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Levoit VeSync Core 400S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier Review

Levoit is well-known for making top-notch air purifiers for rooms of all sizes. Today, we’re looking at one of the mid-capacity models—the highly intelligent VeSync Core 400S—to see whether it’s really worth the budget-friend cost. Spoiler alert: it is!

Levoit VeSync Core 400S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier Review
Levoit VeSync Core 400S

403-Square-Foot Coverage

Judging solely by its compact design and 11-pound build, it’s safe to assume that the Core 400S is a low- to mid-range air purifier. It can cover up to 403 square feet at most, making it a suitable model for the average living room in large homes, as well as multiple rooms in apartments.

At most, the Core 400S can produce up to 5 air changes per hour, thanks to the new and improved VortexAir suction system.

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3-Stage Cleaning System with H13 HEPA Filter

The Core 400S offers the standard three-tier filtration system found in most mid-range air purifiers. It starts off by removing larger particles with the washable pre-filter.

LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Large Room, Smart WiFi and Alexa Control, H13 True HEPA Filter for Allergies, Pets, Smoke, Dust in Bedroom, Auto Mode, Monitor Air Quality with PM2.5 Display, Core 400S
Levoit VeSync Core 400S

Next up is the medical-grade H13 True HEPA Filter that’s designed to capture 0.3-micron particles and large at a rate of 99.97%. Lastly, the purified air passes through an activated carbon filter to neutralize smoke, odor, and VOCs to produce clean, breathable indoor air.


To gauge the effectiveness of an air purifier, you’ll have to look at the CADR ratings, which determine how well the device handles smoke, dust, and pollen. The average CADR rating for the Core 400S for all three categories is 260 CFM, which isn’t surprising, seeing as how Levoit consistently makes air purifiers that go beyond the 200-CFM mark.

However, at 260 CFM, you’re looking at one of the most powerful air purifiers that can contend with flagship models from other brands.

360-Degree Inlet

Much of the Core 400S’s unrivaled cleaning capabilities is due to its cylindrical design. The air purifier draws in air from all directions, so users don’t have to worry about optimal placement in spacious rooms. As air enters the bottom of the device, clean air is forced upward and in the same 360-degree manner for optimal purification performance.

Levoit Core 400S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier Review
Levoit VeSync Core 400S

Airsight Plus Air-Quality Sensor

You couldn’t call the Core 400S a smart air purifier if it didn’t come with an air-quality sensor. In the Core 400S’s case, the Airsight Plus scans for airborne particles and informs users of how contaminated or not the air is.

When switched to auto mode, the machine will switch between fan modes on its own accord based on its real-time pollution readings.

VeSync App

To make matters even better, the Core 400S can sync to your smartphone via the VeSync app. This app will keep users in the loop by sending progress reports and air quality readings, as well as allow you to input a sleep timer and scroll between different fan speeds and cleaning modes from anywhere in the world.

Levoit Core 400S
Levoit VeSync Core 400S

If you have an Alexa or Assistant device at home, feel free to sync it to your Core 400S to activate voice commands.

Levoit VeSync Core 400S Intro Video

Verdict: A Top Contender for Purifier for Medium-Sized Rooms

While the Levoit VeSync Core 400S is missing certain premium features—e.g., gas sensors, UV-C kill chambers, ionizers—it does an excellent job in removing common airborne particles.

Plus, it hardly generates any noise, even on its highest fan speed. Anyone who suffers from allergies or simply wants cleaner indoor air, the Core 400S is a fantastic option.

Levoit Core 400S Air Purifier
Levoit VeSync Core 400S
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Most Popular The Levoit Core 300 air purifier has some strong suits, but in our opinion it falls short of carving out a meaningful niche for itself. Its ideal use would be in a small bedroom occupied by someone who is sensitive to noise.

Also Great With high end air cleaning performance and a whisper quiet fan, the Winix 5500-2 is the perfect combination of power and finesse. It cleared airborne particulates out of our smokey testing room faster than any other model.

Best of the Best If you have a large space you want to remove irritants from, We recommend the Airmega 400S. All of Coway air purifiers do an excellent job of attacking indoor pollutants, and we highly recommend any of them. The 400S is designed to accommodate large room sizes.

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