Washing machines are great. There’s nothing worse than having to put in the elbow grease to get rid of grass and mud stains. But because there are so many models and manufacturers out there, it can be a dizzying experience when looking for the right washing machine. Sometimes, it’s best just to go back to the basics.

Kenmore 2622352 4.2 cu. ft. Top Load Washer Review

Basic doesn’t necessarily mean limited, and the Kenmore 2622352 Top Load Washer is proof. Kenmore had to sacrifice some features to fit the low-budget niche, but the washing machine in this review still performs admirably well. This machine has a number of washing settings, so you can rest easy knowing that your washer won’t tear a hole in your favorite garment. Let’s check out what makes this Kenmore-made top load washing machine so great.

Washing Ability

This 28 x 27.5 x 43-inches washing machine is small enough to fit in any laundry room. It even comes with an agitator inside for effective scrubbing. The unit has 5 wash temperatures to choose from, so you can tackle even the most caked-on stains on your clothes. For a cost-efficient washing machine, The Kenmore 2622352 does quite well in removing stains. The agitators in this machine get stains out by applying physical force for a thorough scrubbing, so although it can clean clothes, they might not be able to last you for long.

The anti-corrosive tub has a load capacity of up to 4.2 cubic feet. For a budget washing machine, this is actually a decent size. This lets users wash more clothes per washing cycle, and it can hold onto large volumes of water so bigger loads can be cleaned more effectively.

One missing feature that is of significant importance is a digital ETA reader for cycle times, which, unfortunately, is not available on this machine. This adds an element of guesswork when considering whether to add clothes to the tub or not.

Kenmore 2622352 4.2 cu. ft. Top Load Washer

Lockable Lid

The Kenmore 2622352 comes with a self-locking top to ensure that your clothes don’t go flying everywhere when they spin at high speed. This should also help prevent curious children from opening the lid while it’s spinning. The lockable lid can be opened to add clothes to the stainless-steel tub mid-wash, and it will continue its cycle as soon as the top is closed again.


The machine uses agitation to forcefully and effectively remove stains, but it does this at the cost of speed. Previous models by Kenmore were more time-efficient in their cleaning cycles, but this 2622352 model cleans much better.

Another concern about this machine is that it uses considerably more water than other comparable models, and even compared to more expensive ones. However, the extra water does not go to waste; using the Whites setting, it can get rid of more protein-based stains than similar washing machines.

Overall, the tradeoff for a low price tag is higher long-term expenses. The longer cleaning cycles mean more electricity usage, and the extra water to clean clothes also adds to the pile of additional costs.

Kenmore 2622352 Top Load Washer Review

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Kenmore 2622352: Bottom Line

If you are looking for a machine that does an effective job at getting rid of stains, then the Kenmore 2622352 washing machine could be a worthy purchase. The traditional agitation process does well at getting rid of even protein stains like chocolate and blood.

However, if you are looking for a machine that can last ages and treats your clothes with care, this is not the right washing machine. This is perhaps a cost-efficient model which serves as a temporary replacement for your old one or is used in cheap Laundromats and apartments. Overall, it is good, but it is not excellent.

Kenmore 2622352 Top Load Washer

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