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Kenmore Elite 10440 Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

The Kenmore Elite 10440 SSV Cordless Quick Clean 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum is the solution to keep your floors sparkling clean. This stick vacuum features a dedicated Bare Floor System that can easily tackle your wood, tile, laminate, area rugs, low pile carpets, and more. Plus, experience the ease of being untethered to the wall, the Kenmore Elite can be charged anywhere and boasts a removable, rechargeable 25V lithium-ion battery. At under 6 pounds, you don’t need to be a muscle queen to have a floor that’s spic and span.

Cleanliness is Within Your Grasp

The Kenmore Elite Cordless Quick Clean is light and versatile and makes comprehensive cleaning a breeze. It’s less than three feet long, and lighter than most laptops, so you can carry it up and down stairs, or even vacuum those stairs while you go, without a hassle. Have some dust on top of your bookshelf? Some pesky summer spiderwebs in the corner of your room? Simply suck them away in an instant.

You can even detach the handle and use it as a hand vacuum, perfect for quick cleanups. The handle is made of a soft grip material, so it’s easy on your hands too. You don’t even have to hold down the power button while vacuuming, as you do in other small vacuums. The head swivels 180º, maximizing its access to even those hard-to-reach places, helping the Kenmore Elite to do its job better so it can make your job easier!

Suction like the Pros

The head of the Kenmore Elite is specially designed for hard floors, so its microfiber brush couples with the powerful suction of a much bigger vacuum to achieve dynamic cyclonic cleaning of your hardwood, laminate, tile, and engineered floors. It can even clean low pile carpets and area rugs, making it the ideal equipment for most of the rooms in your house.

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You can conquer those pesky pet hairs on your couch too, with the motorized Pet PowerMate attachment, included. Dust is whisked away with the crevice attachment, great for your blinds and shelves. With a super maneuverable head, you can get underneath your couch and attack those dust bunnies! Even the scary mysteries under the refrigerator are no match for this vacuum. With both a low-powered setting and a high-powered setting, the power is yours.

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Battery Power

Included with the Kenmore Bare Floor System is a portable charger with a 25V lithium-ion battery. It can be plugged in and charged in any outlet in any room, and, with an easy-to-see battery indicator on the vacuum itself, you know when it’s time for more juice. You’ll never get stranded mid-floor. It takes just under four hours for a recharge, and there are options for recharging, depending on your needs.

The stick vacuum itself can be wall-mounted on an included charging dock, and charge while it is being stored unobtrusively against the wall. Also included with the system is a separate charging base station for the battery alone. So no matter your setup, the Kenmore Elite can charge quickly and easily. A second battery can also be purchased from Kenmore, but a single battery can usually last almost thirty minutes per charge.

The opportunities offered with a cordless, battery-powered vacuum are endless. Never again pay to have the inside of your car, particularly the underneath of your seats, vacuumed again. The Kenmore Elite can swivel in those nooks and crannies, and its powerful suction can even get those cookie crumbs in the cracks of the seat.

Imagine cleaning the blades of your ceiling fan without having to do the limbo underneath an annoying power cord. Whisk away the dust from the top of every family portrait on the wall, even if they’re hanging along the stairs. This stick vacuum is so light and easy that the options are limitless.

Down to the Floor

Experience the benefits of the Kenmore Bare Floor System’s specializations. It has a microfibre roller, not a brush, so it won’t scratch your hardwood. You can go from your area rug to your hardwood floor without having to change heads. It is bagless too, and the HEPA filter can be removed and cleaned separately without ever having to touch a disgusting fabric dust bag.

In fact, the HEPA filtration system has specializations of its own; the cyclonic action traps fine dust particles and allergens, helping the air in your home to be cleaner. The canister empties right into the trash can with the push of a button, for less mess and ease of cleaning.

Kenmore Elite 10440: Conclusion

With benefits of a larger, more expensive vacuum, and the ease of a handheld vac, the Kenmore Elite 10440 SSV Cordless Quick Clean 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum makes cleaning so easy and hassle-free that you’ll want to throw confetti, particularly since this vacuum will have such an easy time cleaning that confetti up.

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