The InvisiClean Aura 4 in 1 Air Purifier is the latest air purifier product from InvisiClean. It brings with it an original design and elegance that is perfect for the modern consumer looking for a flamboyant posh living.

InvisiClean Aura 4 in 1 Air Purifier Review

Even if you live in a congested apartment or a huge mansion, this air purifier is just at about knee level for most people, making it an excellent fit for your house. If your home is plagued by a hell of mold spores, dust, pet dander, and plant pollens, even after thorough cleaning, the true HEPA technology on this unit will help remove just about 99.9 percent of the pathogens.

If like us, you are on the market for the perfect unit that incorporates a true HEPA filter, an activated carbon pre-filter, UV-C light, and an ionizer, the Aura 4 in 1 is the ultimate air-cleaning machine for you. Unlike other less reliable air cleaning products on the market, this unit is very portable, spots a sleek and stylish look that will add splendor to your home’s interior design.

True to its name, the unit brings you 4 cleaning levels in a single attractive unit; a true HEPA filter, an activated carbon pre-filter, ionizer, and UV-C light. Nevertheless, let’s dig in further and find out what the unit has in store for you.

InvisiClean Aura 4 in 1 Air Purifier

True HEPA Technology

Most manufacturers on the market are fond of throwing the word HEPA around; however, not all HEPA filters you find are the same. The true HEPA filters on the Aura are designed to capture a close 99.9 percent of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.

True HEPA technology means that the unit is capable of trapping a variety of different potentially harmful particles like viruses, pollutants, germs, allergens, and dust. Better yet, you will breathe easy in your home knowing that you have a unit that fights off unpleasant smells from cigarette smoke, pets, litter boxes, and cooking.

InvisiClean Aura Air Purifier

Activated Carbon Filter

In the recent past, it is becoming increasingly difficult to control bacterial and mold growth around the home. Not only are these pathogens likely to create a mess, but they may also trigger a huge array of dangerous health conditions.

However, the InvisiClean Aura 4 in 1 Air Purifier is fitted with a charcoal filter that helps prevent the growth of bacteria. Meaning you are free from the harmful effects of bacterial-instigated ailments.

InvisiClean Air Purifier Review

Powerful UV-C and Ionizer Technology

It is easy for microscopic airborne particles to find their way into your home. Ultraviolet light in the C spectrum (UV-C) light fitted in this unit is an energy-rich light for destroying harmful microorganisms in the air around your home. In fact, the technology can destroy about 99.99 percent of airborne pathogens in seconds, without requiring you to use chemicals or suffer the associated side effects; plus, it’s highly efficient and very reliable.

The built-in ionizer on this unit helps trap more airborne particles for better clean air in your home. The ionizer makes the air in your rooms healthier for individuals suffering from respiratory-related ailments like asthma and allergies.

Fortunately, the UV-C and ionizer technologies on this unit can be controlled independently. This is something that you will hardly find on other air purifiers on the market.

InvisiClean 4 in 1 Air Purifier

Eradicates Funny Smells

Have you ever stepped into someone’s house and the first thing that hits you is a lightning of nauseating, repulsive doggy smells? At least you do not have to worry about that occurring in your home.

This air purifier from InvisiClean contains the powerful UV-C light that destroys odor molecules from smoke and pets.


One of the most critical tasks of any air purifier is cycling as much air as possible in the shortest time possible. When a unit cycles more, the faster it will clean the air around your room.

To do precisely this, the InvisiClean model is fitted with a powerful direct current motor. The motor creates more air output using up less than half the power than you’d expend in other air purifiers on the market.

At first, the initial investment on this unit may seem a bit much, but you will quickly realize the savings in cost of electricity and longevity – giving you a better run for your money. According to the manufacturer, the ultimate goal is to provide us with an efficient motor in a quality air purifier that moves more air and works better.


While the InvisiClean Aura is very powerful, it is small for the amount of cleaning it does. The unit stands at only 17.5 inches, almost a foot wide, but is packed with enough power to rival units twice its size. Plus, you can easily move the unit from one room to the next in your home, and it will still handle the most demanding air cleaning jobs you throw at it.

Who is it for? If you are looking for an accurate, precise, reliable and convenient air purifier, this is the perfect unit for you. It is easy to operate and is designed to add flamboyance to your modern décor.

InvisiClean 4 in 1 Air Purifier

InvisiClean Aura: Final Words

You can use the InvisiClean Aura 4 in 1 Air Purifier in your office premises or home, and it will remove the polluted air. Using this unit, you will not only see the difference but will also feel it. It is capable of effectively removing different odors and other stinks, as well as air impurities. In addition, numerous online reviews support this fact.

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