NewAir AF-310 Portable Evaporative Air Fan & Humidifier Review

Are you aware of the functioning of an evaporative cooler? If no, then you would probably be out of this world for a long time or you are struggling with the sticky, scorching heat using one of those dilapidated, outdated, screeching and inefficient fans from the great old grandma’s age.

NewAir AF-310 Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Review

They are often confused with central air conditioners as both of them have the capacity to cool the surroundings in an efficient way, but still, they have a lot of difference between them. The NewAir AF-310 evaporative tower cooling fan is basically a three-in-one device, fulfilling the function as a swamp cooler, a tower fan, and a humidifier.

The NewAir AF-310 Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler offers a 60-degree oscillation function as well, which helps to properly circulate the air covering the whole room. This tower fan from NewAir also has a sleek, tall and compact design.

The ice box provided within the unit gives maximum cooling power, and the water level indicator shows when the water tank needs to be refilled. This fan eliminates dryness and cools the room in an efficient manner. For ease of use and convenience, it is provided with a remote control and an electric timer.

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The NewAir AF-310 has a remote control that functions effortlessly within 30 feet range of the device. It grants the users a manageable and easy way of adjusting the level of cooling, without getting off from the couch.

Much noise is eradicated by the steady body frame. Moreover, This AF-310 model has a large water container that measures about one-third of the size of the cooler body. This way you don’t need an external water duct anymore. You only need to fill the NewAir water container one or two times per week. For cooler air, a tray for ice cubes is located inside the tower fan unit.

The NewAir AF-310 evaporative tower cooling fan proves to be a truly helpful device in any dry climate, as it uses the natural method of evaporation for cooling. Besides that, this tower fan from NewAir is also a really affordable pick. The AF-310 is effective in reducing the ambiance temperature by 20 degrees, doing that with a fraction of the cost air conditioners would do it.

The elegant looking tall tower fan comes with an inbuilt water tank and a gel ice pack, three fan speeds and a 60-degree oscillation function for a selective cooling purpose. It has a special Nature Mode that automatically adjusts the fan speed to give a sense of a natural breeze. Combining this with the other features, this tower fan proves to be a dynamic combo to help you cool down and saving energy.

Additionally, this evaporative cooling system is equipped with a germ-free water pump system and a filter of curtain cloth material to yield a clean and moisturized air for cooling. Therefore, the AF-310 is basically a swamp cooler, humidifier, cooling fan, and air purifier, all in one!

However, for purifying the air we still recommend buying a true HEPA air purifier, like the Coway AP-1512HH Air Purifier, a top pick in our list of air purifiers.

NewAir AF-310 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler
NewAir AF-310

The NewAir AF-310 gives a tight competition to its rival brands, who may take pride in their products claiming to be at par with the AF-310, but none of them will come out as efficient and vibrant as this tower fan. It has a variety of functions that cannot be equaled by any other product at any cost.

It has different air speeds including a low, medium, and high setting. These can be adjusted as per your need. Apart from these settings, it also has a fixed air delivery setting that gushes out a direct stream of cool air. When combined with the adjustable vents, it gives you fair access to turn the air stream at any position you like.

It also comes with a 60-degree oscillation function that covers the maximum area for cool air supply, humidification, or purifying the room.

Additionally, the NewAir AF-310 also has several breeze modes, one being a convenient sleep mode, which automatically turns down the fan speed to lower settings and turns the power off after some time with a preset timer.

When it comes to the tower fan being an efficient air purifier, the milestone for the quality of the purification surely raises up. This tower fan comes with a built-in air ionizer which ionizes and improves the air quality swiftly.

An air ionizer is capable of filtering hazardous airborne particles like dust, debris, pollen, pet allergens, and a lot more. In case any member of your family is prone to allergy and infections, the NewAir AF-310 is definitely a good choice.

This oscillating tower fan also provides you a water pump system with germ protection. When it is combined with the ionizer, you get a dynamic supply of cool air which is unpolluted and fresh.

Equipped with a humidifier, it is a respite for those living in an extremely dry climate. This oscillating fan is engineered using an energy-efficient evaporative cooling technique that works by sucking in air from the surroundings and then moistening it by moist pads.

This results in the evaporation of water from the moist pads, which is basically cool air in front of you. This mechanism makes this fan a popular device, because of the circulation of fresh and cool air, with added humidity suitable for dry regions.

Moreover, this technique is proved to be a natural approach to cooling along with the likes of energy-efficient and an eco-friendly process. The fact that this procedure is followed as the working principle of many swamp coolers, it won’t be a mistake for this NewAir AF-310 to also be called as a quasi-swamp cooler.

NewAir AF-310
NewAir AF-310

Despite all the advantages, one downside the NewAir AF-310 fan has is its noise problem. It produces quite a high amount of sound while running on the medium and high air speed settings. Apart from this it also misses a turn-off function or a button for the humidifier control.

