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Kenmore 10340 vs 10341: Stick Vacuum Comparison

Light-duty jobs call for a lightweight vacuum, not full-size upright. To clean messes on the floor and above it, you need a two-in-one stick vacuum like these. The Kenmore 10340 and the Kenmore 10341 weight under 10 pounds, and they are designed to transform into a handheld vacuum with the touch of a button.

Kenmore 10340 vs 10341 Stick Vacuum Comparison

These stick vacuums are equipped with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery for no-fade suction and long working times. Each model features a brushroll for carpet vacuuming and dual-purpose tool for all your above-floor vacuuming needs.

With their fingertip controls, you can change the suction speed without having to bend over. Thanks to swivel steering, cleaning around furniture is easy. The charge time for these Kenmore stick vacuums is average, so you won’t need to wait too long for the battery to replenish, and the charging dock offers tool storage.

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A Lithium-Ion Battery

Kenmore 10340
With a cordless stick vacuum, the battery type can make or break the vacuum’s performance. You’ll have no problem getting strong suction from the Kenmore 10340. It contains a 14.4-volt lithium-ion battery that offers anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes of runtime.

This stick-handheld combo comes with a charging base that has a raised support for the back of the vacuum cleaner, ensuring it stays in place. When on the base, the battery only takes 4 to 5 hours to recharge, and an indicator light on the handle tells you the battery’s status.

Kenmore 10341
The Kenmore 10341 provides the same reliable performance but uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery to do it. Thanks to the addition of a bigger battery, you get 15 to 30 of battery power at a time that won’t waver towards the end of its charge.

Even though the 10341’s battery has a higher capacity, the cordless vacuum still recharges in no more than 5 hours. You can monitor the battery’s charging progress by looking at the battery-shaped indicator on the stick vacuum’s handle. Like the other Kenmore two-in-one, this model comes with a back-supporting charging station.

Conclusion: When it comes to the battery, the Kenmore 10341 provides the longer run time. However, both stick vacuums have a lithium-ion battery, which is the highest quality battery used for cordless appliances. You’ll also like the charging dock that comes with each vacuum and the short recharge time of these stick vacs’ battery.

A Removable Handheld Vac

Kenmore 10340
Its dazzling ruby hue will blow you away, and its handheld mode will make your life easier; simply push the handheld’s release button and pull the hand vacuum away from the stick.

Kenmore supplies a handy dual-purpose tool that has a brush on one side and a crevice tool on the other, and you don’t have to hold down the power button to generate suction.

For comfort and convenience, the handheld vacuum has a D-shaped handle, and its combo tool slides on and off the nozzle. When you aren’t using the tool, simply stick it in the caddy on the charging base.

Taking care of the filter inside the transparent dust cup is a breeze too. Since you can wash the filter and its basket, you’ll save money on filter replacement.

Kenmore 10341
Assembling this stick vacuum is just a matter of clicking a few pieces into place – a process that takes mere minutes. This model may have the same handheld vacuum configuration as its predecessor, but the black-and-silver finish sharpens its appearance. Like the 10340, the 10341 comes with a brush-crevice combo to use in handheld mode.

Since both models have the same charging station, there is room for the Kenmore 10341’s dual-purpose tool. The D-shaped handle is designed around the concept of ergonomics, and the dust cup is see-through, so you’ll know instantly when it’s full.

However, this stick vacuum contains a high-efficiency particulate air filter, which you can rinse off in the same manner as the standard filter in the Kenmore 10340.

Conclusion: The ability to turn into a handheld vacuum is a strong selling point in itself. Unlike low-end models, these Kenmore two-in-one stick vacs go to a handheld mode with no fuss.

They come in unique, standout colors, and the handheld vacuum feels comfortable in your hand. While both offer particle filtration, only the 10341 has a HEPA filter, which traps 99.97 percent of ultra-fine particles.

An All-Floor Vacuum

Kenmore 10340
At 8.96 pounds, the Kenmore 10340 is lightweight enough for almost anyone to push or carry. Despite its low weight, the 10340 is able to stand up on its own, so you don’t need to lean it against the wall.

Plus, the floor nozzle swivels, making it an agile stick vac, and the nozzle is wide enough to clean in a 10-inch path.

From the handle, you can slide the power switch to one of two suction speeds – high for big messes and low for bare floors. If you have plush carpet, this stick vacuum can handle because it has a brushroll, which can be seen through the transparent cover. To prevent wrist pain while vacuuming, the handle is bent.

Kenmore 10341
Weighing 9.1 pounds, this is no heavy-weight vacuum. The 10341 can also self-stand, and the joint on the 10-inch-wide floor head bends, giving you swivel action. This model is even equipped with headlights, so you can see in unlit areas. Since the handle is bent, you won’t suffer from hand fatigue.

Carpet and hard floors – You can clean them both thanks to the Kenmore 10341’s dual-suction speed and brushroll. Another convenient feature is its Easy-Cut System, which engages when you push the foot pedal, cutting wound hair strands with a blade.

The handle has LED touch buttons, making it effortless to switch speeds or turn on the stick vac. Thanks to its memory function, your choice is saved if the battery dies.

Conclusion: Lightweight and brushroll-equipped – These stick vacs can go anywhere. They also suction at two different speeds and have a comfortable handle. With the Kenmore 10341, you also get the benefit of touch buttons instead of a slider, and it has headlights for dark-space visibility, a memory function, and the time-saving Easy-Cut System.

Kenmore 10340 vs 10341: Vacuuming Just Got Easier

Cleaning up after dinner and picking up after careless pets doesn’t have to be hard when you have the 10340 or the 10341 stick vacuum by Kenmore. Both have a lithium-ion battery, and the dock makes charging easy while simultaneously providing a secure storage spot for the brush-crevice tool.

You don’t need to exert a ton of effort to remove the hand vac, which doesn’t force you to hold down a button to keep the suction going. With fingertip controls for the variable-suction and a comfortable grip in both modes, you get a user-friendly experience. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet or hardwoods throughout your home, the brushroll doesn’t miss a speck of dirt.

The Kenmore 10340 is lighter in weight, but the 10341 offers a few extras like twice the run-time minutes in low-speed suction and a HEPA filter.

The Kenmore 10341 also has touch buttons and headlights. Plus, it features the always-handy hair-snipping feature, which pet owners particularly appreciate. Two vacuums in one lightweight package – The Kenmore 10340 and the Kenmore 10341 stick vacuum.

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