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Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser Review

If you love how essential oils can transform your mood, and your tastes are geared toward materials used in contemporary decor, the Levoit Essential Air Diffuser is right up your alley. This diffuser gives you the all the benefits of aromatherapy, and its glass and wood characteristics make it a beautiful addition to your home or office.

Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser Review
LEVOIT Essential Oil Diffuser

Plus, the cubed diffuser pumps out a cool mist that improves your overall health, and its noise-reduction technology allows the diffuser to run at night without disturbing your sleep. You can also change the color of the LED light and secure the adapter cord to a catch hole.

The tank is large enough to infuse the air in small rooms with a calming aroma. When the tank runs out of water, the essential oil diffuser turns itself off to prevent damage to the internal components.

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Softened Mid-Century Modern Appearance

You can’t help but notice the design elements that Levoit chose for this essential oil diffuser. Its cubed shape and curved edges give the diffuser a lightly sculpted look. The natural beech wood base and thick frosted glass really solidify that mid-century modern appearance.

To ensure that the functional elements of the design do not interfere with the diffuser’s art-like presentation, Levoit decided to make the power button and mist button flat and non-obtrusive. What you get from the combined elements is a diffuser that becomes a conversation piece.

Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser
LEVOIT Essential Oil Diffuser

Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser | Recommended

A Healthy Cool Mist

Of course, this diffuser is much more than just a tasteful decoration. The approximately 4-ounce water tank produces a mist volume of 27 milliliters per hour.

Depending on how long you choose to run the cool-mist option, a full tank of water will last anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours, boosting your immune system and improving your breathing ability.

Once the tank is empty, the essential oil diffuser automatically powers down, so you can just let it run while you relax or drift off to sleep. Since it uses ultrasonic technology, you will barely hear the diffuser when it pumps out a fine mist.

Levoit Oil Diffuser
LEVOIT Essential Oil Diffuser

Customize the Aroma and Color

Before you turn on the cool-mist diffuser, you can add one to three drops of any hydrosoluble essential oil in a scent of your choice, such as eucalyptus, lavender r sandalwood.

If you want the aroma to smell stronger, you can add up to 10 drops of essential oil in the water tank without clogging the diffuser. To coordinate the color of the diffuser with the room or your mood, you can press the touch button on the diffuser’s base to choose one out of seven colors or a rotating combination of all seven.


Finally, an essential oil diffuser that doesn’t look like an ugly, clunky machine, and it even has a cool-mist spray. This diffuser makes a minimal amount of noise, and it turns itself off when the tank is empty.

Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser Review
LEVOIT Essential Oil Diffuser

Plus, the interior of the tank has a fill line, so you won’t put too much water in the diffuser, and there is a latch to keep the adapter cord in place. Tranquility at its finest – That’s the Levoit Essential Oil Diffuser.

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Essential Oil Diffuser | Recommended

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