pride in the quality of its products and makes sure you can count on your fan for the long haul.

PELONIS: Conclusion

Whatever your needs, the Pelonis Oscillating Tower Fan is the perfect addition to your home or office. It’s lightweight, compact design and precise adjustability make this fan a workhorse for many diverse environments. More settings mean more opportunities to discover your optimal comfort, and with the amount of customizability on this model, you’re guaranteed to find the right mix of timing, power, and quality.

PELONIS Tower Fan Oscillating with LED Display Review

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