Looking for a robot vacuum with all the bells and whistles? You can get one for a lot cheaper than you think. The T700 is a do-it-all robo vac made by the up-and-coming brand Lefant. Equipped with a variable-suction control and a double-bristle brushroll, the T700 is a powerful suctioning force. If your hard floors are looking dingy, a quick switch of a few parts turn the robo vac into a wet mop that will restore their shine.

Lefant Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

With this robotic vacuum, you can check off once-aggravating cleaning tasks such as pet hair pickup and under-furniture dusting. The extra-large dust box contains a HEPA-type filter that captures fur and other allergens. Thanks to its slim design, the robot has no problem reaching dust bunnies and other debris that like to hide underneath your couch and bed.

You don’t have to be home to use the robo vacuum if you install the Lefant smartphone app. The app lets you set a routine, see where the robot has cleaned and receive critical operating information. For a less automated approach, you can use the included remote to manually drive the robot, select a specific cleaning mode and change the suction strength and water output.

We were fortunate enough to receive a T700 robot vacuum from Lefant, so we could experience its capabilities firsthand. We were blown away by its efficiency. After reading our feature-by-feature breakdown of the robo vac, you’ll see why we here at HouseholdMe are impressed by the Lefant T700.

Lefant Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Suction Aplenty

At the heart of the Lefant, there is a high-quality Japanese-made motor. Per your selection, the motor produces suction at a low, medium or high level of strength. When on high strength, the suction reaches a pressure of 1,800 pascals. Since the motor is brushless, the noise output is low and smooth.

What can 1,800 pascals’ worth of suction clean? A lot. From stubborn pet hair to heavy debris, there is almost no mess the T700 can’t handle. To see what the robot could lift, we laid a path of chip crumbs on medium-pile carpet. It only took the robo vac one pass to suction every last crumb.

A Brush Trifecta

Well-made robot vacuums have three brushes, and the T700 is no exception. On either side of the robot, there is a side brush. The pair of wispy brushes spin at high speed to whisk away dust and dirt from wall edges and baseboards. While they aren’t pre-installed, the brushes are easy to snap into place. Lefant also throws in a replacement pair.

The real lifting power comes from the robo vac’s central brush housing. With an edge-to-edge row of bristles on the housing coupled with a brushroll, buried and stuck debris stand no chance. If you have delicate floors, you don’t need a screwdriver to remove the brushroll. Instead, press the release tabs for suction-only vacuuming.

Lefant T700 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Large-Capacity Dust Box

Unless the floor is littered with dirt, it will take a while for the vacuum to fill its dust box. With a capacity of 0.6 liters, the box is quite large for a robotic vacuum cleaner. The box truly glides out of the robot, making it a breeze to dump the contents.

In the box’s top compartment, you’ll find a set of filters. The main filter captures contaminants as small as 10 microns, which includes particles like pollen, mold spores and dust. Although you can shake off the dust, you’ll eventually need to replace the filters – Lefant provides an extra pair with the robo vac.

Wet and Dry Mopping

The T700 comes with all the components necessary to mop your floor – a water tank, two mop pads and a squeegee housing. Like the dust box, the water tank slides in and out of the robot. It holds 285 milliliters of water, and there are measurement markings for monitoring the water level.

A squeegee housing replaces the brushroll, and it too is easy to attach. To complete the transformation from robo vac to robo mop, secure one of the reusable microfiber pads to the bottom of the tank. A few clicks of a button gives you the ability to choose from one of three water-release levels. You can also mop without water (this works great for dusting hardwood floors).

Lefant T700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Intelligent Navigation

You can have as much or as little control over the robot’s navigation as you want. Manual driving in four directions is an option. There is also a spot mode than moves the T700 in a spiral to suction small piles of dirt. Edge mode collects debris from wall edges.

If you don’t have time to control the robot vacuum, auto mode will move the robot in a random pattern, simultaneously learning its way around your house. Other specialized automatic modes are available via Lefant’s app. To read about the app’s features, scroll down to ” The Smartphone App” section.