The latter one poses difficulty based on the living style of the user, since one person living in a humid area may find extra humidity annoying, while another person at the same conditions may be used to it and has no problem in humidifying the air. It does not have a programmable thermostat feature, unlike other fan models. It is not possible to adjust the temperature of the air coming out from the tower fan.

Water Tank

The volume of the water tank is 4 liters (1 gallon) with the per hour water consumption rate of just 0.2 to 0.25 liters. One of the buyers stated that while using the fan at medium setting in his 180 square feet room, a good amount of water still remains even after extended use.

Electronic Controls

The AF-310 is provided with a push-button control, located on the top of the tower for less complicated use. The NewAir AF-310 also comes with a remote control with full function control.

NewAir AF-310 Performance

According to the survey and feedback from the customers, most of them mentioned that they are extremely satisfied with the performance of the AF-310 tower fan. Many of them praised that this fan keeps their rooms at least 5 to 10 degrees cooler.

Though some consumers had more expectations, but we should remember that it is not an air conditioner. Few buyers also bought two AF-310 towers instead of one since their calculation stated that those two fans even cost less to them than buying a single air conditioner.

Suitability for dry climates it is proved by the presence of a humidifier, the AF-310 fan is capable of providing clean, moisturized, and fresh air. With the weight of just 10.65 pounds, it is somehow light-weighed and an easy to carry device for some.

NewAir AF-310 Review
NewAir AF-310

Easy to Use

As discussed earlier, the NewAir AF-310 fan come with easy control push-buttons to select different modes, speeds (e.g. low, medium, and high) and timer (e.g. 0.5, 1, 2, 4 hours). Also, the air purifier and air cooler can be used simultaneously. Since this fan also has a remote control, it gives access to all the functions of the fan by sitting far away from the cooler.

NewAir AF-310 Design

This vibrant fan designed by NewAir was meant to save space and looks stylish. This all while cooling the environment with the maximum efficiency. It measures 12 inches in length, 11.5 inches in width, and 35 inches in height, being extremely stylish and compact at the same time.

The NewAir AF-310 weighs about 10 pounds and this might be the reason why the company did not provide a carrying handle. Apart from this, it also does not have a height adjusting feature which other fans are equipped with. Still, the classy look and strong base could not make you deny this tower fan, no matter how picky you are when it comes to home decoration.

Oscillation and Timer

Apart from all the extraordinary features that come with this NewAir fan, it also possesses a 60-degree oscillation angle to cover a greater range for cooling. The AF-310 tower fan includes a remote control and an electric timer for easy usage and convenience.

Warranty and Support

The most annoying thing that users have repeatedly complained about is its short warranty period of just 30 days. Surprisingly, there haven’t been problems related to the long-term usage from users, which means that this tower fan from NewAir is durable and can be trusted despite the warranty issue. For more details regarding the warranty trial, performance and design of the NewAir AF-310, contact the NewAir representatives online.

NewAir AF-310 Air Cooling
NewAir AF-310

Pros and Cons of the NewAir AF-310


– It can be used as a swamp cooler, humidifier or air purifier.
– It is affordable when compared to a central air conditioner with similar characteristics.
– The natural mode automatically adjusts the fan speed constantly to give a feel of a natural breeze.
– 60-degree oscillation angle.
– The water container and the ice pack gives a dynamic cooling experience.
– Exterior water duct is not required.


– It is based on evaporative cooling technique, which is a downside at places with high levels of humidity.
– Sometimes it gushes out water droplets in the air.
– It does not stand up to high expectations of cooling at extremely high temperatures.
– The efficiency of the ionizer reduces after extended use.

Conclusion: Should I Buy the NewAir AF-310

Till now there hasn’t come any tower fan that is as versatile as the NewAir AF-310. Its unique features of functioning as a humidifier, swamp cooler, air purifier, and a fan inside your home or office are what makes it stand out of the crowd of ordinary tower fans. But there are certain disadvantages that come with it.

It has a noise problem while running, a short period of warranty (30 days), and the absence of a switch to turn the humidifier off. Given that, it is still faring at the top spot due to its advantages; it would be a wise decision to spend some bucks on this model when you need a vibrant tower fan.

With the water tank volume of one gallon, the NewAir AF-310 evaporative tower cooling fan is the most affordable choice. It is capable of cooling up to 100 sq. ft. with greater efficiency than some of the central air conditioning units available.

Equipped with a remote control, this elegant looking tall tower fan cools the ambiance temperature by a staggering 20 degrees, and it comes with a built-in gel ice pack for extra cooling. It also has 3 different fan speeds with oscillating features and several modes to suit your requirements.

