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LEVOIT LV-H135 Air Purifier Review

Say goodbye to nasty odors and miserable post-nasal drips with the Levoit LV-H35 air purifier. This purifier maximizes the air circulation in medium to large rooms thanks to its four-sided intake and cyclonic outlet. Three filters, including a HEPA and a carbon media, keep the air allergen-free and fresh. A convenient touch panel displays the air quality in brilliant color, and there are plenty of fan modes from which to choose.

LEVOIT LV-H135 Air Purifier Review

Rolls on Wheels

The Levoit H135 has a set of four wheels, so you can push it anywhere you want. Considering that the air purifier weighs 18 pounds and measures 13 by 25 inches, we say these wheels are a necessity, not a luxury. As far as style goes, the tall, rectangular purifier has an arctic white finish capped with a black top, giving it a decidedly modern flare.

Comprehensive Filtration

As opposed to discs and cartridges, the H135 has a barrel-style filter. This means the air purifier can capture more germs, allergens and odors. The filtration unit consists of two layers. There’s a true-HEPA filter with a built-in pre-filter. This layer traps dust, hair, dander and pollen. The inner layer is made of activated carbon, which neutralizes odors and adsorbs harmful volatile organic compounds.

LEVOIT LV-H135 Air Purifier

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Automated and Manual Fan Settings

Inside the air purifier, there’s a three-speed fan controlled by a brushless motor. Due to the lack of moving parts, the fan never gets louder than 54 decibels. Levoit gives you the ability to change the fan speed manually, or you can let the H135 determine the best fan speed automatically. For ultra-quiet background noise, the purifier also has a 26-decibel sleep mode.

Air From All Sides

The Levoit H135 not only works in rooms up to 463 square feet but also performs efficiently in these spaces. This model boasts a clean air delivery rate of 212 cubic feet per minute. It expertly cleans the room’s air by pulling dirty air through its four-sided intake system. Once the air runs through the filter drum, the now-clean air is released from a sizeable cyclonic outlet on top of the purifier.

LEVOIT Air Purifier

Particle Sensing Technology

On the backside of the H135, there’s a compartment that houses an air quality sensor, which is sensitive enough to detect particles as small as 2.5 microns. In a mere 30 seconds after detection, the air purifier reflects the particle volume on its indicator light ring. Blue and green specify clean air while yellow and red symbolize dirty air.

Responsive Touch Panel

Every function the Levoit H135 has to offer is accessible via the sophisticated top-mounted control panel. A series of touch buttons allow you to select the fan mode of your choice, reset the filter indicator, set an 8-hour timer and turn off the display’s LED light. You can even adjust the color-ring indicator’s brightness by pressing on it with the palm of your hand.

LEVOIT LV-H135 Review

Uncomplicated Maintenance

No screwdrivers or weekly once-overs are necessary to maintain the H135. Simply pull off the rear access panel to remove the filters for a monthly brushing or gentle vacuuming. You won’t have to replace the filters on the drum but once every 6 to 8 months. Beyond the filters, all that’s left is to wipe down the housing with a damp cloth as needed and rinse the sensor’s protective sponge when it appears dirty.

Large-Room Efficiency

Levoit gives other makers of large-room air purifiers a run for their money with its H135 model. The air purifier is stylish and capable. While Levoit has packed it with the purification technology that today’s consumers demand, it manages to implement these technological components without detracting from the purifier’s usability. Want to see how the H135 compares to other large-room air purifiers? Take a look at these models by Levoit, Winix and Honeywell.


Levoit LV-H135 vs. LV-H134

While the H135 is tower-like and the LV-H134 is conical-shaped, both air purifiers share many of Levoit’s best features. Behind a rear access door, there’s a long-lasting dual-layer HEPA filter with an inner carbon media. They have air inlets on all four sides as well as a cyclone-style outlet on top.

Levoit LV-H135 vs. LV-H134

A three-speed fan allows for customizable airflow, and each purifier offers a sleep and an automatic alternative. The touch panel is quite sleek, and it showcases a quadruple-colored air quality indicator that receives information from a 2.5-micron particle sensor.

Between both models, the H135 is quieter at 26. The H135 also uses five fewer watts than its H134 counterpart. Those who aren’t keen on heavy portable appliances will appreciate that the H135 weighs 11 pounds less than the H134. Plus, the H135’s overall dimensions are smaller.

Although both are meant for large-room purification, the Levoit H134 can cover almost 250 square feet more than the H135, and it does so with a higher CADR. In addition to its air quality ring, the H134 also has a numerical particle counter, and you can set the H134’s timer to 12 hours instead of 8 hours.