Self-Protection Features

When you start up the robotic vacuum for the first time, you’ll likely see it gently bump table legs and baseboards. The longer it cleans, the less often this occurs due to its continual-learning navigation system.

Sensors are a part of the navigation system. Integrated into the robot are sensors that prevent collisions and falls, keeping the robot safe and sound. When the robot does make contact with an object, a pressure-absorbing bumper protects both the robot and the object.

Lefant T700 Review

Rubber Wheels

They may seem insignificant, but the style of wheels can make or break a robo vac’s performance. A front caster wheel allows the robot to make on-point turns when you’re driving it or it’s dodging obstacles.

A pair of side wheels are treaded and rubberized. These aspects give the T700 two benefits. First, the robot is able to climb heights of 0.7 inches, making hard floor to carpet transitions flawless. Second, you don’t have to worry about the wheels leaving marks on hardwoods, tile or linoleum flooring.

Slim in Size

This is definitely not a bulky robo vac. From the bottom of its rubber wheels to the top of its glossy cover, the T700 stands just 3.14 inches tall. Therefore, the 12.6-inch-wide robot can clear many common pieces of furniture without getting stuck.

It’s also a decent size in terms of weight. At 6.17 pounds, the robot vacuum is light enough to carry up the stairs for second-story vacuuming. It’s also heavy enough to keep the robot sturdy as it maneuvers through your house.

Lefant T700

Long-Lasting and Self-Docking

Lefant chose to equip the robo vacuum with a lithium-ion polymer battery. With a capacity of 2,600 mAh, it takes about 4.5 hours for the battery to fully recharge. However, the tradeoff is a lengthy runtime of 110 minutes.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll come home to a dead vacuum in the middle of the floor. Lefant designed the T700 to be self-docking. This means it places itself on the charging dock when its battery is low. The dock itself is small, so it won’t hog a lot of floor space, and it has a storage compartment for the brush-cleaning tool.

The Remote Control

An uncluttered top is one of the robot vacuum’s aesthetic appeals. The only button on the top is a power control. This flat touch button starts and pauses an auto-cleaning session with a single press. However, you’ll probably end up using the remote or the smartphone app the most.

With the remote control, you have access to many more features, including auto, spot and edge mode. The remote also has directional arrows and a dock button. Plus, you can choose a suction strength and a water-release level.

Lefant T700 Robotic Vacuum Review

The Smartphone App

If you’ve misplaced the remote, you’re away from home or you want to use features not available on the remote, you need the smartphone app. Compatible with Androids and iPhones, you can install and connect the Lefant app in a matter of minutes. To keep your account and network secure, the app pushes an SMS verification code to your phone during setup.

Once you get the app up and running, you’ll see several convenient features. You can plan a route, which moves the robot in an S-pattern. There is also a real-time coverage map, and a scheduler that starts a cleaning session on the days and times you specify.

A Worthy Contender

With our experience reviewing appliances from established and young brands, we’ve learned to never underestimate a newcomer. As far as Lefant goes, its T700 model rivals the well-known robo vacs from major household names in the robotic vacuum cleaner industry.

The T700 mops and self-docks. It offers three suction strengths, so you can choose a high level for big messes or a low level for area rugs. The robot is also Wi-Fi enabled, giving you another control option besides a remote. We also appreciate the large dust box and outstanding battery life. Thankfully, a screwdriver isn’t required to remove and clean the brushroll.

Equally as important are the small signs of thoughtfulness, such as the on-dock cleaning tool compartment. The fact that Lefant includes plenty of spare replacement parts indicates it’s a company that doesn’t nickel-and-dime its customers. If you’re a price-conscious consumer who enjoys premium appliances or a pet owner who is tired of cleaning up shed fur every day, the Lefant T700 Robot Vacuum Mop is made just for you.

Lefant Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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