Have you ever smelled the air inside a room at a luxury hotel? It’s so fresh that the smell is almost indescribable. Air purification is their secret. With the Medify MA-40, you can achieve the same level of clean air that they do. Medify provides air purifiers to big-name luxury hotels in all the hot spots across the world, including Atlantic City, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Miami Beach and Mumbai.

Medify MA-40 Medical Grade True HEPA Air Purifier Review

A triple-layer medical-grade HEPA filter and a three-speed fan efficiently clean the air several times in an extra-large room, ridding the area of allergens and odors. The filter is easy to access and change, and the touch panel is equipped with a timer, an ionizer and a child lock. The MA-40 also measures and displays the indoor air quality in real time.

Tall yet Slim

Measuring 26 inches long, the white Medify MA-40 is a tall air-purification tower. Its 11-inch-wide frame also makes it slender enough to put in a crowded space. At 15 pounds, the MA-40 won’t wobble when children or pets run by it, and there are corner feet attached to the bottom, preventing the purifier from sliding on hard surfaces. There’s also an integrated handle in the backside of the housing to help you lift it.

High Airflow Rates

The MA-40 air purifier provides exceptional performance in rooms as big as 800 square feet. In an area of this size, dirty air is drawn through the rear intake and clean air is released through the front outlet at a 2-ACH rate. This means it circulates all the room’s air twice in one hour. The purifier also delivers clean air at a speed of 330 cubic feet per minute, which is on the high end of the CADR scale.

Medify MA-40 True HEPA Air Purifier Review

Medical-Grade H13 Filter

To trap allergens, eliminate odors and adsorb VOCs without air escaping between the layers, Medify put a huge three-in-one filter in the MA-40. This filter consists of an activated carbon layer, a pre-filtration layer and a true-HEPA layer.

Genuine HEPA filters come in varying levels of efficiency. The HEPA filter in this air purifier is a medical-grade H13 media. Therefore, it not only traps 99.97 percent of 0.3-micron particles but also 99.95 percent of 0.1-micron particles, achieving a level of clean that many other purifiers can’t reach.

Medify MA-40  Review

Variable-Speed Fan

A variable-speed fan circulates the air in the room at one of three speeds. You can choose any of the speeds and keep it static, or you can shift to a dynamic speed by putting the air purifier on auto mode. If you need quieter sound, sleep mode sets the fan to its lowest speed. Whichever mode you choose, you don’t have to worry about your energy bill – The MA-40 only draws 52 watts of electricity.

Colorized Air Quality Readout

You’ll never have to guess how clean the air is in the room thanks to the purifier’s air quality sensor. The sensor is able to detect particles down to a 2.5-micron width. Once the sensor measures the particle volume in the air, it displays the volume on a triple-dot color-coded indicator on the front of the MA-40’s wraparound screen.

Medify MA-40

Particle-Grabbing Ionization

Sometimes, germs and allergens are too tiny for even the most efficient air purifier to collect. That’s when an ionizer comes in handy. Medify integrated an ionizer into the MA-40, which releases anions that cling to airborne particles. As a result, the particles become big enough for the purifier to draw into the inlet, and the air quality improves even more.

Convenience Features

In addition to the previously mentioned sleep mode and auto mode, Medify put two other convenience features on the MA-40. The timer saves energy if you don’t want the air purifier to run 24 hours a day. You can set the timer to 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or 8 hours. When the time is up, the purifier turns off automatically.

The other convenience feature was added with parents in mind. If you have curious children who love to explore, especially when your back is turned, you’ll appreciate the purifier’s child lock. By holding down the lock button, your child won’t be able to change any settings while you’re using the bathroom, cooking in the kitchen or vacuuming the house.

Medify MA-40 Air Purifier

Glass-Top Control Panel

As opposed to a plastic scratch that’s susceptible to scratches and cloudiness, the MA-40 is affixed with a tempered-glass control panel. Every button on the panel is controllable with a quick tap, so there are no bulky buttons to press. Each time you change a setting, a soft chime lets you know you were successful.

Warrantied for Life

Since the filters are fitted into an all-in-one cartridge, it won’t take longer than a minute or two to change it. The rear access panel is easy to pull off, and the cartridge tab allows you to remove the filter without getting your hands dirty.

The filter lasts about six months, and an indicator on the panel lets you know when to check it. As long as you change the filter on a regular basis, Medify will cover any necessary repairs the entire time you have the MA-40 in your possession.

Medify MA-40 Medical Grade True HEPA Air Purifier

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Premium Purification at a Bargain Price

Due to its size and weight, we wish the Medify MA-40 had wheels. Other than that (and maybe a numerical particle readout), there’s nothing that this air purifier lacks. It’s designed to save floor space, and it has stabilizing feet. The one-piece H13 filter is extremely efficient and easy to change, and the CADR is just as impressive.

The three-speed fan with auto and sleep modes can get an optional ionization boost at the touch of a button. The visual air quality sensor tells you in an instant whether you’re breathing clean air, and the child lock makes the purifier a must-have for parents. The timer, the audible setting confirmation and the glass top add to the list of the air purifier’s positive features. Throw in the lifetime warranty, and we’re sold!

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