Wildfires are devastating, and the smoke that comes from them can travel long distances. According to the Insurance Information Institute, California had the second highest number of wildfires in 2018. If your home is in the path of wildfire smoke, you’re exposing yourself to ash and a whole host of volatile organic compounds that are dangerous to your health.

Medify Air 'Wildfire CA Edition' MA-112 True HEPA H13 Air Purifier

To combat the effects of wildfire smoke, Medify Air designed the MA-112 Air Purifier. To date, the MA-112 boasts Medify Air’s widest room coverage. It’s equipped with a dual set of medical-grade filters. Plus, the air quality sensor displays its readings in numerical and color-coded format, so you can monitor the quality of the air inside your house.

Up to 3,700 Square Feet of Coverage

You can place the Medify Air MA-112 in almost any room without reducing its performance. In 1 hour, the MA-112 can filter the air in a 3,700-square-foot room. Of course, if the air quality is poor, you’ll need it to circulate the air faster. In 30 minutes, the air purifier can exchange the air of a 2,500-square-foot space.

If you set up the air purifier in a 1,250-square-foot room, you’ll get an air exchange rate of four times per hour and a high clean air delivery rate. To achieve this level of performance, Medify Air added two large inlets as well as a 360-degree cyclonic outlet.

Two Triple-Filter Sets

At the heart of the MA-112 filtration system, there are two huge true-HEPA H13 filters, one on each side of the air purifier. These two medical-grade filters go beyond the 0.3-micron capturing rate of typical HEPA filters, trapping particles as small as 0.1 micron.

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In front of both pleated true-HEPA filters, you’ll find an activated carbon filter. The activated carbon pellets of these filters get rid of smoke-related odors and remove volatile organic compounds from the air. The air purifier also has two pre-filter screens that trap clog-causing particles like ash, dust and hair.

Easy to Handle

Measuring 15 by 28 inches and weighing 33.5 pounds, this is definitely a sizeable air purifier, but it’s still easy to move. Medify Air put two recessed handles on each side of the air purifier. These handles help you keep the MA-112 steady as you roll it across the floor on its set of discreet wheels.

The filters in the air purifier are protected by panels that pop off in an instant. The pre-filters last forever as long as you wash them on a regular basis. You can expect the other filters to last about 3,000 hours. If you change them at least once every 6 months, Medify Air will warranty it for life.

Dual Air Quality Readouts

When you’re trying to safeguard your health during a wildfire outbreak, it’s imperative to know if your purifier is reducing the particles in the air. Medify Air integrated a particulate-matter sensor for just this purpose. The sensor provides real-time data, displaying readouts in number format and a series of colors.

Medify Air Wildfire CA Edition MA-112

You can choose from four levels of airflow. Each fan has a corresponding indicator light, so you’ll have no doubt as to the fan speed you’ve selected. The 95-watt air purifier also has an automatic-fan option. When the MA-112 is set to auto-fan, the air purifier will adjust the air to improve or maintain the air quality.

Optional Ionizer

If the air quality remains poor despite keeping the MA-112 on its highest fan speed, you can run the air purifier’s anion generator. When activated, the anion generator will create and release negative ions into the air. In turn, the ions attach to incredibly small particles, increasing their overall size, so the purifier can filter them from the air.

Medify Air MA-112 True HEPA H13 Air Purifier Review

The touch panel offers more controls in addition to the fan speed and the ionizer. You can set a timer up to 8 hours. Sleep mode lowers the lights and reduces the fan speed. If you have curious children, the MA-112 has a button lock that will prevent them from changing the purifier’s settings.

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Well-Designed and Ultra-Efficient

Don’t pass over the MA-112 because of its size. When dealing with wildfire smoke, you need a large, capable air purifier. The MA-112’s dual inlets, cyclone-style outlet and four-speed fan can handle the demands of rooms from 1,250 to 3,700 square feet. It contains double the number of filters than most, including two activated carbon and medical-grade HEPA filters.

You can view the current air quality in numbers or colors from the sleek touch panel. Auto-fan makes controlling the air quality convenient. There’s a timer if you want to conserve energy, and the ion generator boosts the air purifier’s efficiency. If you’re worried about your health, the Medify Air MA-112 won’t let you down.

Medify Air MA-112 True HEPA H13

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