PELONIS Ceramic Tower Heater Review

The PELONIS Ceramic Tower Heater is a truly reliable heater for those times when you need extra heat or when you do not wish to heat your whole home. This amazing heater comes to you with the provision of two heat settings. It also has the fan only mode. Additionally, it is highly convenient due to the timer that is programmable. That means that you can achieve the right level of heating comfort whenever you need it.

PELONIS Ceramic Tower Heater Review

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This impressive heater also works as a cooling fan for those hot and humid summer months. Thus, you are really getting two devices in one. Let us now look at the fine features of this trustworthy ceramic tower heater.

Energy efficient

This heater is able to heat up in only three seconds due to the implementation of dependable ceramic heating technology. As a result, it will not drain your finances on energy consumption, as it does not take a long time to heat up. Also, use the economy setting in order to save on energy consumption, as it automatically adjusts the heat settings and the digital thermostat.

PELONIS Ceramic Tower Heater

Customizable heat settings

It is great to know that this powerful heater can provide you with the option of two different heat settings, depending on your heating needs. Sometimes you just need a bit of heat to take off the chill and then there are other times you desire a full blast of heat for ultrawarm coziness. The choice is yours.

Functions as a cooling fan in summer

The PELONIS Ceramic Tower Heater that keeps you cozily warm when it is cold also functions as a cooling fan in the summer when you are too hot. Thus, you will be able to be cool when your space seems overtaken by the heat of summer. You really get true versatility with this device that functions as two in one. This saves you money.

PELONIS Heater Review

Ideal for smalls spaces

This ceramic tower heater is ideal for small spaces. It will efficiently heat up a space that is up to 160 square feet. Thus, it is ideal to use in hallways, entryways, bathrooms, offices, bedrooms, or even a small den.

Transports easily

This heater can be used in many different spaces. It is easy to transport because of the provision of the sleek and comfortable carrying handle. As a result, you will not find it awkward to move to a different room when required.


Top safety

This device is made with your top safety in mind, as it is made of ABS material which is resistant to flames. You will also be glad to know that it has an element that is self-regulating. Further, there is the inclusion of automatic overheating protection for yet more safety. Thus, this finely crafted ceramic tower heater turns off instantly if it happens to reach a temperature that is considered unsafe.


You can feel the heat from this powerful heater, as it truly puts out the heat based on the setting that you choose. Your space will be toasty warm the way you need it to be. This device does not take long to heat up. It will be the reliable heater that you use time and time again for heating your various spaces.

Ceramic Tower Heater, Electric Space Heater Fan 1500W with Digital Thermostat, Remote Control, 24-hour Programmable Timer, Portable Safe Heater for Indoor Use, by Pelonis

PELONIS Heater: Final remarks

You really need this PELONIS Ceramic Tower Heater when you are looking for a powerful heater that will put out the heat that you need to take the chill out of your space. This device is able to provide you with a heating output of 1500 watts, which is truly impressive. Thus, you will be assured that you will always have the right amount of heat for your space every time.

This top of the line ceramic tower heater is designed with a digital thermostat. It also includes an economy setting, so that you can maintain the temperature that you desire in a space with the lowest energy usage. Thus, you will save money on your energy bills over time. There is a programmable timer to allow you to set the time when you need a space to be heated for maximum convenience and there are also automated shutoff systems to ensure efficiency and safety.

The great news is that this device functions as both a heater when it is cold and a cooling fan for the hot summer months. Therefore, you get two devices in one, which saves you money. This heater is easy to move from place to place with the inclusion of the sleek and comfortable handle.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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