The Roomba 890 Vacuuming Robot lifts, loosens, and suctions dirt with up to five times more power than other comparable vacuum systems. The Roomba is the perfect cleaner for homes that have pets since it features a high-efficiency filter and tangle-free brushes.

iRobot Roomba 890 Review

All you have to do is schedule Roomba or press clean on the iRobot Home App, and it will get the job done for you. Even if you are not at home, you can still program your Roomba to get that work done before you get there.

The Roomba 890 has an AeroForce Cleaning System that can loosen, lift, and suction dirt with five times more power. Pet hair is handled with ease by the patented tangle-free brushes.

This unit cleans all floor types while navigating its way around clutter and under your furniture. At least 99% of all allergens, particles, and pollens as small as 10 microns are captured.

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The Roomba is a WI-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot that offers an advanced cleaning performance that can be connected from any location.

The advanced Triple-Stage Cleaning System of this vacuum consists of Edge-Sweeping brushes that loosen, lift and suction up all dirt, hair, and debris with five times more power which results in increased cleaning performance.


The Roomba offers seamless navigation with the use of a full suite of sensors. This advanced cleaning robot can work and clean around and in all the nooks and crannies of your home. It makes use of acoustic and optical sensors for the detection of dirt that might go missing.

It can detect high concentrations of pet hair, dust, and dirt and perform focused cleaning in the areas where it is most required.

This Robot can detect and avoid stairs or any type of drop off with the use of cliff-detect sensors. Your Roomba will not fall down the stairs.

wifi connected robotic


Now you can conveniently connect or schedule your Roomba from anywhere by using the iRobot App for cleaning purposes. Your App provides technical support with tricks and tips available in the palm of your hand. The iRobot HOME App is able to assist you by checking on the status of cleaning jobs.

Handling hair is a breeze for this robot with Tangle-Free Brushless Debris Extractors which put an end to the jams and tangles of hair and all debris. This makes it a lot easier for Roomba to tackle the daily dirt chores and build up. You can schedule your Roomba to vacuum at home at least seven times each week. This means your home can be thoroughly cleaned every day.

He also indicates when his bin is almost full and needs to be emptied. The bin status appears on the iRobot HOME App for viewing. Roomba is sensitive to floor types and will adjust to clean carpets, laminate, hardwood, and tile floors as he moves through your home.

It will automatically dock and recharge and always be ready to clean because he returns to Home Base automatically to recharge during his cleaning time.

Debris Extractors and the Gen 2 motor are used during the Three Stage Cleaning System for an improved cleaning performance and less maintenance. The rubber tread design of the Dual counter-rotating Debris Extractors is durable and grabs hair, dirt and large pieces of debris from rugs, carpets, and hard floors while reducing brush maintenance and hair tangles.

Debris is pushed into the path of the 3-Stage Cleaning System by the Spinning Side Brush while performing its sweep along the corners and edges. This robot traps those minute pieces of dirt and pollen particles with its High-Efficiency Filter.

connected robotic vacuum

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iRobot Roomba 890: Conclusion

This Roomba 890 robotic vacuum cleaner is great news for anyone who is looking for a Wi-Fi connected automatic cleaning partner. This device is customizable, can be controlled through an App, and less expensive than the top of the range robots.

With cheaper cleaning programs, your cleaning routine is about to take on a new look with the Roomba 890! This robot will quickly move back to its dock to recharge when the battery is low or a task has been completed.

You can even track the status of all cleaning tasks. Monitoring through your App is now all you have to do to get your home really clean. This can be done with the use of your smartphone. It is only the price that becomes a downside as the iRobots become more and more advanced.

It is easy to see why so many are raving about these robots since they no longer have to do the work! Gone are the days of the conventional vacuum cleaner, since Roomba has stolen the show! Many still feel overwhelmed since they never imagined the day would actually arrive where robots do the housework!

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