A “Nature Mode” is there to adjust the fan speed from time to time automatically to give the effect of a natural breeze. There’s also a “Sleep Mode” and a 7.5-hour timer. Furthermore, it has a filter using moist pads for germ-free water circulation. This is a benefit to those who are prone to infections and allergies.

What is an Evaporative Air Cooler?

Let’s look into the positive points of buying an evaporative cooler. Firstly, the recirculation of air is its biggest benefit to attract customers. Recirculation means when you leave a door or a window opened, fresh air enters the room and evaporative coolers suck in the breeze and re-circulate it, eliminating the stale air.

Secondly, an evaporative cooler consumes just one-third of electricity than central air conditioners. This saves a lot of electricity and reduces your electric bill by a great extent. It also proves to be a great cost-saver for the longer term. Moreover, they are also affordable and cheaper than central air conditioners when it comes to cooling the same area efficiently.

In addition to this, it provides moist pads that act as a filter to trap dust and pollen, making the surrounding healthy and safe for those who have allergies or infections. Contrary to the complex installation process of central air conditioners, evaporative coolers are extremely easy to be put together.

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NewAir AF-310 Multi Functional Evaporative Cooling Fan Video

Stay cool and save cash at the same time sounds good, right? NewAir provides a sleek and stylish electric tower fan that will purify, circulate and cool the air while oscillating at 60 degrees. For that reason, it can quickly circulate and evenly distribute the cool air through the room with simplicity.

The AF-310 from NewAir covers up to 100 Sq. Ft. With a tall and slim design. It’s an ideal addition to any room where space saving may be needed. This multi-function device offers the opportunity to be used as a fan, humidifier or air cooler.

NewAir AF-310
NewAir AF-310

Transcript of the Video
The NewAir AF-310 evaporative cooling fan provides a lot of options to stay cool during summer. It has three different fan speeds, two different running modes, a cooling mode, a timer and oscillating louvers. When you turn it, on it starts out in fan mode on high-speed. To switch to a lower speed is the speed button to cycle each of the lower settings.

Besides fan mode, there is also “nature mode” and “sleep mode”. Activate these modes by pressing the mode button. In nature mode, the fans cycle different fan speeds for different periods of time to simulate an outdoor breeze. In “sleep mode” defense starts on the high setting then gradually which way to a lower setting before finally shutting off.

It’s designed to help you follow sleep on hot nights not making the room too cold. To activate the cooling mode press the cool air button. This activates the water pump, which pumps water up to the evaporative cooling pad, for the water evaporates at the fan blows air through it. As the water evaporates it shows the air and if conditions are right and sometimes lower the temperature by as much as 20 to 30 degrees.

The timer function shuts the fan off after a set period of time, anywhere from 30 minutes to seven and half hours. Every time you press the timer button to add 30 minutes onto the time. To shut the timer off, keep pressing the timer button until all the lights go dark. To distribute the air the room but more evenly, press the swing button. This activates the louvers which oscillate back and forth. Press the swing button again to stop them wherever they are.

All these features can be combined together to create a powerful personalized cooling experience. You can activate them from anywhere in the room using the remote control that comes with the unit. The AF-310 evaporative cooling fan comes with a one-year warranty and is backed by a lifetime of reliable customer service from NewAir, A name you can trust.

NewAir AF-310 100 Sq. Ft. Evaporative Cooling Fan

Transcript of the Video
When the weather turns hot, it can be hard to find an escape. Where do we turn to stay reliably cool? Where is there a name we can trust? Introducing the NewAir AF-310. One of the most portable and easy to use cooling systems on the market. This NewAir AF-310 multifunction personal cooler can operate as a fan, humidifier, and an all-natural cooler. The automatic louvers oscillate 60 degrees back and forth, quickly circulating and evenly distributing cool refreshing air.

The NewAir AF-310 works by creating cool moisture in the air, so there’s no harmful coolant or chemicals. It’s just water. It weighs less than 12 pounds, so it’s easily portable. It’s tall and slim, stylish design, you can plenty put it in any part of the house. It also comes with a handy remote control. The LCD digital display lets you easily set multiple air speeds and comfort controls.

Not only does it define quality and work fantastic, but it is also backed by NewAir with a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The AF-310 is one of the best reviewed evaporative cooling fans online. People like that it costs much less and uses less power than an air conditioner, and that you can easily see when you need to add water.

That the water pad is easy to change. It can comfortably cool space up to 100 square feet, making it ideal for cooling small-to-medium sized bedrooms and offices.

Whatever the need, the NewAir AF-310 is one of the most proven and trusted evaporative coolers on the market. Don’t let the hot and dry environment keep you from enjoying life. Get the most out of it and stay cool and content. For dependability and innovation, you can count on NewAir.

NewAir AF-310

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