Levoit LV-H134

Levoit LV-H135 vs. LV-PUR131S

A three-speed fan that produces the same level of quiet sound is just one of the features that the H135 and the PUR131S have in common. Both are housed in Levoit’s signature white finish, and each one consumes a mere 40 watts of electricity. Like all of Levoit’s air purifiers, the H135 and PUR131S only use true-HEPA media.

Levoit LV-H135 vs. LV-PUR131S

The purifiers’ touch panels are equipped with a memory function and a multi-color particle indicator. Their respective control panels also let you adjust the LED backlight. Plus, you can choose from manual fan, auto mode or sleep mode and set a timer.

Even though both models filter particles through three layers, the H135’s cylindrical filter has all layers on one drum instead of separate cartridges. The inlet/outlet setup on the H135 produces a CADR that’s 77 cfm more than the PUR131S. The H135 also boasts a 30-second faster particle readout and a sponge-protected sensor.

The W-Fi-enabled PUR131S offers features that the H135 doesn’t have, including a remote, smartphone control and voice command-capability. The PUR131S’ timer can be set to 12 hours as opposed to just 8 hours, and the filter life is measured by an algorithm. Additionally, the PUR131S is lighter, and it takes up less floor space.

Levoit LV-PUR131S

Levoit LV-H135 vs. Winix 5500-2

Both the white Levoit H135 and the black Winix 5500-2 clean the air via a three-stage, ozone-free HEPA filtration system. Each one is also equipped with a horizontal touch panel. Using smart-sensor technology, these purifiers are able to detect the surrounding air’s particle volume and relay that data to a visual indicator.

Levoit LV-H135 vs. Winix 5500-2

The Levoit tower and the boxy Winix offer a multitude of settings for customized purification. Auto mode is convenient when you don’t want to make manual fan-speed changes. Sleep mode keeps the noise level down, and an 8-hour timer saves energy.

A cyclone outlet and surround intake outdo the Winix’s grille and three-sided inlet, providing 100 more square feet of coverage. The Levoit’s filter setup is simpler than the Winix’s, and the Levoit model consumes 30 fewer watts. The Levoit’s air quality ring shines in four colors unlike the Winix’s tri-colored strip. Plus, you can dim the particle indicator with a quick palm touch.

On the Winix air purifier, LED adjustment is automatic, and there are four fan speeds instead of three. One button lets you toggle between auto and sleep, and PlasmaWave technology makes the Winix’s filters last twice as long as the Levoit’s. You also get the convenience of a remote and the benefit of a slightly higher CADR.

Winix 5500-2

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Levoit LV-H135 vs. Honeywell HPA300

These air purifiers cover the same number of square feet with true-HEPA filtration, providing efficient performance in a large or medium-sized space. The Levoit LV-H135 and the Honeywell HPA300 air purifiers feature a top-positioned panel with touch-button control. On their individual panels, features like the filter-check light and 8-hour incremental timer make life a little easier.

Levoit LV-H135 vs. Honeywell HPA300

Even though there’s only a 1-pound difference between the two, the Levoit purifier is equipped with wheels while the lighter Honeywell has side handles. The white Levoit H135 consumes 40 watts to the black Honeywell’s 127 watts, and it has an auto and a sleep mode.

As far as the way in which the air is collected, filtered and distributed, the Levoit is by far superior. The Levoit purifier’s pre-filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter are attached to a single drum while the Honeywell has three side-by-side HEPA filters covered by a pre-carbon sheet. The Levoit model has three more inlets than the Honeywell, and its outlet is cyclone-shaped.

However, the Honeywell air purifier has a 307 CADR, which is higher than the Levoit’s. On its highest level, the four-speed fan allows the Honeywell model to give the room a purification boost. Front filter access makes changes easier, and the air purifier requires less open floor space. While you can turn off both purifiers’ LED bulb, the Honeywell also has a low and a high brightness mode.

Honeywell HPA300

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Most Popular The Levoit Core 300 air purifier has some strong suits, but in our opinion it falls short of carving out a meaningful niche for itself. Its ideal use would be in a small bedroom occupied by someone who is sensitive to noise.

Also Great With high end air cleaning performance and a whisper quiet fan, the Winix 5500-2 is the perfect combination of power and finesse. It cleared airborne particulates out of our smokey testing room faster than any other model.

Best of the Best If you have a large space you want to remove irritants from, We recommend the Airmega 400S. All of Coway air purifiers do an excellent job of attacking indoor pollutants, and we highly recommend any of them. The 400S is designed to accommodate large room sizes.

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