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Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine Review

One of Panda’s more recent releases—the PAN6320W—is a fully portable washing machine that’s designed to take up less space while providing maximum performance. Those that need a portable washer for their apartments, dorms, Airbnbs, or RV should definitely give this Panda-made washing machine a fair lookover to see if it’s the right fit.

Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine
Panda PAN6320W Portable Machine

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1.34-Cubic-Foot Capacity

The Panda PAN6320W’s single tub is designed to accommodate up to 1.34 cubic feet of laundry per load. What does this mean? On average, this means you can wash two full-sized towels comfortably and without overworking the motor.

Panda claims that it has a max capacity of 10 pounds, though you need to be aware of balance issues, especially during the spinning phase. Granted, the Panda PAN6320W’s tub is relatively small, but it’s the perfect washing machine for travelers.

10 Programmable Modes + 5 Water Levels

On the digital control panel, you’ll find on the right-hand side that there are 10 different washing modes available, including an air-spin drying mode to give sopping-wet clothes another quick spin.

On the left are the 5 water levels, though you can just press the Start button repeatedly to force the machine to calculate the most appropriate water level based on the laundry load’s weight.

Transparent Lid

The Panda PAN6320W is a top-loaded portable washing machine that comes with a durable, folding lid. Simply move the lid up and down to start and stop the washing process, making sure to NEVER open the lid during a spin cycle.

The lid’s transparency will help you gauge how much more detergent you need to add midway through a washing cycle, as well as identify any other problems that may arise—e.g., an unbalanced load.

2 Casters

Some shoppers will be glad to learn that the Panda PAN6320W sits atop two 360-degree casters. These casters make it easy to wheel the washing machine from room to room—a great feature for those with limited space at home—without the back-breaking pain of lifting the machine with your two hands.

However, some users found that the wheels do tend to get stuck at times. To overcome this, you might want to consider placing the washing machine atop a dolly for easier maneuverability.

Built-In Drain Pump

One of the biggest annoyances with smaller-sized washing machines is that you need to keep the machine’s drain port level with wherever you want to toss the used water.

However, Panda solved this problem by installing a built-in drain pump inside of the Panda PAN6320W. This means you can leave your washing machine on the ground and run the drain hose vertically into sinks or nearby windows.

Easy to Install

As is typical of any portable washing machine, the Panda PAN6320W Portable Washer is an easy-to-install unit that you can get up and running in as little as five minutes.

Simply connect the quick-change adapter to a faucet or spout, place the drain hose into a sink or the outdoors, plug it washing machine in, choose one of the water levels and washing programs, and you’re all set. Just make sure you have plumber’s tape on hand to prevent the tiniest leaks from your faucet.

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